Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi takes his turban off during the Panchait. The villagers stand out of worry. He comes to take blessings from all elders there. An old lady asks Mukhi what’s in his heart that he is taking blessings from everyone. Mukhi says he has always taken every decision after informing them, but he didn’t inform them about what he is going to do today; but made a promise. He announces he is getting married. Mishri, Aru and Dharmi cheer. Mukhi joins his hands to them and invites them to his wedding. The old men there cheerfully dance saying this permission wasn’t needed, they were excited to celebrate his marriage well. Kaka and another man there discuss if he would marry at such an old age.
At home, the ladies show their excitement to Jamuna and offers their help whenever needed. Mukhi comes to call Jamuna outside. Jamuna says the women from whole of the village are here for help. Mukhi asks what if they do this wedding in the temple, Jamuna insists to accomplish all the rituals. Mukhi announces the wedding would be simple. Jamuna says she will perform each of the ritual so that she gets time to break his marriage.
In the guest house Aru was excited to tell her parents about Mukhi’s permission. Dharmi was sending the pictures to Anshu. Uma comes there to take them their place saying it doesn’t suit them to stay here. Aru was reluctant because of Arjun. Arjun comes in by himself and insists on them to come along him.
At Uma’s place, Arjun introduces Sanvi as his sister. He says whatever happened to her was because he wasn’t in the village then. Kaka comes downstairs saying he did this. Arjun interrupts Kaka and warns him not to speak against anyone here. Kaka clearly tells Aru’s family he is against this marriage, still they are welcome because Arjun and Uma brought them here. Arjun says it would continue between Mukhi and his father, they shouldn’t worry about it.
Mastana comes to inform Mukhi he couldn’t find Chammo. Mukhi asks about Jamuna.
Jamuna brings bangles to Dharmi. She asks about Uma and Sanvi. Aru asks if Mukhi would still need an approval from Panchait about it. Jamuna asks who told her. Aru says she went there, Jamuna asks if she didn’t know outsiders can’t go to Panchait. She asks what Mukhi did in Panchait, he came home really upset. He feels a few people in the village aren’t happy because of this marriage. She says Mukhi said if it was in his hands he must never have married, but he has promised and must marry now. Aru was confused, while her family was upset. Jamuna says she told Mukhi clearly that she won’t let him break this wedding, Mukhi told her to complete all the rituals within two or three days, then he would marry with simplicity. Papa was ready for a simple wedding but Aru objects that there must be celebrations. Jamuna asks Dharmi if she wants a celebrated wedding. Dharmi nods. She says she would tell Mukhi about her desire, the first ritual of wedding would take place tomorrow morning. Jamuna was ready to insult their family tomorrow. Papa says there must be a misunderstanding, Mukhi would never bring any disgrace to their family. Aru watches the time and decides to go to Chammo, then visit Mukhi as well.
Mukhi stalks Aru across the village. A man comes to indulge him with his talks, he turns around to find Aru had left. Mukhi spots Aru calling someone in a hut. As soon as Mukhi enters she locks the hut. Aru hints that he is doing them a favor by marrying her sister. Mukhi wonders if Jamuna discussed with them that he wants a simple marriage.

PRECAP: Jamuna tells Aru’s family that Mukhi doesn’t believe in rituals, every ritual will be without him. Aru guarantees he would come, she asks for a little time from them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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