Itti Si Khushi 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha apologizes to Aman once again. I am praying to God. We will find them. he asks her as to what extent should he support her. You have been doing so many mistakes recently. Instead of making things better you actually aggravate the problem. Just because of you I was all speechless and embarrassed in front of Ma today. I supported you in your studies and hurt Ma and it was she who did so much for us. So it is actually I who has made a mistake here! Neha looks at him in shock. He picks up a pillow and walks out of the room in huff. Neha cannot understand what to do!

Next morning, Neha offers tea to Gayatri who declines to have it. Aman also says no to Neha. Kamini ji is busy eating in her room when Jayanti hurriedly tells her to start chanting. Neha is coming. Kamini ji and Jayanti sit on the floor and fold their hands. Neha brings tea for Dadi ji but Kamini ji is busy praying to shoo away the evil spirit from her house along with Jayanti. Jayanti pretends to have all the knowledge related to evilspirits. They scare Neha by saying that the evil spirit wont spare Neha. Neha is cursed. The evil spirit will kill Neha! Kamini ji thinks of telling Neha but Jayanti tells her not to do so. If you tell someone this then they are actually able to see the spirit. If your DIL tells this to someone then the evil spirit wont spare them. don’t tell her. Kamini ji agrees with Jayanti. They end their drama and notice Neha. Neha keeps the tray and runs out of the room. Kamini ji and Jayanti do high five.

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Aman is talking to Kartik on phone. Ma and Dadi ji have told me to wait for a while. We will think of something when you come back. He ends the call. Neha comes there to talk to him but he picks up his laptop and turns to go. she requests him to listen to her once. I know you are very upset with me. he says it is not limited to anger now, it has gone too far. He leaves from the room. Neha feels helpless as even Aman is not ready to hear her out. The light starts going on and off suddenly. Neha gets scared as she notices some shadow outside her room. Dida said ghosts are not real, it is just our illusion.

She picks her mobile as she goes out of the room to check why the lights are not working though she doesn’t know how to operate mobile phone. She calls out for everyone but gets no reply. She hears howling voices as she lights the candle. Jayanti comes there. Neha cross checks with Jayanti if she can hear any noise. Jayanti acts all scared and lies that she cannot hear anything. Kamini ji asks Jayanti about light. This has never happened before in Agra. Jayanti tells her that Neha can hear voices. They tell Neha to go and sleep in her room and run off from there. Neha can still hear the voices. Light comes back as soon as Neha reaches her room. Aman too returns.

Neha asks him about ghosts and curses. He dismisses it saying that ghosts don’t exist. Neha doesn’t believe him though. Now I realise why I added salt instead of sugar, danced like a mad person, etc. Ghost is making me do all this. he refuses to believe any of it. you have done all this, stop making stories. Have you seen a ghost? She replies that it is true. I just heard voices. Ask Jayanti Massi or Dadi ji. He is not in a mood to talk this idiotic stuff. I have lived in this house for years but I haven’t seen any such thing. Let me sleep peacefully for some time. He tells her to switch off the light as he lies down on the bed. She looks around in fear and then does as told. She too lies down but suddenly hears those noises once again and wakes up with a start. She notices someone in the corner and wakes up Aman. By that time the person disappears so he cannot see anything. She is all fearful. He gets angry on her. you were not like this before? You can sit and watch all you want, let me sleep. He lies down again whereas she sits on the bed looking around fearfully.

Neha looks at Aman as she hears the voices again. she chants to herself that ghosts don’t exit. Aman also said the same thing. She takes the candle and goes out to find out the source of the noise all the while reassuring herself that its in her head only. She walks around the house to see if anyone is there. Jayanti pats her from behind. I came here to take water. Neha tells her that she saw a ghost here in white sari. Jayanti gives her the knife. I think your life is in danger. This is made of iron and will help you in keeping the ghosts away from you. She picks up the water jug, takes the candle from Neha and leaves from there.

Kamini ji appears on the scene. Due to dark, Neha is unable to see her face and mistakes her with the ghost. Stay away from me. I have knife in my hand I will hit you with it. kamini ji continues to walk closer. Kamini ji starts shouting for help as soon as Neha catches hold of her hand. Jayanti switches on the light. She starts screaming that Neha attacked Dadi ji. Aman too rushes on the scene. He helps Dadi ji in standing up again. gayatri comes and notices the knife in Neha’s hand. Neha drops it immediately. Aman asks for an explanation. Neha replies that she thought that it was a ghost. I had seen a ghost in my room first and then in the hall. Gayatri calls her insane. Dadi ji starts lamenting again over the fact that they brought a mad girl in their house. We agreed to accept her after marriage but this girl is completely mad. Gayatri speaks up that she cannot believe this that Neha is really mad. Neha and Aman look at her in shock while Kamini ji smirks.

Neha refuses to believe it. she asks Jayanti Massi if she dint gave her the knife just now. Jayanti denies. do you see my ghost as well? Neha tells her how Jayanti had met her just now and gave her the knife for her safety. Dadi ji also talked about some ghost who is after the elder DIL of this house. Kamini ji turns to Aman. What should I reply to this accusation? Neha requests Dadi not to lie. I heard you discussing it with Jayanti Massi. Gayatri tells her to stop. We have forgiven all your mistakes so far but wont tolerate anything anymore. Aman scolds Neha for coming out of the room when he had instead told her to sleep. She continues to talk about ghosts. Kamini tells Aman not to shout. Neha has lost her head, atleast you be in your senses. She has some problem with me which is why she tries to hut me all the time. If you guys become her enemy too then she wont spare anyone. neha again requests her not to lie. You only told me that there is a ghost in the house. Gayatri tells her to stop her drama of saying sorry and lying. Jayanti adds fuel to the fire. Gayatri is irked that so much has been happening in the house since she has come here. I am losing my cool now. I wouldn’t have forgiven you if something would have happened to Ma ji because of you. I wonder why I got you married to Aman! Aman too says the same thing. I too feel that we rushed into the marriage thing. neha is stunned by his words.

Precap: Aman tells Neha that she cannot fulfil this responsibility. You should go to your home. Neha leaves from Goyal House.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. marriage is not even complete two days but aman is trying to end bad aman ur.we thought u will support her per not.u also proved that ur same ordinary mean ur.we didnt exceapt this form bad.

  2. Omg this is crazy!! o.o
    Btw I heard that this show is ending in January?? Is this true?

  3. what the…aman ur to support neha this is not what I expected at all this is bs

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