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“Hmm, Now u look perfect” gym boy told me as he placed a bindi at the centre of my forehead. He kissed me on my forehead. I smiled. Today is aju’s marriage and to my wildest shock and surprise my gym boy dressed me today. I never ever dreamt that my gym boy will change like this. Again, he amazed me with another shade of his. He slowly encircled his arms around my baby bump and looked into the mirror. “You are looking beautiful today” he told me as he gently placed his lips over my shoulder. A sudden rush of blood covered my cheeks. I gasped and turned towards him. I pecked his cheek. He smiled and placed his forehead against mine. I placed my right hand on his chest and the left on my belly. “Gym boy, only a few more months to go” I told him and smiled as I caressed it. He smiled back at me. Yes, only a few months and we will have our baby with us. How nice it sounds?? I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I feel complete. I feel blessed to have him in my life.

I am being taken care of like a baby. He cares for me so much that I can’t express it in words. He manages his and my business together. He is flooded with work, but he never fails to take care of me. He cares for me like a mother cares for her child. He works so hard. I know it is very difficult to manage both the businesses but somehow he manages it. To worsen this, my mood swings play a great role. The doctor told me that it is common, but I feel bad that I am hurting more. He is so patient with me that he listens and fulfills my childish demands. At times, my eyes start tearing automatically while thinking about him. I am so lucky to have him in my life. I would not be able to shower so much love like him. Never. He is one unique man in this whole world. “Ammu! come down soon! The marriage is going to start!!” katy’s voice broke my chain of thoughts.

As I was about to climb down the stairs, I was lifted in air and I know it was my gym boy. “What are u doing? Leave me down. It’s not our home. Everyone are looking at us. Leave me down, gym boy” I told him. Yes, he always does this. “Are u mad CB?? You are pregnant. It is not good for u to climb down.” He said as he slowly climbed down the stairs carrying me in his arms. Everyone were smiling at us. “Gym boy, leave me down. Look, even I need exercise. Let me down, gym boy!” I beseeched him. You have already climbed 3 times today. “For today, it is enough.” he told me. On reaching down, he slowly made me stand and held my hand. “Wow! She is so lucky! her husband cares for her so much!” I heard a guest exclaiming. I blushed. “Ammu!” Aju shrieked.

I saw aju sitting in the mandap. He smiled and waved at me. I waved back. His face glowed in happiness. Deeps was sitting beside him. She smiled at me. I smiled back and mouthed her that she was looking beautiful. I knew that deeps would be different. Yes, she is and she has become my best friend. Deeps is the most suitable girl for my aju. The rituals started. As I looked at them, the memories of my marriage with gym boy flashed in my mind. I looked at him. His grip on my hand became firm as he looked straight into my eyes. He placed his arms around my shoulder. “CB, This changed our lives. I never thought that all these would happen. If this would not have happened, then u would not be there beside me now. I am so glad that it happened CB” He told me in an emotional voice. Hearing that my eyes started tearing with tears of happiness. I nodded smiling through my tears. He wiped my tears. This scared relation changed our lives. I placed my head on his shoulder as they took pheras. God! My twin is finally getting married. I just want him to have loads of happiness in his life as I have.

“The marriage is complete” panditji announced and we all clapped. “CONGRATULATIONS MR. AND MRS.ARJUN!!” Our cousins gang, along with me yelled. They both flashed a smile at us and went to receive blessings from elders. As they both came to us, I hugged both of them. “Aju, u are married now! I am not able to believe this!” I told him. “Even I am not able to believe Meenakumari!” he told me. “AJU! ” I smacked him lightly on his shoulder. “Aju, don’t tease ammu” Deeps said as she hit him on the other side of his shoulder. “Oh no! Here after I have to bear this torture from 2 girls!” Aju grumbled and we both giggled and gave a hi-fi to each other. Aju, then slowly bent down. “Choti meenakumari, Meet your maami, Deeps.” he said talking to the baby. “Hi baby! I am your maami. In a few months, we’ll be playing together. We’ll tease your mamu. And Don’t worry baby, I will not let this idiot mamu of yours to call u choti meenakumari.” Deeps joined. Aju pouted. All smiled at them. “Let’s have a family photo,” Sid yelled. We all posed with happy faces. I just want my family to be happy like always.
“CB! Come on! It’s time for your walking” I called out to her, who was lying on the bed. “No! I don’t want to come” she shook her head. “CB, Don’t be adamant. Just 15 minutes. We’ll go for a short walk” I tried to convince her. I know that she would be so tired. But this is necessary for her good health. She nodded at last and stretched her arms like a kid, towards me indicating me to pick her. “So, now u like this, right?” I asked her mischievously. “U made me used to this. I know that u won’t budge if I refuse. And, now am in my ninth month, I know that u will never allow me to climb down the stairs” she told me in a complaining tone. I smiled and picked her in my arms. Yes, she is in her ninth month now.

