Dil Dosti Dance 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 10th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode begins with Nilesh,Simmi,Barath,Vicky in the canteen. Nilesh asks Simmi what would she like to have when Simmi asks is he ok. Simmi then tells Cheese sandwich. Simmi then asks tell me what work is to be done. Barath tells she found it now.Nilesh tells Vicky is interested n the internet site that she told so asks her to help him. Simmi asks does he not know how to use internet. Nilesh says he has used it many times but not for chatting. Nil asks Simmi how to impress girls.Simmi asks him why should she help him he can asks Vicky and barath. Nil says if they had known they would be having their girlfriends now. Simmi asks Nil to tell her about the girl .Nilesh says she is fun,cool just like him. Simmi asks him to speak with her and exchange numbers. Amar comes there saying

everything is about to end there Kriya and her workshops and here they are discussing about girls. The boys says they are worried too its just that they are not showing it up. Simmi asks Amar to say what is the issue when Amar says the canteen management is about to change. His boss called him and told him will his job remain or not. Nil says sorry he did not know. The gang says they will speak with VP regarding this. They all receive a message from Sharon asking them to assemble in the canteen in 10 minutes. Barath says he won’t come. Simmi explains that she is doing is professionally and even they will do it professionally.

Kriya is in the rehearsal hall thinking Sharon has convinced the gang but will they come. Sharon comes in saying she has sent them a reminder and they will be coming. Kriya catches the back of her head when Sharon asks is she fine to which Kriya says she is fine. The gang comes in when Kriya tells Hi. Barath says we are not here to tell Hi.We are here to attend workshop so start it and lets finish it soon. Kriya asks about Rinni when gang retaliates asking is she going to complaint about it to Vp. Sharon stops them and says Rinni is on leave and has gone out for some work. Amar says she has informed and not uninformed. Kriya says as they have to perform for Annual day she has a idea. Sharon says even she has idea. Kriya says then let everyone share their ideas and they can decide. Nilesh asks do they have any American style ideas to which gang replies nah.Kriya says she will show them few steps which they can use. The gang sits down to see it when Kriya makes a step and is about to loose her balance. Sharon asks is she fine. Kriya nods and shows the step again and while taking turns she faints down. The gang mocks saying how week are people in America.Sharon shouts at them saying she has actually fainted. Swayam comes in and asks what has happened. Sharon tells her she fainted. After giving Kriya some water Sharon tells she will take Kriya to medical room but Swayam tells he will take and both move. Simmi tells now we will do some routine when Sharon asks why are you asking me and moves out.

The doctor check Kriya and says her BP was low and tells it is cause of not having food.Kriya says she had. The doctor asks her to have a proper diet. Swayam says she is stressed and may be having jet lag too. The doctor prescribes some medicines and asks her to take rest for two days. After doctor leaves Swayam asks Kriya why is she not taking care when Kriya says she is fine and asks they can leave for rehearsal hall as others will be waiting. Swayam stops her and says she is going to rest. Sharon calls Swayam asking about Kriya’s health. Swayam says about Bp when Sharon says her driver will drop Kriya home. Swayam thanks Sharon and says he is here and he will drop Kriya home. Kriya says nothing is going right. Rey is angry and he knows about Swayam staying in contact with her. Swayam says he is knows .I did not tell you as she was upset . Swayam says there is nothing to worry about as it is sorted now. Kriya asks was Rey angry on her.Swayam says he has understood it but will take time to accept.

Rey walks in the corridor and is thinking of speaking with VP when Vicky and Nilesh come and says that Kriya has fainted. Rey says he was not about to come and speak with the VP regarding the same. The boys says VP is not there when Rey decides to speak with VP the next day.
Simmi and Nilesh in canteen when Nil asks Simmi to sit saying he will give her treat. She can order what she wants. Nil asks for tips when Simmi says he must decide if there is a connection.You will have to complement her .After around four weeks asks for video chatting and then for a coffee. Nil asks what if she rejects. Simmi says why would she be speaking if she does not like you. Nil asks can he send his dance videos to which Simmi says that is sa strict. Before meeting they must not share pics or send videos. She asks Nil not to trust anyone easily and stay away from married women.Simmi adds him not to send those cheezy one liners that are available on net. Nil asks what type of a guy does Simmi like a biker or a dance. Simmi tells Dancer but thinks dies he think I like him but he does not know I like biker. Nil thinks thankfully he added biker in his profile. Simmi’s order comes in and she starts eating. Nil asks according to her size is her appetite not big. Simmi stand s up and says this is why you dont get girls.You are not supposed to comment on their diet. Nil sees the bill and spits the juice that he was drinking.

Rey is in the locker room thinking about his conversation with Ranvijay and later with Kriya. He thinks it has become from 6 months to 3 months all cause of Miss.Ghai.It was going well untill Kriya came back . Swayam comes in asking how is Rey. Swayam asks did he think about what he told to which Rey says he has thought and decided too. Swayam asks what when Rey says he will speak with VP that they do not want dance workshops. Swayam says Ok. Rey asks Swayam that he head his foreign returned friend fainted. Swayam says yes who told you. Rey says yes Vicky and Nil told him when Swayam asks then why is he asking him. Rey says because you are constantly in touch with her. Swayam asks is he still upset and taunting him Rey says he is not taunting and tells lets not speak about her. Swayam says you do not want to attend dance workshop thats Ok but dance academy is your dream.Rey says he will meet him later and moves

Precap; Swayam and Sharon in rehearsal hall.Sharon gets a cll from her dad to attend her cousins marriage. Swayam says they will find a way out.Sharon asks Rey if in her place Kriya can be taken into dance.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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