Dil Bole Oberoi 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Bole Oberoi 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaali catches Gauri’s neck and asks what did you think, you will enter my room by window and I will not know, you came to know my plan, I did not give food to poor animal so that his hunger gets too high that it swallows Om alive. Kaali says you are so sensitive, show me, why are you ashamed, tell me what are you hiding. Some time before, Shwetlana says you are not part of this plan, you don’t need to use your mind, this plan is of Om and me, just stay out of it, servants should do what they are asked, you try to act oversmart. Om says Shwetlana please, Chulbul don’t get into this, Shwetlana and I will handle. He asks Shwetlana did you find anything. She says something big is going to happen tonight, Tej and Kaali are going somewhere. Om says what will we bigger than deal, they would be going for signing deal. Shwetlana says we have to stop them. Om asks Gauri to stay out of it. He leaves with Shwetlana.

Gauri goes out and collides with robot. She says I m much worried, I will talk later. Robot comes in her way. She asks does Lord want to tell me something by it, what’s the meaning. Shwetlana says you look nervous. Om says this deal should not happen. She says this deal won’t happen, you trusted me for the first time, I won’t let you down, I will keep an eye on Tej and Kaali, I will inform you when they leave, just keep focus clear.

Gauri says why will Om listen to me, he is taking help from Shwetlana. She sees robot falling towards her. She checks keeping phone. Robot sticks to phone. She says you are sticking to magnet, I thought you are coming to me, what shall I do, I m feeling jealous of Shwetlana, but no, I have no rights on Om, he would have thought something and took her help, whatever Om thinks, I m his wife, I should think of his good, I m getting strange feeling, someone wrong is going to happen, I should tell Om.

Om says Rudra is not answering. Gauri comes and says I have to say something imp, don’t go with Shwetlana. Om asks why. Gauri says I m feeling any problem can come on you. Om asks are you any baba, pandit, what are you to get such feelings. She says no, but a woman gets such intuition. Om asks which woman are you talking about. Gauri says there is a woman in every man and a man in every woman, so my inner woman is saying this, what am I saying, won’t you agree to your friend, Shwetlana laid this trap. Om says I think you got mad, if she laid trap, why would she say Tej and Kaali are going for deal. Gauri says I m saying my sixth sense is saying this. Om asks her to decide, is inner woman saying this or sixth sense. Gauri says I mean my inner woman’s sixth sense is saying this. Om says I think I should go, if Tej and Kaali sign the deal, it will ruin my mum’s happiness, won’t you do this being in my place. Gauri says yes, but be careful, maybe Shwetlana and Kaali are together. Om asks her to stop nonsense. Jhanvi shouts Om, why are you scolding Chulbul. Om says nothing, I have to go. He goes. Jhanvi asks Gauri why was he scolding her. Gauri says nothing. Jhanvi says I can’t bear anyone scolding my bahu, tell me.

Gauri thinks how can I say. She says I did not give tea on time, so he got angry. Buamaa asks is this anything to get angry, we are going to temple. They leave. Gauri says I wanted to stop Om, but he is not understanding. She stops Om and says don’t go, I m not getting good vibes. Om says stay out of it, its imp for me to go. Om sees Tej and Kaali talking. Om says see how they are getting happy. Kaali says we will meet in some time, our deal and your gift are waiting. Gauri says they were murmuring as if they wanted you to hear them. Om asks her to stop it. He calls Shwetlana and says they are leaving in some time. She says Om is not listening to me.

She goes to Kaali’s room and says Om asked me not to get into this, but I have to find out what are Tej and Kaali planning. Kaali looks out of window. Gauri hides. She steps inside the room. Kaali talks to crocodile and says don’t get restless, I m coming to meet you. He sees Gauri’s reflection on screen. He says I know you are hungry, my work will be done and your stomach will get full. Gauri thinks what does he mean, I have to tell Om, something is wrong.

Kaali catches Gauri’s neck and asks what did you think, you will enter my room by window and I will not know, you can’t get free from a man’s hold, tell me why did you come, you came to know my plan, see this, my pet animal, I did not give food to poor animal so that his hunger gets too high that it swallows Om alive. Gauri gets shocked and cries. Kaali says this is our plan, tell me one thing, why are you so sensitive, show me, why are you ashamed, tell me what are you hiding. Tej comes there and sees them. Kaali smiles. Tej asks what are you doing. Kaali says your servant was spying in my room, he wanted to know my plan. Tej says I m sure Om has sent him, did you say anything. Kaali says no. Tej says stay in your limits Chulbul, tell Om he won’t know anything about out secret deal. They leave. Gauri says they are going for that deal, Tej said Om will not know what they are doing, then why did Kaali told me about crocodile, something is wrong, I should stop Om.