She is due next week. I am worried for her from now. Any time, she may get into labour and I must be prepared. I must be prepared to see her in pain. I don’t know how I will be able to. The mere thought just frightens me. I just hope everything would be fine. “Everything would be fine, gym boy. Don’t worry, nothing will happen. We both will be fit and fine , ready to torture u” She told me sensing my thoughts and smiled. I nodded. “For this, u have to get me an ice cream, Promise?” she asked me. “For what?” I asked her, confused. “I have agreed for coming to walk . For that. Promise?” She asked me eagerly. I shook my head in disbelief. “Gosh! U are going to become a mom in few days and u yourself are behaving like a kid!” I told her as I carried her downstairs for walking.
“Oh no, CB! Not again! Come on, eat a little. Only a few pieces” I told her as I tried to make her eat. “No! I don’t want to eat, Please!” She beseeched me with puppy eyes. “Keeping your eyes like this won’t work, Mrs. Singhania!” I told her. “OK Fine! But promise me that only 3 spoons” she said. “Fine!” I told her as I fed her. “Gym boy, this is not fair!! You cheated me. You fed me 10 spoons!!” she grumbled. I laughed. “You did that wantedly so that to divert me!” She turned her face away. Yup. I intentionally talked about [email protected] to divert her and successfully fed 10 spoons. I held her chin and made her to look at me. Seeing my eyes glistening with mischief, she burst into laughter. I too joined her. Making her eat is always fun. Gosh!
“Gym boy, gym boy!” I heard CB’s voice. I was in a deep slumber when I heard her calling me. I was so tired and could not open my eyes. Suddenly, the thought that she might have got labour pain striked my mind and I sprang up. I immediately switched on the lights. I looked at her. She was sitting on the bed.”What happened CB?? Are u ok??” I asked her impatiently. ” I am fine. Gym boy, I am not feeling sleepy. Will u take me to the garden now?” She asked me innocently. Duh! I was about to lose my temper then I realised her state and pacified myself. She needs me the most now. I will always be with her. No matter what. I nodded and she smiled at me like a kid. She stretched out her arms at me and I picked her in my arm. “Thank u gym boy!” she whispered in my ear. I could sense the happiness in her whisper. That made my impatience vanish. A smile appeared on my face.

“3…2…1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY GYM BOY!!!” She screeched making my ears go deaf. How did she remember this?? Yes, it is my birthday and I forgot it. Usually, I don’t celebrate my birthday, but I remember it as Arjit asks me for a party. But this time, I don’t know how did I forget. We were in the garden. It was so calm and serene and to be under moonlight is a pure bliss. I looked at her curious face. It radiated happiness like the moon. Her face looked so beautiful in moonlight. “Thank u CB” I told her smiling. “Only thank u??Not fair, gym boy!” she said pouting. “You should gift birthday boy. Instead, u are asking gift from birthday boy” I told her. “I have a gift for u. But before giving that, I want a return gift!” She told me. “Ok, tell me what do u want??” I asked her. “You should not refuse, gym boy!” she demanded. “Ok, fine. I will not refuse. Tell me.” Could u start a new relationship with mummyji?? ” She asked me. I gave her a blank look. “Now, Please don’t tell me no.

Please. For my sake” she beseeched. Already, I don’t share a good relationship with my mom from my school days. Now, after I had compelled CB to go to london, it had become worse. It doesn’t mean that I hate my mom. It is just that I am upset that she didn’t spend quality time with me in my childhood. Now after that london matter, it turned the worst. CB has been trying to mend our relation for past few months and she couldn’t succeed. And finally she used this gift matter to sort out between us. She is very smart. I looked at her curious face. OK, for the sake of her I nodded. She gave me a peck on my cheek in excitement. I smiled. “Ok, what gift u have got for me??” I asked her. She placed her hand inside her night pant pocket and took a paper from it. I looked at her confused. She blindfolded me and after a few seconds, she removed that from my eyes. But she was nowhere to be seen. My heart panicked. I was about to call out her name, Her voice came to my ears.

