Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 12th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with prabha showing the bangle made for Trisha and when she opens the case the bangle is lost. Prabha shouts loudly and tells where is the bangle? Then shruti tells where did it go? Then prabha tells that she had kept it there only. Then she tells that she knows where the bracelet is and then starts banging ami’s room door. Then shruti and sanjay asks what is the problem? Then she bangs the door. Then khushboo opens the door. Prabha enters and tells where is ami? Then khushboo tells she was here only. Then she shouts and calls ami and ami comes. Prabha tells that ami must have hidden the bracelet and that’s why she was hiding in. then shruti tells why is she blaming ami? Then prabha tells that she knows ami has done it. Then

sanjay tells that ami cant do such a thing and tells that she must have kept it somewhere and must have forgotten. Prabha starts crying and tells sanjay that you being my son is accusing me of keeping it somewhere. Then prabha tells that she had made the bracelet so nicely for trisha and now it has been robbed. Shruti then tells her that they should check her friends. Prabha tells that no her friends are very rich and can but many bracelets. Sanjay then tells that they should check once. Then prabha tells no. sanjay tells her that she does not need to take tension and that they will give her the bracelet within an hour. Then shruti, sanjay, ami and dad team up and they tell prabha to make her friends busy and tell them to wait for some time. Then prabha goes outside and sits with them and talks with them. Then all friends tell her that it is time to go and now they should they go. Then prabha tries to stop them and tells them to wait sometime as they can do their work afterwards also. Then all friends tell that no as they are have a lot of work at home and have to go. Then as they are going dad and sanjay tell them to stop and sit only for some time and tell that it is just a matter of sometime and that they also want to talk with them and that’s why sanjay also came from office early. Then friends say that they will wait for some time. Then a friend sarla bhen tells that she cant wait as she has to go and tells that she will go. Then rest of the friends say that they will also go then. Then dad tells that lets play housie(to stop them) and tells that the one who will win and get a reward of 50000 rupees from him as a reward . then they all sit and tell that they will play. Then dad starts telling the numbers and everyone play the game. Ami goes quietly from down behind the sofa and takes the purses to check. Then when dad is telling the numbers sanjay says loudly that did they get. Ami responds that no and then takes another friends purse to check but does not find. Then shruti goes in the kitchen for some snacks but all snacks is over so she checks for come dry snacks but all is over, sanjay comes inside to tells shruti for snacks but shruti tells all is over. Then sanjay tells that something to drink shruti tells that there is juice then sanjay tells that bring fast, shruti makes juice and brings it out. Then she sees at ami and asks in signs that did she find anything ami says no. then shruti sees everyone and then sees at sarla who is looking doubtful as she is messaging someone and is continuously at everyone as if she is sending something undisclosed. Then shruti takes one glass of juice and then takes to give it to sarla and puts some juice on her saree. Then shruti says sorry and tells her to go in the bathroom to clean it. Then sarla goes and shruti then comes out after guiding sarla.

Then sanjay walks behind to think what to do. There shruti asks ami in signs that did she get anything ami says no. then shruti tells that must be sarla. Then sanjay turns back after thinking and tells that he knows who is the thief and he tells that ami is the thief, then tells shruti in signs to act. Shruti tells that does he have any proof and he cant blame so easily. Then aside dad tells ami that isn’t sanjay overacting. Then sanjay tells shruti that he has hidden cctv cameras in the house and the laptop in that room has everything recorded and they will now get the truth out. Shruti also says yes and tells lets check the videos. Then behind sarla who is listening everything goes in that room where the laptop is kept to delete the videos. Then the door opens and sanjay, shruti, dad and ami are standing there and then they catch sarla and take her out. Sarla is crying and then prabha asks outside that what did they do to sarla, then they tell that sarla had robbed the bracelet and they show her the bracelet. Then prabha tells that sarla cant do that. Then they tell that will she believe if sarla tells on her own.

Then sarla tells prabha to forgive her and that she is sorry. Then prabha gets angry and tells sarla to get out of the house and never come in her house again and not talk to her. then sarla goes crying. Then sanjay tells prabha that he had planned to catch the robber and that’s why lied that there where cctv cameras. The he tells all about the plan then they all praise shruti for showing her wittiness at the right time. Then all rest friends also go. Prabha is thinking in mind that shruti has again become the hero of the house. Then she also goes inside. Outside dad tells that he will give that 50000 rupees award to shruti and ami. Prabha is telling to herself that how will she defeat shruti.

Precap: sarla is talking with prabha on the phone and telling that she was never so much insulted before as she was insulted in her house. Prabha tells that she has given money for that. Sarla tells that the money was not enough for such a big insult and tells that she wants more money and if she does not get then she will comes and tell everyone what she had planeed against ami and shruti.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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