Raglak- mom’s kid (part 3)

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Mom’s kid part 3

Laksh was sitting in his room looking at photos in album. He was looking at Janaki’s and Shekar photo who are together and one girl and other boy kid are there.

Just then Ap comes. Ap looks at the photo at which Laksh is seeing. She rubs Laksh’s head.

Ap: didn’t you forget your Janaki mami yet..? she left us all and went away…

Laksh: for that little girl…

Ap: yes.

Laksh: but I saw her today..!

Ap amazes: what..???

Laksh sits: yes mom. She has appointed as new collector to our district.

Just then a news scrolls in news, “as new collector, Janaki devi has taken her charges.”

Ap happily: that means, she is here in our city..!!

Laksh: yes. But, still Ragini is with her only..!

Ap smile vanishes.

“I don’t know why Janaki always keeps that girl with her. because of her only my bhayya Shekar and she have separated.” Ap says in frustration.

Laksh: pity girl she mamma.. don’t say her anything. It is not Ragini who separated them, it’s only their misunderstanding.

Ap remains calm and Laksh looks at the photo again.

Next day in college…

Ragini and her class in the chemistry experiment lab. The lecturer was dictating the chemicals and compositions to mix how much and what after what..??
Everyone are noting down faslty…
Ragini was struggling to write. She writes a word, and by the time she completes that word.. the lecturer was crossing one sentence..! Ragu was lagging behind. She has missed a lot of notes. She has written that much slowly. She finds it even difficult to hold the pen. Now, Ragni doesn’t know what to mix after what…

So, the professor asks all to start their practice. Ragini tries to get notes from beside girl, but lecturer won’t allow. Ragini sighs and stands in her place itself. Then she looks at the girl beside who is taking chemical and mixing with other, Ragu too starts doing the same as she did.

So, in the test tube, she mixes one chemical to other

While Ragini is mixing it, she misses other component which the girl has mixed, and Ragini looks for next step.. that girl keeps it on small flame.. and Ragin too keeps it on the flame without mixing the missed chemical.
“wow..! my first experiment..!!” Ragini feels happy.

“So, now the blue smoke has to come out of the test tube.. it proves the presence of CO2..!” the professor says.
{Co2= carbon dioxide}

Ragini looks at her test tube… ‘blue smoke blue smoke’ Ragini murmurs as kid. But, instead of it, red smoke comes. Ragini shocks.
“what would have happened..?”

“hey you are getting red smoke..” she hears a voice suddenly and it’s Laksh again.
{Note: Laksh has not listened to any experiment from start what they are doing}

Laksh: that’s the final but one step, put these nitrogen balls to freeze it..!!
Says Laksh and keeps those balls in test tube. The test tube vibrates as ghost. Laksh shocks… Ragini moves back keeping her hands on mouth.


A tiny blast. Laksh’s face is turned black.

Professor shouts: both of you..!! get out of the class..!!

Laksh comes out and Ragini too comes out. She doesn’t understand where to go.

Laksh: hai, I’m Laksh.. laksh Maheswari.. people call me lucky…

While Laksh is introducing, Ragini takes her phone out. She calls to a name which is written as, ‘MOM’

Laksh: why to mom now..? (he thinks)

Ragini: mom, my experiment was flopped. Lecturer has sent me out…

Laksh says slowly: aww… what a cute bachaa… saying everything to mom…

Ragini: mom, now where shall I go..?

Laksh slowly again: awww.. asking all to mom.. how innocent..!!

Ragini rubbing her nose: ok mom, I will go to library. My experiment was flopped bcz of a boy. I want to smash him..!

Laksh shocks looking at her.

Ragini: what shall I do..?

Janaki answers: Ragu beta, it’s not correct. Go silenty to library and attend next class. And, don’t discuss before everyone everything. And don’t repeat what I said.. if you got it.. just say.. “ok..”

Ragini cutely: ok..!