It is because of you, my soul lives with me.
Without a word, your breath mixes with mine.
The second I clasp my hand with yours,
My eyes start to brim with tears;
Even death can engulf me, if I am in your embrace.
Let’s walk holding our hands,
Towards the limitless path to the destination of happiness.
Our time together might end,
But does our love end?
My love for u adds up, the more u glance at me.
Be with me ALWAYS

“Gym boy, u have done many things for me. Now, It’s my turn. It may not be as beautiful as yours, but I hope u like it.” She told me. She continued. ” In these days, when I was at home, I just tried my hand in poems and I wrote this one for…. for.. u.” She told me as she ended that poem of hers. I looked at her. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. From mine as well. I have never ever heard such an emotional poem. She just wrapped her arms over me. I hugged her back. I could not control the sudden burst of emotions stimulated by her poem. Her words. “DON’T EVER DARE TO LEAVE ME ALONE” I muttered under my breath. “I will not gym boy. I will not.” She told me back. Time stood still for both of us, as we both lost ourselves. “I love u gym boy!” she told me sincerely, looking into my eyes. “When will u tell me these 3 words to me??” she asked me as she placed her head on my shoulder. Her hands were holding mine. Before I could reply, I sensed her grip on my hand becoming firmer and firmer.

Guys, deesh here. Thank u for ur support guys. This was the surprise, I was talking about. Hope u liked this. This chappy is dedicated to my bestie, dora, who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday dora!! Am not sure about the poem part. Keep supporting. Thanks for reading.

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  1. did u just updated ??…i still can’t believe this is indeed a great surprise…YAYYY…i will go mad in this happiness ……what an update yaar …i loved each and every line especially “EVERYTHING” i read each line thrice maybe more omg!! i love gym boy like anything u just can’t imagine my state now , i am tearing due to this happiness deesh what u have made me yaar..u made me a complete obsessive for ua story , guess i am loving it….this is the best episode for me seriously , i felt each n evry word really , every scene was just fabulous , if u gonna opt writing as ua future i am sure u will shine like the brightest star ever n i will come for ua autograph ,for sure …love uuu…:-)…….”HAPPIE BUDDAY DORA”….please wish her from my side too …it’s like i got a surprise on dora’s birthday , yippie…tell dora that naimika loves her n thanked her a hundred times for being ua friend , well it’s because of her na u updated so soon this surprise ..so dora darling a bone crush hud to u dea …i wish u achieve what all u dreamt..bless u …:-)…it is a BLISSFUL feeling to read ua update deesh….thanks as u liked my name n even ua name is kinda diff deehna i never heard u are unique dea..;-)….well i think i am not gonna stop this comment….it is a BANG ON performance form U…WOWWW….TC

    1. Deesh

      Gosh naimi dear!!! A layer of tears is covering my eyes now, after reading your swwweeeeettt comment. Sure buddy, I will wish her from ur side. Oh gosh ur comment is driving me mad with happiness. Thank u so much dear for ur constant support. Seriously I am out of words now. I don’t know what to write or say. I am just dumb founded. I bow my head with gratitude for your love and support to me dear friend. Thanks a loottt!! 🙂 ??

  2. Sreevijayan

    Awwwweeeeee….. bt d story moved so fast..i wanted to c more caring moments btw them..awesomeere

    1. Deesh

      Sorry sree. Am I going fast dear?? Actually I thought that dragging will make the story lose its charm. That’s y. Sorry dear. Thank u so much for ur love and support ?

  3. Ragz_teju

    its super duper amazing…. I loved it so much… AmYut are so cute. ….

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much dear ragz. Glad that u liked it. Yes dear, they are indeed. 🙂

  4. Fairy

    Frst of all happy brthday dora 🙂 🙂 🙂 ….
    Oh deesh such an anazng update from startng till end,it ws jst marvellous. 🙂 🙂 ..d way he gets her ready it ws an “awwww”moment for me 😉 …he cares for her sooo muchhh 😉 😉 ..marriage part ws superbbb 😉 …ohooo brthday ws reallly a surprise 😉 🙂 ..aww!!such a sweet brthday …n poem ws sooooo beautiful dr!!soo amazngg!!!soooo fabulous!!! Again hatts off to u 🙂 ..rags is nt nly a good wife bt also a gr8 DIL ..she had done so much to make vidyut n his mother, share a good relation..so proud of her 😉 …n her antics r choo chueet 😉 ..waitng eagerly for nxt part..keep rockng n stay blessed dr 😉 😉 😉 lotz of love 😉

    1. Deesh

      Cutiepie!!! Thank u thank u thank u so much dear. Am so glad that u liked the poem dear. Actually I took an idea from my fav song and wrote that. Yes she is. Thank u dear for ur tremendous love and support. Love u!! ??

  5. Amazing

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much dear lovely! 🙂

  6. Sindhura

    Awesome she gone have labour pain now

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much di. I will try to update asap. Thanks again!! 🙂

  7. Sindhura

    Update soon yar

  8. Deesh I am really very sorry for not commenting in lat episode….Actually I am very busy in my studies…So didn’t get time…Please forgive me for that…

    Now coming to the episode..Well its really very good and awesome…My Ragz is a very good wife and daughter-in-law also…She is really very caring…Thanks for writing this ff for our Sweet Ragini…And the is really beautiful and amazing…The entire episode is outstanding…And Happy Birthday Dora…Many many happy returns of the day…Deesh please wish her from my side too…OK I already said very much…Now you will think that I am a very talkative girl…Stay happy and keep smiling☺?

