Rang Rasiya 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
mohini says look I ate laddo, nothing happened to me, it doesn’t have poison, paro is proved a liar, she says to rudra that its not secret that I hate you and your father, I don’t want you both in haveli but that doesn’t mean I can kill them, I am not a witch, she says if my exam is finished and if everybody is satisfied then can I go, she cries and says what to say to my DILs when my husband doesn’t trust me, she leaves from there. paro looks at Maithili, samrat says to Maithili that you hurt maasa a lot, Maithili says I am ashamed, paro says to chacha to listen, he says enough, I know mohini is bitter in words but that doesn’t mean she will kill someone, this house is tied by thread, you have to see that it doesn’t get break by you, he leaves, rudra also leaves silently.

Scene 2
chacha feeling guilty says to mohini that I asked you to eat laddo as.. mohini stops him and points him to go out, he says I just want forgiveness, sumer comes and says outside you didn’t utter a word and now asking forgiveness, chacha leaves, sumer locks room, he says you did exceptional today, you made everybody silent, sumer says I don’t understand how you replaced that poisonous laddo, mohini turns and is sweating as poison is affecting her, sumer is shocked.

Scene 3
paro comes to Maithili and says sorry, Maithili says I should be sorry, I told you everything, poison was in my mind not in laddo, I was wrong, rudra comes there and says yes you were wrong, next time if you have doubt then collect enough proofs first. you asked doctor to investigate that laddo and iron powder but you forget to collect the reports, aman gave me this and this is real proof, rudra is about to open it but Maithili says I was wrong now I don’t want to get involved in all this, she leaves, rudra looks at paro.

Scene 4
she ties dupatta around her neck to stop poison and ask sumer to bring taxi as they have to go to hospital. paro ask rudra you knew that Maithili did investigation, rudra says I only knew that I was given poison then you did all, paro sasy mean you didn’t do any investigation at all and accept my proof as true,
you believed me, he says yes so what, paro says that means you trust me, rudra looks at her, rudra says you didn’t had any strong proof, it is taught in bsd to collect real proofs then put allegation on anyone, paro says you do investigation in every case but not in my case, you made me culprit and punished me without any proof, wasn’t that wrong. rudra sees sumer and hide behind pillar, paro ask what, he puts hand on his mouth, sumer sees here and there and goes to get car. rudra says you cant keep silent for minute and ask paro to stand there I will comes.

Scene 5
sumer comes to mohini and says I got car, he ask why you didn’t become unconscious like, mohini says because I am holding my neck tightly, they comes outside and gets in car, mohini sees rudra standing infront of car, she nods him to take a side, rudra comes and takes car keys from sumer, he ask mohini why your lips are blue, was there more sugar in laddo? or paro was right that it had poison, sumer ask him to give keys, mohini becomes unconscious.
doctor comes to check mohini, all family members are gathered in hall, mohini becomes conscious, doctor says you were lucky that laddo had less iron content, doc leaves, rudra says to mohini that will you tell truth or should I call police? he says there were attacks on me, my father and my wife, chacha says call police, I cant believe that my wife can stoop so low, he says rudra today I lost my right to stop you, mohini says yes, she gets up and takes phone, she says call police, I will tell them that I tried to kill dilsher and framed paro for it, I tried to kill rudra by giving him laddo, she ask rudra to call police, I have no fear to go to jail, sumer says no I will not allow police to take you, there will cheap men there, mohini says don’t be stubborn, are you trying to say that you will go to jail instead of me? he says what? mohini says,,,
chacha ask her to tell clearly, she says sumer didn’t like dilsher as he came in our house, he was jealous from rudra as paro married him instead of sumer so he tried to kill them, sumer is speechless. he says maaa.. she cuts him and says I cant protect you now, he says I didn’t do anything, chacha ask to tell everything, mohini ask sumer that you clicked paro’s picture and sent in media, he says yes but.. mohini says then you tried to kidnapped paro and Maithili got kidnapped, he says yes but.. mohini says then you brought devyani here, she was the one who put fire in dilsher’s room, then you brought bridal dress, sumer says yes but.. mohini says then you brought iron powder through which rudra was given poison, sumer says yes but… chacha slaps him and says you will not stay here now, sumer is stunned.

PRECAP- dilsher is with rudra and paro. paro says couple should eat from same laddo of parsad, dilsher agrees, paro makes rudra eat first then she takes it and looks at rudra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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