Dil Dosti Dance 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 12th December 2013 Written Update

Swayam and Vicky are walking in corridor.They see someone with the professor.Vicky runs away from there hiding his face.Professor calls Swayam and makes him meet the new philosophy professor.He tells the new professor Swayam is one of the best students of the college.The new professor asks about Vicky,Swayam tells Vicky went to rest room.

In RH Swayam is starting his practice,Vicky enters .Swayam asks him why he is so late.Vicky tells him he is not well.Rey and Sharon enter along with the gang.Gang tell Rey,they missed practice with him.Nil says he is excited to dance.Simi tells others,Nil is excited because of his online friend.They start dancing.Swayam and Sharon share an eye lock during the dance.Rey recalls the moments of last night with Kriya and dances.Swayam tells

him ,routine is over.Vicky tells Rey he missed rehearsals as much as they missed him.So he was so lost in dance.Rey says yes he was lost in dance.Swayam is about to aks him something but he says bye and leaves.Gang leave for canteen.Nil asks Simi that he wants to talk to her.They meet in BB court.Nil says Simi that her tips were useful.Simi says girls tips always works.Simi says Nil to buy a new number for his online friend and not to give regular number.She tells him to go ahead if she is comfortable.

In projector room,Sharon decides to watch all the international dance videos and think of an unique idea for annual day.She thinks Kriya may behave sweetly but she must be thinking she knows more about international dance than Sharon.Sharon decides to prove her wrong.She is determined to make people accept her ideas.Swayam comes from behind and asks whose acceptance she is about.Sharon is shocked to see him there.Sharon tells him that she was thinking about Kriya.No-one is ready to accept her.She is working so hard .She is not keeping well.So she will help Kriya,so that others will accept her.She tells Swayam she was watching dance videos so that she can help Kriya.Swayam thanks Sharon for helping Kriya so much as she was not ready to work with her initially.Sharon says she was not ready to work with her initially but now she wants to give her a chance.Kriya accepted her mistake and said sorry so she deserves a chance.Swayam says she is right.Sharon asks Swayam even she accepted her mistake and apologized. Swayam remains silent.Sharon looks at him with expectation but he remains silent..Sharon gets a call from her dad.Her dad tells her to attend a relative’s wedding.Sharon tells him she has exams,annual day work,she cant attend any wedding and cuts the call.Swayam asks her what is wrong.Sharon tells him about the wedding.Swayam tells her,parents understand our demands so even we should think about them.Her dad wants her to attend the wedding so she should consider it.Sharon tells him she cant go with so many problems around.Exams are there.Annual day is approaching.Rey and Kriya dont want to dance together.Swayam tells her to relax and think.Every problem has a solution.She will get answer if she will think calmly.Everything will be alright.Sharon asks dreamily that everything will be fine.They share an eye lock.Sharon says thanks to Swayam.She says she actually felt everything will be alright after talking to him.She will find a way.Swayam tells her to go for it and leaves the place.Sharon is happy that Swayam spoke to her and he was concerned for her.He also gave advice to her.So she is happy.She decides to go for wedding as Swayam suggested it.She thinks about something and says she knows what she has to do.

Rey gets a message from his dad.he says how to tell his dad Kriya is there to spoil his plan.Sharon comes to his place.He welcomes her and asks if she needs any help.Sharon says she can come to meet him without any purpose.He says she can come anytime as she is his best friend.Sharon asks him if he considers her as his best friend.Sharon thinks how to tell about Kriya.Sharon tells Rey to prove that they are best friends.Rey says he proved it by not going to VP sir.Sharon says she needs to go to some family wedding and its possible only if Rey helps her.Sharon requests him to take Kiya in her place in annual day trio dance.So that she can be tension free and attend wedding.Annual day performance is important for team.Rey says for team he is trying to open dance academy.Sharon says he has to dance,he cant leave the team everytime as per his convenienceEven team dont want to work with Kriya but they are working with her keeping their ego aside.So why cant Rey do it.Rey gets angry and tells gang didnt share any past with Kriya like him.Sharon tells him its difficult to face past when only pain is related to that past.She can understand.She saw a strong Rey in last few days.Whem he let his love to go with someone else.Taani came to her life to make her strong .Kriya came to make him super strong.Rey says he dont believe in this thing that everything happens for good.Everything has a reason.So he tells her not to force him.Sharon says she dont want to upset him,he should think about his friends.He is like their mentor,they need him.The Rey she knows wont let his friend helpless.She leaves the decision to him and says she will inform her dad that she cant attend workshop.Rey thinks and tells her to inform her the workshop timing.If he will think only about him there wont be any difference between him and Kriya.He says he will attend workshop only for 2 days.Sharon says thanks to him and hugs him.Rey thinks how he will spend two days with kriya.He recalls the momentshe has taunted kriya about their past and how she used others.He recalls his behavior with Kriya.

Precap:Rey needs to go to Chandigarh to meet potential investor.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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