Tej asks driver to give keys. He says I will drive today. Kaali says I will drive, give me the keys. Shwetlana sees them and calls Om. She asks him to come soon, they are leaving. Gauri asks Om where are you going. Om says to follow Tej and Kaali. She says I went to Kaali’s room to know his plan, there is something going on in his mind, he has a crocodile. Om asks really. Gauri says they are going there, I have seen it, he was talking on laptop. Om says you got mad, you said its Shwetlana’s plan, now you are saying its Kaali’s plan. Gauri says I will touch your feet, don’t go, its Kaali’s plan, crocodile will eat it. Om says move Chulbul. Gauri says I won’t, please listen to me. Shwetlana says why is Om not coming and calls Om. Om asks Gauri who are you to stop me. Gauri says I m your friend, so I m thinking for your good. Om pushes her. She holds his legs and says please, your life is in danger. Om says okay, I won’t go. Gauri says thanks, sorry to be stubborn, its for your betterment. Om says come, but what I m doing is for my mom. He pushes her inside the room and locks door. Gauri asks her to listen.

Shwetlana asks Om why did you get late, they are leaving. He takes keys and they follow Tej and Kaali. Gauri cries. Kaali sees Om and Shwetlana following and smiles. Gauri thinks of Kaali’s words and prays for Om’s safety.

Gauri shouts to someone to open door. She prays to Lord to show some miracle. She sees robot coming and keeps her phone at the door. Robot sticks to the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hloo every one!!
    Chi chi chi KT i hate you.how can you fall sooo low????? .

    Tej i want to kill you????? bahut bak bak karta he

    @omi you are a no 1 duffer of this world ememy ke saath dosti woh bhi bharose wala !!!! Like really !!! Now you will know what you have done.
    Secret deal gayi oil bechne????

    Gouri , tumhari dimag kabhi daara singh kabhi bilkul khali? robot ko kaise chod diya.????

    Buamaa, janvi now i love you soo much. Pikny konsuch main janvi se kuch sikhna chahiye??

    Precap paaka omi fasne wala he.

    And there is a photo on insta where rudy and chubul are disguised themselves and the place is out of OM.
    So some thing interesting is going to be haapen.

  2. Saasha123

    I hate that Om is supporting swetlana and not gauri. And r news about Buamaa being villain rumours????

  3. Shiv

    I can say
    IB for grown ups
    DBO For kids
    They can restrict the age group to 5-15
    Crocodile feed by Kali
    Skin peeling by swet
    Skating n chasing
    Snake fight by omri
    Cryo sleep in rusty container with life supplies n so many bull
    and finally no one can change the writers
    obsession for swetlana I am very sure they hired her for glamour stuff for her half dresses which gives weird semi nude look
    Totally lost interest on om n gauri
    Like I don’t care whether om loves gauri or not go to hell like extent they pushed
    I thought Kali thakur gonna do some character role though it’s negative but writers made him MOGAMBO in mr India
    Feeding crocodiles

    1. But Thakurs are known to be ruthless. And since he is pretty rich it is not so weird for him to have a crocodile pet. But yes Swetlana thing is complete BS. But I guess that is because Fantasy shows like Naagin is topping trp. And not to mention SSk where every demonic being in the entire world knows their address.

    2. Nivedita

      Ha ha ha! True.. par ask Kal ke bacche bhi DBO writers se zyada smart honge .??

      DBO is only for people with no brains or those who can forget they have an organ called a brain..

  4. DBO is favourite serial….but the problem is they are draggggging it much…Oh writers end the problems soon…..I want Rudra,Soumya and Buammma to join hands with Chulbul to sort out the problems…..i don’t want DBO to run just like some other stupid fictions which they call themselves scientific and adventurous…. IDBO should be funny and interesting and Oberois should use their brains to a considerable amount……

    1. Nivedita

      Raazi Oberois’ ki akkal tabhi ayegi jab CVs Ka dimaag thoda chale.. yeh log 70’s me crappy movies ko copy karne mein lagein hain..

  5. Mayank Agrawal

    Totally irritated by this serial ,, Band karo isse just bullshit..
    what are doing producers and directors just sign it off so that another good serial takes place
    Dont hope for good TRP
    because fame of the show is completely Down’
    dont waste your money and time STAR PLUS..

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