    1. Sorry for typing mistake…In the second line it will be last episode…And in the eleventh line it will be the poem is really beautiful and amazing…Actually I typed it in a hurry…So I didn’t saw the mistakes…Again sorry for this…

      1. Deesh

        I think u have a huge stock of sorry with u. No prob dear. Take care.

      2. Deesh

        Thank u so much for your sweet comment. No need of thanks dear. It is my pleasure to entertain u.

    2. Deesh

      Come on Riya! Everyone has their own works. You can comment whenever u are free buddy. Yes she is caring dear. Sure riya, I will wish her from ur side. Don’t worry dear, I like talkative girls as even I am one of them ? keep smiling and take care dear. 🙂

      1. Yes Deesh you can say that I have a huge stock of sorry…Even my all friends says like this to me???…But what to do I felt like that so I said it…Anyways stay blessed…

  9. Berdilla

    Wish You Happy Birthday To Dear Dora. Awesome dear fabulous superb surprise i thought he will tell her i love u but u end it dear

    1. Deesh

      Sweety, thank u so much. I will tell her. Don’t worry sweety, u ‘ll see whether he says it or not in the next epi 😉 take care. 🙂

  10. Rafeee

    its awesome convey my wishes to ur frnd n take care dear

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much rafee dear!! Sure, I will. Thanks again dear. Take care! 🙂

  11. Sally_blr

    I don’t know I should have actually counted how many times I said awwww while reading this chappy. I’m all smiles looking at my Gym Boys care. Now I don’t even remember he once hurt Ammu. And at the end why did you do this. You made me cry. That poem was so emotional. And his dailogue don’t ever dare to leave me alone uff it just took my heart away. And when he panicked not finding Ammu oh god why are you killing me like this.

    1. Deesh

      Sally, thank u so much for ur precious comment! Glad that u liked it. Sorry for making u cry sweetheart. A tight hug to u. Take care! Love u. ?

  12. Aswathy

    its was a fab update…loved CB & her GYM Boy convo…whn will u update d nxt part dear

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much aswathy. Glad that u liked it dear. I will update asap. Thanks again for ur support. Take care. 🙂

  13. Wow semma episode deesh dr it was awesome

    1. Deesh

      Romba thanks vk. Glad that u liked it. Take care vk. 🙂

  14. Asra

    hi dessh….ne surprise kudukurenu sonna aana ivalavu periya surprise kudupenu nenachu kuda pakala…u know Indha update na more than 10 times paduchuden…god promise dear….gym boy and cb oda ovoru scene yaiyum love panren….gym boy fed up scenes, and cb ku dress change panividra scenes and marriage scence and most important poem osam dear…i loved it core dear…
    and Dora vuku wish panenu sollu…happy birthday to you Dora…wish god give all happiness to u….
    and leg pain lam poyirchu dear…am perfectly fine dear…love u lot dear…tkcr dear….

    1. Deesh

      Sisso!! Glad to know that u are fit and fine. 🙂 Omg!! Na unga comment padichadhulerndhu bayangara happy aa iruken. So ungaluku en surprise pudichurundhucha? Thank u sooooooo much sissy. Kandipa solren. Take care. Thank u for ur constant support . ???

  15. Jazzy

    superb superb superb loved it
    sooo choti meenakumari is coming

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much dear. May be or may not be 😉 thanks again 🙂 take care

  16. Akshata

    as always i am late again but you rocked it once again, such an amazing, sweet, cute, lovely etc etc update. vidyut is a very nice husband. i will pray to god that every single girl in the world get husband like him, and boys if you are reading this story then pls become a husband like him, i mean he never hurt her not in his wildest dream, he is taking care of her, going smoothly with her deadly mood swings, handing her and his business their home, its not a cake walk to handle everything so well. what a lucky girl she is. deesh your poetry is so well written and it is so beautiful with full of emotions. i loved it to the core. that birthdays surprise is awesome and that poem is cherry on the cake.
    Last but not the least Belated happy birthday Dora, stay blessed 😀

    1. Deesh

      no problem dear, you can comment whenever u are free. Thank u sooooooooo much for such a lovely comment akshata! I hope that ur prayer gets fulfilled. 🙂 Yup, Our ammu is lucky indeed. glad that u liked that poem dear. Thank u so much for ur wishes. I’ll convey it to her. Thanks again dear. I am at a loss of words now after reading ur comment. I don’t know what to say…. Keep smiling and take care 🙂

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