Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 21 By Aahana

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Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 21
Hi everyone. Thanks for the response. I hope it is not boring. I will try to make it more interesting. And will give atleast 5 updates per week. So now i will continue the story and ha i will mention the house in village (other than farm house, where they stay) as haveli.

In Farm House:
Ragsan are in the living room and still hugging. Rag comes out from the hug and says how do you know everything. He smiles
San takes her to the nearby sofa and makes her sit on it. He too sits in front of her and says everything that happened the previous day. rags get shocked listening all those and says but i told them not to say anything to u. Why did they scold u. Let me meet them i will not speak at all

San smiles at her and says : don’t be mad at them. They indirectly helped me. Due to their plan only i proposed you early.i thought to make you confess first
Rags smiles and says do everyone know about us i mean u proposing me. He nods. Rags says so bhai also know and he didn’t say me anything.
San ; then how it will be a surprise. She nods and says u know sanky i am very happy today. I cant describe u how happy i am.he side hugs her and says i am also too happy and i want to be like this only with u for my whole life.
She just nods and keeps her head on his shoulder and rests. He too leans back on the safe. They both are silent and enjoying their togetherness. After few minutes rags says : sanky we will go to Mumbai tomorrow only. they all were sad when i was coming here.

San says ragu they all are here only. They might be in haveli now
Ragu : they are here and now means where were they before
San : we all came together and they were here only while i was proposing u. It was your dream right that someone should propose you in front of the whole family. So they were here and after that they went back home. s
Rag smiles and says u remembered my each and every word and made it true. Thank you sanky. San just smiles and says let us go to haveli all might be waiting for us. Rags says ok and both leaves.

In the mean time at Haveli :
Viren : why they are not coming. Its late. We will go and see what say adi bhayya
DP : you don’t move from here. From few days they were totally stressed and now only happiness came and you want to disturb them
Harish ; haa viren. Sit here. Let them enjoy their moments now. Don’t be “kabab me haddi”
Viren pouts and sits there. Adi keeps his hand on virens shoulder by sitting beside him and says dude let them come. we will show our skills then and winks at him. Viren too nods his head and smirks after saying something to adi in his ears. Both grins
Avantika : what is cooking in your minds. Don’t you dare to tease them.i know about u viren, so be quiet and adi dare you to support viren.

Viren ; what ma we thought just to tease the new couple. Pleaseeeeee he asks with a puppy face. I promise it will be just teasing. Nothing serious
dP says ok viren but don’t do too much. It should be in limit. Viren and adi agrees
at that time only ragsan enters inside by holding their hands. All sees them and smiles. Advi intentionally makes some sounds. Then ragsan leaves each other hands and rags bend her head down
viren ; adi is she your sister. I mean see she is feeling shy. I don’t know our rags knows how to blush also

after listening them she blushes more and yhey starts teasing her. San observes that they are not stopping and goes between them and stops advi
now san becomes bali la bhakra and they targets ragsan and teases for some time. Avantika says advi stop it now. Its too much
they smiles and hugs ragsan. Sorry for teasing you but we are happy. Congrats to both and be like this only. All 4 have a group hug. Then parents also hugs ragsan and blesses them. It is a special moment to all. All are happy
avantika: i told na bhai that one day Avni bhabhis wish will become true and see now
youngsters looks at her and viren says what was maa’s wish maa

DP : she told that rags is her elder bahu on that day only when rags was born. She had many dreams about ragsan marriage and i will make them all true. Wherever she is she will be seeing all this and i am sure today she might be very happy. He gets tears
Rags goes and sits beside him and wipes his tears. She holds his palm and locks in between hers and says mamu as you said she will be seeing us and will she be happy if she sees your tears. So now stop them. He smiles and nods his head. He kisses her on forehead and says why will i cry beta when u are with me. She was exactly like you. By seeing you i feel she is with us only and hugs her
All smiles and harish says one setting is done. Now two more are to be done. Advi gets shocked after hearing harishs words and loudly says what
All smiles looking at their shocking faces

Dadi ; what means? It is adi’s age to get married. He is elder than san. So after his marriage only we can do ragsan marriage
Rags : we are not getting married this early. All looks at her shocked.
dP ; why princess? Why don’t u want to get married. We thought to do yours(ragsan) and adi’s marriage at a time in few months.
Rags : mamu we will marry after one year.did u all forget that san has to complete his studies. I don’t want him to compromise his studies. I too want to join company andhelp you all. We will do bhais marriage first
Viren ; why like that. You both also marry
Adi : why viren so that your line will also be clear right. Viren looks at him shocked. All laughs

Dadu : your wish Laado. You both say when you wants to marry and we will arrange it. Ok
Ragsan agrees and then all had their dinner.
Part ends here

Precap : ragsan romance and the girl in Adi’slife

Hope everyone liked the part. Sorry if there are any mistakes. Its not proof read. I will try to give another part by tomorrow morning. Please comment.

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