Dil Dosti Dance 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swayam comes there and looks around. He says he is looking who can give her the gift. Sharon says she is still Sharon Rai Prakash, college’s diva and she can get gifts too. Sharon leaves. Swayam tells the boys someone gave her the gift, and she thinks it is him. The girls come to Sharon, and says why is she upset. Sharon says who else can send her gift. Rey asks Swayam did he gift her. Swayam denies, Rey looks at everyone and asks why are they all staring at him. They all say Chintoo enjoyed a lot in party, Nil says Chintoo told them something. They asks where he went after party. Rey regrets that they know about it.
Raghv thanks Ishika, and tells her to go home till Dida comes with the lunch. Ishika says she won’t go anywhere until he is well. Dida comes with the lunch, Ishika goes to serve it. Dida says to Raghv that this is the right time to tell her, and leaves. Ishika makes Raghv eat the food, and says he will get discharged tomorrow. Raghv says he is going to be discharged, forever. Ishika says that yes, he won’t have to see hospital again. She won’t let anything happen to him. He makes up her mind to be strong, and tells her that he has brain tumour. Tears trip down his face, she hugs him and cries. He hugs back, and regret telling her.
Sharon gets a call in car, and thinks whose call is this. There is a text message, She thinks what the hell, how can Swayam be so cheap. She starts the car again.
They boys think about Sara and Rey together, playing, working and doing romance together. Rey asks what are they all thinking about, and smiling at. They deny anything, and asks him. Rey says he went to drop Sara that day, then felt ill and slept there. The boys say Chintoo told them something else.
Raghv says I love you Ishika, he says he made a joke with her about brain tumor, it was fulfilled; had he asked her in that joke he must have got it.
Swayam gets a call from a girl, asking for date. She was his fan, and says there was his number with photo on the notice board. He tells the boys, that he gets calls from stupid girls since that photo incident. Swayam says he is sure Sharon did this, only she had that photo. They all laugh, but Swayam was upset and takes a leave.
Sharon comes to the car, she gets the call again and attends the call. The boy says white suits her a lot. She tells him not to flirt with her, and come to the class. The man says it was good she left SW, he wasn’t worth her. She says she shall find out who this is. She calls again, it was a PCO number. The man scolds her.
Karma stops Huma in the corridor. He asks her for rehearsals together. A guy runs from between them, in hurry. Karma gets him back, and asks him to say sorry to Huma. He says he doesn’t like someone misbehaves with her. Huma thinks what he thinks about what he is doing to her. She appreciates for taking a stand for her, he smiles. She thinks she doesn’t know who the real Karma is.
Sharon gets into traffic. A vendor comes to tell her that someone sent them. She watches the guy on the bike, and thinks it is Swayam. She thinks what is wrong with you Swayam, you do such cheap tactics.
The students ask about Sharon, Rey or Swayam. Swayam comes to class, and asks them not to call him Swayam. The girls smile at him, he thinks they smile a lot and wonders are these the ones calling him. Sharon arrives as well, and asks if he has checked out all, shall they start. Sharon welcomes them to academy, Swayam and Karma asks if they are all excited. Huma tells him, Raghv and Ishika aren’t here. Ishika arrives to the class, she says nothing will happen by moving on. Ishika says she wants to tell them something. Sharon asks them all to excuse them both, as she wants to talk to Swayam. Swayam leaves behind her, asking Karma to lead.
Outside, Swayam looks at Sharon. She looks back, Swayam thinks she wants to talk about the calls he is getting. Sharon thinks he is the one teasing her. Swayam asks what she wants to talk about. She says she wants to talk about unknown phone calls, gifts and flowers. He says what is her problem, when he gets them all. She blames he is harassing her, he gets it. He says he didn’t do it. She shows him the messages, and phone calls. He says it isn’t his number. She says someone gave him the bouquets. She says 30 minutes. He says he is with Vicky, for the past one hour. He calls Vicky to clarify. Vicky tells Sharon that Swayam was with him, he is in canteen. Sharon says he could have got it done. Swayam says she could never understand him. Sharon says this is what she regrets. She gets a message again, he says if she doesn’t meet him how would she know he isn’t him. They argue, that they don’t want to go for coffee together.

PRECAP: The girls come to café, in changed get ups. Simmi points at a boy, asking this is him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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