Laksh looks at her lovingly when her nose shrinks and when she said ‘ok’ her nose turned red.

Ragini keeps walking towards the library. She is wearing a blue frock with white legging.

Avi and his batch are going aside.. they wanted to tease Ragini looking at her antiques but.. they remember she is collector’s kid and they go aside. But, Laksh keeps following her.

Avi: abey Lucky, don’t you attend your classes.??

Laksh: this miss is my class..!!

Ragini keeps ignoring all and leaves to library. How can Laksh just remove his eyes from that cute girl who’s hairs are jumping on shoulders bouncily. And her think hair.. (just as Anjali papa’s hair)

Ragini sits in library and tries to refer the text book which the professor said. She tries to remind the name of experiment. But she can’t. she keeps turning the pages if any word matches the words she remembered. But no… she closes her eyes tight to remember that name.. but no use…. She looks at book.. all words start teasing her. ragini’s eyes turn red. She pushed the book aside in frustration. The book falls down, Ragini again runs to book to pick it from floor, then Laskh bends and takes the book into his hand. He looks at Ragini confused.
Her hair was messed. Her eyes show clearly how much stress she went through just now. her hands are shivering. She raises her hand to take book from him, ‘bboo..boookk’ she says very hardly.
Laksh feels pity looking at her condition. But he smiles,

Laksh: hmm.. Ragini. You need not worry.! I will make you understand, what is this clearly..!!

Ragini looks at him in hope.

Laksh: ya,..! trust me..!!

Ragini then slips her hand into bag to take out the phone again. Laksh takes her phone.

Laksh: don’t call to mom for every small thing. I’m there naa..!! I will say…

Ragini: gimm.. gimmee the phone..!!

Laksh holds it back…
“arey, chill dude. I won’t rob your phone..!”

Ragini: gimmee.. it’s mine..!!
Ragini tries to grab it from him.

Laksh: aha.. you have to listen what I say first..!

Then suddenly Ragini holds his hand and bites his hand.

“aaaaaaaa…..” Laksh shouts loudly as he could in that pin drop silent library. He leaves the phone suddenly, but Ragini catches the phone in time and she runs away.

Laksh rubbing the bite…
“aww…! It’s not paining Ragini. It’s your love bite..!!” he says in smile..

And he turns to other side where no one could see his face..
“aaahhh… it’s paining..!!” he cries.


In hospital.. Janaki is talking with a doctor.

Doctor: Ragini has changed a lot Janu.. don’t worry.

Janu: no yar, she is still dependent on me. She can’t catch the words still. Her childhood behavior is still with her. she is now 18 years old. But, behaving as 8 years kid. I’m concerned. She has to complete her degree.. later she has to get married..!! how can she manage her own life..??

Janaki places her hand on head.

Doctor: Ragini is changing janu. She will change slowly. Have patience. Give her freedom in expressing her feelings, her thoughts.. give her confidence that she can stand on herself… then see her, she will be great than you….

Janaki looks hopefully at her.


The college finishes, Ragini is walking out.. singing and swinging her sling bag..
‘lonely.. I’m so lonely… I have nobody…’(akon song)
Then she suddenly stops looking at Laksh.
He was sitting on a bike looking at her and he shows the tooth bite on his hand to her. ragini stands there itself taking gulp.

Precap: Laksh to meet Janaki.. past is revealed a little.

Good day to all—- Astra.

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    I lovd the innocent kid Ragu and laksh’s antics…especially that bhoom…
    I was laughing throughout…
    The way Ragu conveyed everything to her mom…hw cute…
    Innocent soul…
    Laksh laksh…I love the way u react whn Ragu bites u…haha!!
    Awesome chappy dear and am vry curious to know about the past…
    Post It soon dear…tc..

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    astru di the episode was so very very wonderful lovely and fantastic
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      yes aksh dear.. the big mystery is ahead… thanks a lot dear…

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    oh! its my 1st cmnt right in this? sorry for the late comment dear.

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