Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi (Part 7)

Swaragini: Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi

Part 7

The applause was heard and all the couples on the dance floor reconcile.

Rudra: You are a great dance partner, Mishti.
Ragini/Mishti: So are you, Rudra.
Rudra: Let me introduce you to some of my friends.

Ragini/Mishti gives a nod and follows him. Here Sanskar leaves Swara ad he gets a phonr call. After disconnecting the call, Sanskar turns back to see Laksh standing in front of him, fully raged.

Sanskar: Lucky? I thought you aren’t coming to the party.
Laksh: Are you not happy in seeing me here? You are not happy because becausemy presence will not be appropriate for you to romance with Swara?
Sanskar: What are you blabbering about, Laksh?
Laksh: You…. You snatched my love, my Swara from me. She hates me so much until she is ready to ruin the rest of her life with you.
Sanskar: It is not how you think, Laksh. I wanted to free Swara from our relationship but it was she who wanted to give it another chance.
Laksh: Don’t be happy about it. She did that only to hurt me…. not because she loves you. I am still in Swara’s heart.
Swara: If you still have such thoughts then it is your stupidity, Mr. Laksh Maheswari.
Laksh: What you want me to do? I am sorry for not trusting you. Enough of all this hatred drama. Come back to me…. to your Laksh.
Swara: Alright… if you want me back in your life then give me back my sister. My sister who is not with me because of you.
Laksh: Swara….
Swara: You won’t be able to do it? Then stop begging me. Let’s go, Sanskar. I almost forgot…. if you think that I am with Sanskar just to take revenge from you, that is not true. I am really giving my relationship with Sanskar another chance.

Swara holds Sanskar’s hand and leaves from there, ignoring Laksh who was calling out for her. Sadly, Laksh walks away from there when his shoulder dashes with someone else’s. He looks up and she’s Ragini in that person.

Laksh: I am going crazy I guess. How can it be her.

He then again looks at her and still sees Ragini. Boggled he looks while Ragini/Mishti turnd to leave as tears were about to fall from her eyes.

Laksh: Ragini?? Ragini!!!!!

Swara, Sanskar and other members of Maheswari family were shocked to see Ragini. Swara moves forward, slowly begins to forward her hand to touch Ragini’s cheek. When she touched, tears rolled down Ragini’s eyes.

Swara: Ragini!
Ragini: Swara!

Both the sisters hug each other.

Jeevan yeh suro se sajati
Rishtey yeh suro se banati
Bajti hai woh pyaar ki dhun
Ek dhoop chanchal hai
Ek chandani…
Phir bhi ek duje kiliye bani
Dilo mein hai pyaar bhara
Suro se saji hai Swara
Rago se rachi hai Ragini
SwaRagini…. SwaRagini….
SwaRagini…. SwaRagini….
SwaRagini…. SwaRagini….

Breaking the hug, Swara holds onto Ragini’s cheeks.

Swara: Where were you all this while, Ragini? Did you how much I missed you? Do have any idea how Ma and Dida are right now? What happened? How are you here?
Rudra: I’ll tell, Swaraji. Mishti…. I am sorry Ragini is not in the state to explain whatever happened, as you can see.

Rudra starts to explain whatever happened in this few days, which made Swara close her mouth in shock.

Swara: Ragini, you had to go through so much, but it is enough now. Let’s go.
Ragini: Go where, Swara? I don’t belong to neither the families. This is where I belong now. They are my family noe. How can I leave them just like that?
Rudra: You need to go, Mishti…. I am sorry, Ragini.
Ragini: I am Mishti. I don’t want to go back to my past or where they begun.
Divya: Beta, at least go and meet you mother once. She will be thrilled to see ypu again in front of her eyes.
Nandita: Yes, beta. This is your house too. You can come here whenever you want…. the door is always open for you. Please listen to Di and go visit you mother.
Swara: Please, Ragini.
Ragini: Okay.

Swara wipes her tears and brings Ragini from there after thanking the Senguptas. As they were walking to thr entrance, Anjana came running.

Anjana: You are leaving, di?

Ragini nods sadly. Anjana immediately hugs her tightly.

Anjana: I’ll miss you so much, di. Come and visit us whenever you remember us.
Ragini: I will always remember all of you, especially you.
Rudra: Ragini, call me when you need someone to talk to to.
Ragini (hugs him, shocking Rudra, Swasan & Laksh): Thank you, Rudra. For always being there for me. You are the bestest friend anyone could ever have.
Rudra: Take care.

Ragini, Swasan, Laksh and the other Maheswaris leave from the Sengupta Mansion. As soon as there were no sign of them, Divya and Nandita starts to cry, while Rudra and Anjana consoles them.

The scenes changes to Baadi at Dida’s house. Sharmista and Dida were at the living room, having a conversation when the door bell was heard.

