Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rajveer & Nandini Dinner date..

RV tries to tell something to nandini.. Nanidni starts blushing and remembers ritu’s words . RV says its right time to say and he doesn’t want to hide anything. Nandini is blushing and she is unable to see into RV eyes. RV is about to say something meantime his mobile rings.. He makes excuse and goes to side to talk.. RV gets confused of receiving Jeena’s call at that moment.. He manages her saying he can catchup her after sometime. Nandini comes to him and asks is everything fine. RV is thinking about Jeena that how to handle Jeena’s angry. Nandini is thinking about RV and wht he was about to say . Both move to have dinner.

RV and nandini walking out of restaurent. Some photographer takes

their picture. RV losts his temper and throws the camera from the reporters hand and warns him.. RV holds Nandini’s hand and moves walks out frm the place very seriously. Nanidni is confused but she happy for that RV holding her hand. (BG music is good)/… RV opens car door. Nanidni sits in the car. RV is still angry with the incident.

Photographer is so tensed and confused about wht had happened just he picks his camera. Meantime abhay is shown in another car reaches the Photographer. Photographer shows the pics of RV and nanidni to abhay. Abhay says photoes are good and do you know what you have to do next.. he says yes…

GD mobiles rings.. Abhay says congratulations and says Mystery gals mystery solved forever. Gd says thanks to abhay.

RV is driving car very rash still he is so angry. Nandini asks him to forget. RV says how could he forget when he doesn’t have minimum freedom to roam with his own people and he tries to calm himself down. Nanidni says she didn’t expect he would get so angry.. RV says he could nt tolerate when nandini was.. then hesitates to continue.

RV’s car reaches Nandini home. Both gets dwn of car. RV says one minute.. Nanidni is blushing and stunned.. RV opens car door and closes it as her dupatta got stucked up in car door. RV asks what happened.. Nandni is unable to answer with shyness and says nothing. Nanidni leaves saying bye… RV is staring at her and says the thing which he wanted to say is left like that only.

Nandini turns back with smile and asks him to say. RV comes near to Nandini and says he wanted to confess something and but he is not able to understand how to confess. He is lacking words to confess. Nanidni is confused whether he wants to say what ritu expected .. RV is about to say something and again mobile buzzes… He takes bye from her saying he can tell later. Nanidni thinks herself she knows what he wanted to say. Both will say good night and leaves.. RV in his car his mobile is again again buzzing its from jeana. Jeena says she is waiting for very long time .. RV says he coming to her only.

Nandini family is in hall.. nandini knocks door.. Ritus opens it. All are with little serious face.. Nandini is confused what had happened why everyone is serring her like that. Mr. Pandey says Aanchal didn’t allow anyone to sleep even for a second. Nandini excuses for being late to home. Ritu starts teasing.. Aanchal shouts on her. Siddhu says good night and leaves. Ritu asks did RV said anything.. Nandni denies and asks ritu to sleep. Ritua starts teasing about the blushy blushy smile of nandini. Nandnini misunderstands that RV is loving her and says the same to ritu that her words might be correct. Ritu is too happy and asks whether Rv expressed his love?? Nandni says no, he was about to say but his phone rang. Nandini asks Ritu to sleep. Nandini mobile rings she picks it out from bag and surprised to see RV’s SMS .. she gets flashes of their dinner date and RV words which were left unfinshed to express, etc etc. Nandini too replies back saying Thanks to Rv.

Next morning, Mr. pandey picks paper and gets shock to see the picture of RV && Nandini in news paper and the news related to that ” RV ki mystery”. Pandey is upset with the news.

RV gets down frm car holding news paper in his hands and goes to abhay so rash and stops the treadmill machine.. Abhay is about to fall down and controls himself. Abhay asks what is this Rv…

RV says even im asking what the hell is this and shows the news paper. Abhay picks up the paper and sees and asks why is RV reacting so much. And says to divert RV from jeena its required to involve Nandini into issue. RV shouts that Nandini is an ordinary girl what is the necessity of involving her into issue and hw her family is so worried.

Mr. pandey and family are so worried about the news . Aanchal shouts on Nandini. Nandini blasts into tears. Aanchal says they are rich people nothing matters to them, but we have to worry about the world. A small size bomb blast in Nandini’s home due to the News paper article.

Nandini apologizes to family due to her they are worried and now the situation has come. Mr. pandey denies her and says its not nandini’s mistake.

RV and Abhay fight about the article. RV says he will go and ask sorry to nandini and will express to whole world that the whole thing happened due to him and nandini has nothing to do with that. Abhay denies RV moving. RV doesn’t listen and moves out very rash. Abhay says think about GD ji before doing something. Abhay calls GD and informs her and says her to stop RV frm doing something. Screen freezes on GD face

Percap : Colony people are commenting badly about Nandini. Aanchal shouts on Nandini why did she go out even after rejected to do so. Nanidni asks why she should sit at home worriying about others… aanchal slaps naindini. RV loses his temper and asks GD for explanation why she is doing so with nandini.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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