Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 10


The next day all reach London.Khushi takes them to her house.Hotel which was booked for Arnav,Aarav,Raman and Ruhi was cancelled by Ishu.
They reach Gupta Mansion,

Few Servants welcome them.

Ishu sees Garima’s photo and gets shocked!
Ishu pointing at Garima’s photo:Is this your mother?
Khushi nods
Ishu feels like the room revolving….She faints..Raman holds her and lifts her and made her lie on bed….Garima wakes Ishu by sprinkling water… Ishu screams seeing her face.
Garima:What happened?
Ishu:You…..When did you come out of jail?
Arnav:Ishu what happened to you
Ishu:Arnu…She is the same person who is behind ma’s attack
All get shocked
Khushi:No it cant be my mom…..She hadn’t gone to jail
Ishu:You are Garima right
Garima nods
Ishu:Arnu try to remember…
Raman understands that Mahima and Garima are twins and Mahima tricked police and Raizada family with her name.
Raman:Can I explain
Ruhi:Bhai! Why are u interfering?
Raman signs her to be quiet
Raman explains whatever he understood…..Khushi gets relieved and hugs Garima tight.
Ishu:I am sorry aunty….I….I hurt you a lot today
Garima:It’s ok beta mistakes happen with everyone
Arnav:My God Ishu….I never knew u were an tv actor
Ishu stare at him angrly
Arnav:I mean fainting,screaming…etc etc
Aarav enter with Dr.Seeing Ishu fine…He runs and hugs her…Ishu smiles
Ishu:I am alright Chotu….Dont worry (Caresses his hair)
Khushi:Guys….Come I will show you the house….Ishita u scared me to death today
Ishu:I am really sorry
Khushi:If Ma is fine I am ok
Ishu smiles….Khushi hugs her.

Garima gets shocked to see a new Khushi….Smiling,hugging,enjoying.

Garima(to herself):She used to be a robot come home go to office and after staying a week in India what happened to her? I hope it brings only happiness to her.
Garima goes to her room.

After freshening up all assemble in the hall
Ishu:Khushi lets go to your office
Khushi busy in phone….looks up and says:Yup sure….I will just get ready now.
Khushi calls someone and says to be ready.
Aarav:Di you are going somewhere?
Ishu:Yup…To Khushi’s office
Arnav:God! From first day you started your work?
Ishu doesn’t say anything.

After Khushita left to office…Ramru,Aarnav,Garima played truth or dare.Khushita came back all had dinner and went to sleep.
Raman came out to the Garden for a walk and saw Ishu on a bench sitting alone looking up at the sky.Raman came and sat near her…She moves a bit away from him.
Raman:Hi…Are u ok now?
Ishu:Hi…Yah I am fine
Ishu(to herself):Yeh kaha se aaya abhi? (From where did he come now)
Raman:Ah….U are so strict I think
Ishu smiles :Why do you think so?
Raman:I mean from 1st day you started your work sooo just thought
Ishu(smiles):No No I just wanted to see their office…that’s it
Raman:Oh…..By the way why arent you going to sleep?
Ishu:Excuse me….I dont want to sleep and who are you to question me?
Raman:Oops sorry….I thought of asking thats it
Ishu:Don’t dare to……..again!
Raman with shocked face nods…Ishu leaves the place.
Raman (to himself):Ajeeb ladki hai yaar ek minute mein badal gayi….Yeh pari hai yah Kali? (She is a strange girl…in one min changed colour…Is she an Angel or a Kali(hindu godess))
Raman also go to sleep

At night,
Arnav in phone walks on terrace chatting with somebody….Khushi comes to terrace with something in her hand hiding…Arnav see her and goes behind her…Khushi opens a chocolate packet and starts to eat…She eats a piece…Arnav grabs the chocolate…Khushi turns shocked

Khushi:Give me chocolate
Arnav:Why are u hiding and eating?
Khushi: Because mom will scold me
Arnav(laughs):You are the youngest Businesswomen in london and scared of your mother
Khushi nods
Arnav: Sharing is caring…So promise me u will share
Arnav:Ok…So a formal introduction…Myself Arnav
Khushi:Myself Khushi.
Arnav:No pet names?
Khushi:No…You have?
Khushi:I have heard Ishita calling you.
Arnav smiles
Both share chocolate…..Arshi find a strange relation between them

Ruhi was talking to Toshi and Mr.Bhalla on phone.She says she is fine and Raman is fine many times as her mother keeps on questioning her about the food,stay,rooms,people etc etc.Atlast she hangs up the phone and turns only to hit on Aarav and land on his arms….Both share an intense eye……Tu chahiye play (Bajrangi Baijaan)

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  1. nice update why ishita is rude to raman khushi and arnav scene was nice pls update soon

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      You will know that soon thanks jyoti

  2. Arshi scene was nice….poor Raman he wants to give a company to ishita…but what he get…..overall superb episode…

  3. Nice epi

  4. Jasminerahul

    gud 2 c khushi becoming cheerful due to her new friends.ishra nok jhok..oh…loved arshi sharing chocolate.Aahi scene was so romantic

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