Dida: Who can it be at this time?
Sumi: Let me check, Ma.

Sharmista comes and opens the door. She sees Swara standing there.

Sumi: Shona? You are here at this time? Is everything okay?

Swara silently looks to her side and Sharmista folloes her gaze. She was shocked, and words fail to come out of her mouth.

Sumi: Ma! Ma, come fast.
Dida: What it is, Shomi?…… Ragini?? Shoru…. it is really our Ragini?
Swara: Yes, Dida. It is our Ragini.

Sumi comes near Ragini and checks her.

Ragini: Ma….
Sumi: Ragu….

She immediately takes her into her arms and kisses on her forehead. Dida too hugs and slightly slaps on Ragini’s face, before kissing her forehead.

Sumi: Where were you, Ragu? We have died a thousand deaths thinking that you are….
Swara: Ma, let’s go in first.
Dida: Where is Sanskar?
Swara: He went to park his car.
Sumi: Come in, Shona. Ragu.

Having a seat at the hall, Sumi caress Ragini’s head softly.

Sumi: Now, tell me what happened?
Swara: Ma, I’ll tell you.

Swara explains how they met her at the Sengupta Mansion and whatever Rudra said.

Sumi: My daughter had to go do much….
Ragini: Ma, I am fine. They were very nice to me.
Dida: We should invite them to our house. To thank them.
Swara: You are right, Dida. They have sent our Ragini back to us heavy heartedly.
Ragini: Ma, we will invite them tomorrow itself.
Sumi: Alright, beta. As you wish.
Ragini: Ma, why are you here and not at the Gadodia House?
Sumi: It is a long story…. I’ll explain it to you later.
Ragini: Did you break all ties with Papa for me?
Sumi: Yes, Ragu. From the day you went missing and we got the news that you were dead, I broke my relationship with Shekhar. You and Swara are only my daughter, Sharmista Bose’s daughters. Swara Maheswari and Ragini Bose.
Ragini: But ma, I don’t want to te reason for both of your separation. Please don’t do it.
Sumi: No, Ragini. Everything have crossed its limits. There is no point talking about it.
Dida: Should we tell them that Ragini is alive?
Sumi: No, Ma. There is no need to inform them. It’s getting late. Swara, you and Sanskar go back tomorrow morning. It is not good to travel at night.
Swara: Okay, Ma.
Ragini (in mind): Ma took such a drastic step only for me. I have to do something to unite them back. Ma, you can act the much you want that you hate Papa now but I know that you still love him dearly.

Back at the Sengupta Mansion, the party was over and thr ladies were in the living room, sitting silently when Rudra came there.

Rudra: What happened? Why are you so sad?
Anjana: Don’t ask as if you no nothing, Bhai.
Rudra: I know that all the three of you miss her very much but till when we can keep her with us? She is now with her family, safe and happy. If you want, we can always go to visit her.
Anjana: Bhai, don’t you miss her?
Rudra: I do miss my best friend but…..

Before he could further explain to Anjana, Rudra’s mobile rings.

Rudra: Hello, Rudra Sengupta speaking.
Sharmista: Namaste, beta. I am Sharmista, Ragini’s mother.
Rudra: Namaste, aunty. How is Mishti, I mean Ragini?
Sharmista: All well, beta. I called you to thank you and your family so saving my daughter and keeping her with you all this while. She haven’t stop praising your family since she came here.
Rudra: It’s okay, aunty.
Sharmista: I called you now to invite your family to our place tomorrow. Ragini have already started to miss everyone of you. Will you come?
Rudra: Of course, aunty. My family is also missing her so much that they would come to meet her now itself. We will surely come tomorrow.
Sharmista: Thank you so much, beta. Namaste.

Rudra ends the call and tell his family about the invitation to Baadi. The three ladies of Sengupta becomes very happy and excited for the next day.

Here at the Maheswari Mansion, all of members were at the living room.

Annapurna: I just can’t believe it that Ragini is still alive.
Sujata: She have done many bad deeds that’s why even death does not want to accept her.
Durgaprasad: Sujata, whatever she have done is also because of us. Do not forget that. If Ragini is wrong then even Sanskar is equally wrong in that matter.
Annapurna: You are right, ji. Whatever it is, she is still the bahu of the house.
Laksh: She is not the bahu or my wife. She is the main reason of the destruction in my life. I will talk to the lawyer and prepare the documents for divorce again.
Annapurna: Laksh, please think twice before taking any decision.
Laksh: There is no space to rethink, Ma. My decision is final.

The screen freezes on Laksh.

Precap: Senguptas comes to Baadi at the same time Laksh too comes there. Laksh badmouth Ragini’s character. Ragini slaps Laksh.

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