Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bella saying she don’t have good clothes. Shivani says, what to do now? She gets an idea and shares it with Bella. Maya and Vivek come to Lata and offer her money. Lata refuses to take money from them. Shivani comes and says I need something from you. She tells her that Raghu invited her for dinner and says my almara keys are lost somewhere. She asks for her saree. Lata says, it is my old sarees. Shivani says, I want to look beautiful in your saree like you. Lata goes to bring it. Maya thinks why Lata changed her behavior towards Shivani. Lata gives her red saree. Shivani thanks her.

Vivek requests her to keep the money for house expenses and promises not to do any wrong thing. Lata says, you have broken my heart. It will take time to heal the heart. Sumitra is happy and murmuring the music. Maya comes and informs her that Raghu invited Shivani for the romantic dinner. Sumitra says, I know it. Shivani can’t go out now. Maya informs her that Shivani took Lata’s saree and is going to wear it. Sumitra is shocked. She says, I won’t let this happen. I will reach there before Shivani.

Maya tells her that address which is written on the chit. Sumitra searches for the chit and gets it. She determines to have dinner with Raghu. Shivani comes wearing Lata’s saree. Lata and Bella compliment her. Lata applies bindi on her forehead. Shivani thanks and hugs her. Bella asks her to go. Shivani says, I will go now. She sits in the auto and leaves. Sumitra reaches the place and looks around. She thinks it is dark place. She looks at the tantrik performing something on a man. Sumitra gets shocked. She gets captured by the tantrik. Tantrik says, I will make you die. Sumitra says, he went. Tantrik follows the man. Sumitra escapes from the place. She wonders where they might have gone.

Bella smiles looking at the chit and says she exchanged the chit. Shivani reaches the place. She sees Raghu singing Hum Tere Bin Kabhi Reh Nahin Sakhte…………………………………..Aashiqui song. Shivani smiles. They have a romantic dance. It comes to be Shivani’s imagination. She sees Karan coming and is shocked. She says, Raghu didn’t tell me. Karan says, it is a surprise for you. Shivani looks for Raghu. She tells the waiter that her husband is going to come and asks him to keep the chair. Karan looks on. Shivani enquires about Raghu. Karan says, he is busy.

Manager comes and says sir has ordered the menu. Shivani orders for Raghu. Karan feels bad. She gets Raghu’s call. She asks where are you? Raghu says sorry and says I can’t come. Shivani says, I am waiting for you. I came for you. Raghu says I know, but I am busy with office work. He asks her to have dinner. Shivani says, but…..Raghu disconnects the call. Karan asks what happened. Shivani says, he is not coming. She feels bad. Karan says, may be he got stuck in office work. Raghu is watching them from far. She asks the waiter to take Raghu’s plate. Raghu feels sorry as he can’t go infront of her. He thinks it is Karan’s place in her life. Shivani sees Raghu. He hides.

Precap: Shivani looks for Raghu. Raghu hides behind the water fountain. Karan asks, where are you going?

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  1. Y can’t Raghu admit he loves Shivani as well

  2. Raghu is not doing the right thing by getting Karan closer with Shivani !!! He is hurting himself shivani and karan !! i hope the track will change asap !!!

  3. Hi naina…. We all love Raghu and Shivani soooooooo much…… Love that pool scene …. Wow…..

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