DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 17

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Hey guys!! this episode is dedicated to banita!!

Shivaay goes to ranveer…
Shivaay: I never knew that you were such a cheater! We trusted you…we were ready to give you our everything…our sister…and you, you cheated us! The oberois! How dare you!
Ranveer: what do you mean shivaay, I don’t know what you’re saying…
Shivaay: now don’t act as if you don’t know anything!
I’ve come with proof!
Ranveer: I don’t get you shivaay…what do you mean??
Shivaay: I’ll show you what I mean…here..look at these papers, these are the doctor’s reports that say that prinku is not pregnant!
Ranveer: (kind of shocked) how..how did you get these reports?
Shivaay: I can do anything for my sister…there’s more..wait! (he gets a few more papers) look at this…these papers are from the police station…I found out that your name isn’t there in the register which contains the list and information of all the inspectors…which means you’re not a police inspector! You lied to us!
Ranveer: shivaay, listen to me..
Shivaay: no! Just come to the point! Why did you do all this? Why? Tell me or else !!
Ranveer: i’m not scared of you shivaay!
Shivaay: I knew that! You know my body guards are outside…if I just sign them then they’ll call the actual police! So open up!
Ranveer: don’t call the police! I’ll tell you! It’s all your brother’s fault! He and priyanka were driving a car at night, and hit my sister…

Shivaay: what ?! Om did that? Ranveer: yes..but I hold both of them responsible! she’s still in the hospital because of them! I wanted revenge! That’s why I acted as I was an inspector…I acted as though I wanted to marry your sister so that after marriage I could torture her and take my revenge from both of them!
Shivaay: when did this happen? Did you even speak to om about it?
Ranveer: this happened 2 years back…and yes I spoke to omkara about it! We had a arguments too… Once he took all the blame…the other time she took…so I considered both of them to be guilty…
Shivaay: oh my god… And he didn’t tell me anything? He hid it all this while? No wonder he had started talking drugs…
Ranveer: it’s because of them that my sister is in coma today.I couldn’t even tell the police because I knew thatit two minutes you would get his bail done cause you’re rich and I’m..I’m from a middle class family whose sister got punished for no reason! Would you leave the person if he harmed your sister? No right? Same way…I love my sister…
Shivaay: I’m so sorry…but I can’t let prinku marry you…I can’t ruin her life..you can take the money for your sister’s treatment from me…but please..I won’t let her marry you…and don’t worry, I won’t tell the police..
Ranveer: thank you for showing some concern…
(shivaay goes away from there)
In the oberoi mansion…everyone is busy in the arrangement if prinku’s engagement…

Jhanvi: the past few days a lot of undesirable things happened…but now we’ll all celebrate our victory in priyanka’s wedding celebration….
Pinky: you’re right jethani ji! Prinku’s wedding will be the one of the best weddings anyone has seen or heard of! Anika, are the arrangements of the engagement done?
Anika: yes Aunty ji… Almost…I just have a few cards to send…
I’ll come back soon…
(shivaay comes there)
Shivaay: no need to send any card to anyone Anika!
Pinky: o my maata shivaay! If she doesn’t send the cards then how will the guests come?
Shivaay: the guests need not come because prinku’s marriage will not take place…
Jhanvi: what are you saying shivaay?
Shivaay: yes badi ma..once you get to know ranveer’s truth you won’t let prinku marry him even in your dreams…
Jhanvi: what truth beta?
(Shivaay narrates ranveer’s truth and the fake pregnancy story to the family members, everyone is shocked)
Shivaay: and he did this because he thought that one of our family members run over his sister by a car….she’s been in coma from past two years…
Anika: o bete ki! Such a big thing happened and he didn’t even tell us!
Shivaay: yes..(he looks at om) even I just got to know…prinku is it okay?
Prinku: yes bhaiya…(she goes and hugs him and cries) thank you Bhaiya! He was forcing me to marry him so that he could take his revenge…

Shivaay: don’t worry…everything is fine now.. Anyways I offered him money for his sister’s treatment….
Pinky: why did you have to do that?
Shivaay: (looks at om again) I felt pity…
Later at night:-
Shivaay goes to om’s room
Shivaay: such a big thing happened and you didn’t bother tho tell me?
Om: what happened shivaay?
Shivaay: I know about what happened that night….ranveer told me everything…you were the one driving na?
Om: what?
Shivaay: already dont hide it now om…
Om: fine…yes…I was driving…but I ran into her by mistake…prinku and I were talking and…
Shivaay: it’s okay om…I don’t want any explanations…but why didn’t you tell me? I could have helped you out! now I why you were taking drugs at that time..
Om: i’m sorry shivaay…I didn’t have the strength to tell anyone…the guilt ate me up…
Shivaay:( hugs him) if you had said it that time then none of this would have happened…do you know why I didn’t tell it in front of anyone?
Om: why?
Shivaay: because I didn’t want anyone to raise a finger at you or ask questions that would hurt you…i’m happy that our prinku doesn’t have to bear his revenge now…otherwise I don’t know how I would have forgiven you…
Om: I wouldn’t know how I would forgive myself shivaay…

Precap: a few men stand outside the oberoi mansion and one man says it’s time…

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  1. Superb epi di post next part soon can’t wait for suspence??

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      Thank you vishnusri! Will post soon!

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  4. Dhar

    Waiting for ur next update,it is a fabulous episode

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