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Hello friends , Links to previous episodes:
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Episode 22:
“ I’ll give you your winning trophy………” Swara said going towards the kitchen again.
In the meantime Rohan looked towards me and sticked out his tongue to me , I looked at him with another “ Whatever” Look though inside I was feeling jealous of what he was getting.

Soon Swara came back taking a plate in her hands , our faces glittered with joy as she was advancing towards us.
She came and sat next to Rohan , “ This is for you……..Sweetie…” She said as she looked towards me handling the plate to Rohan with a mischievous smile.
I looked at her like an angry child who was hurt by her actions.
“ Cake……..” Rohan said as he opened. “ You made it here……..??” Rohan asked looking at Swara shocked. Swara nodded her heard confused.
“ What do you mean by here haan?? It’s my home not some war zone that she can’t cook here…” I said interfering.

“ Anybody talked to you???” Swara said looking at me with her eyebrows raised.
I looked at her shocked at her actions and then nodded , “ Ok , even I won’t talk now….”
“ Ok…..” SwaRohan together said as they turned to other side on bed along with the plate.
I looked at them open mouthed as they were whispering something to each other. Finally I decided to leave them after a full wait of 5….Minutes….as I was on the door of the room I heard sounds of laughter coming from inside , I turned to find them both laughing seeing towards me.
“ Dumbo….” Swara said slowly while Rohan too laughed.

“ You both I’ll not leave you………wait a second , I’ll not leave the cake as well……I’ll eat it all…..” I shouted as I started running behind them taking pillows throwing one in my left hand on Swara and the other on Rohan, they both changed ways , jumped on bed , did everything else but never got caught up with me…..Hate them……Love them.

Ragini smiled as she read it , “ Hate them…….Love them….” She said to herself smiling.
She turned the page and continued:
Soon Rohan left us both after enjoying while now Swara and I were alone in the house , the house was quite like always, everything was same only she was different , she was the new one but even her presence didn’t made any difference after Rohan left as she became quite again.

“ You want to become a journalist…right?” I asked as we both were sitting wuitly in the drawing table sipping coffee which she had just made.
She left the mug and looked at me as if caught off guard , “ Ya…..Ya…thats why I ran away…..” Another Lie.
“ What was the name of your fiancé? Your friend’s husband?” I asked looking at her as she was just going to sip the coffee again.
“ La………..” She stopped as she got lost into some deep thoughts.
“ I’ll tell you some other day……..” She said as she quickly finished the coffee and went to the balcony.

“ If I say that I don’t trust you?” I asked as I was still in the drawing room talking to her from there.
“ Then I won’t trust these words of yours…” I heard her say slowly while I smiled.
“ Swara , I don’t have any girl type clothes so what will you wear , I mean you can’t sleep in this………wedding dress…” I said as I picked up the mugs to move to kitchen to wash them.
As she saw me , she entered , “ I’ll wash them Sanskar….” She said as I reached the kitchen.

“ No I’ll do it…..what were we talking…..about your work…” I tried to take the mugs which she was trying to take from me.
“ Sanskar , I’ll do it….” She said as she kept a hand on my hand , I lost myself again. She took the Mugs and I gave her.
“ I have contacts here , I think you’ll easily get the job if you have your certificates……” I said she walked inside kitchen.
“ I don’t have anything Sanskar , I have studied Media and Mass communication…….But wait a second , How do you have a contact in Media??” She asked me confused.

I paused for a second as I remembered SM…….the one whom she idealises.
“ Wait a second……what is your profession by the way…..you never told me anything about yourself…..” I looked at her scared as she bombarded me with questions.
“ Swa……swara actually I had an M com. Degree , after that I am searching for job…….” I lied.

“ Your parents? How do you earn….” I couldn’t tell her about Maheshwari’s , I don’t know why but I couldn’t , Maybe this was what she must be feeling while hidings things from me but some things are necessary to hide because they are necessary.

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