Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajeev telling Chanchal that she is playing right, what’s her plan now. She says I don’t know how did police come, I think Veer will not let this case go ahead and we will get any amount. Rajeev says we can demand money and plan our baby’s future, how will I raise baby without job. Naina hears them and gets shocked. Raghav gives slippers to Dadi. She thinks how she has beaten him up. He covers her with shawl and takes her.

Sudha asks Veer are you okay, show me your eyes, its red. He says I m fine, my eyes are red as I m tired, its stupid accident. His dad says that woman is pregnant, if anything happens, you will go jail. Veer argues. Balraj says calm down, did they ask anything, did you say them. Veer says no. Balraj asks him to keep mouth shut. Sudha asks Rajeev how can they compensate, Veer did mistake. Rajeev asks you think we are greedy to take money. Sudha cries. Balraj talks to Rajeev to settle the matter out of court and tries convincing him.

Veer asks Sudha not to cry. Raghav and Dadi come. Raghav asks Veer what happened. Veer says nothing, everybody is overreacting. Inspector asks Rajeev about the accident, just confirm it. Naina comes there. Raghav sees her. Naina says there has been misunderstanding. Naina and Raghav see each other and say Aap…. Naina says there was no accident, Chanchal is my sister in law, she is completely fine, there is no need to arrest back, we are taking case back. Rajeev asks what are you doing. Veer says I told you, see. Rajeev scolds Veer and says Naina was not there, she saved you.

Rajeev takes Naina. Naina says Chanchal is fine. He says shut up, you are troubling us, they were scared and would have given me money, Chanchal said I lost job, why did you say. She says they are Mehra family. He says I just want their money. She says they are those Mehra family by whom Maa’s operation happened, Maa is alive because of them. He asks what, wow, this is lottery, let them do charity on my wife and child. She says Maa is alive because of them, wrong is wrong, I will not support lies, be it anyone.

He asks whats wrong, do Chanchal and baby not hold any importance. She says don’t lie, I heard it, Chanchal is fine, you are making her act, shame on you, I know you have earning pressure, it does not mean you use the family by whom Maa and I got a second child, we should be thankful to them. Dadi looks on. Rajeev says thankful my foot, be away from my matter. Nurse calls Rajeev and he goes. Naina gets sad.

Naina sees Raghav. They go out. He thanks her for saving his family. She says Veer did not do any intentional accident, my Maa is alive because of you, my mum’s operation happened because of your family. He asks how did you know this. She says you told your name and I understood seeing you with your family, you love them right. He smiles and says yes, I don’t know how to repay favor, if I could do something. She says I have headache, I want coffee. He says I will take you. She says on one condition, my treat. He says its good to have free coffee, come. They go to coffee shop. Raghav gets coffee.

She says I drink black coffee. He says intellectual people have it, who works for long hours. She says yes, I used to stay awake for preparing lectures, I m english literature professor. He says I m not much educated, I learnt english for survival here. He beats a sugar cube in a bowl and gets sugar powder for her. She smiles.

She says I was thinking of your coincidence and fate theory, you saved my mum by giving charity and our meeting again and again, or motivating after breakup. They laugh. She says and asking for hand for marriage in first call. He recalls that call and says that was result of our house circus, I m not so desperate. She says honestly, I was desperate for mum’s operation, I did not know any stranger will help my mum. He gives her card and asks her to call her if she needs anything. She thanks him. She shows him Ganpati idol. He says this was for someone else, how can I forget. Dadi looks on. Naina says yes, its for you.

Raghav asks for me? She says my mum has sent this for you, you are most special for me now. Tere naam……plays……… She asks him to take it by right hand, not left hand, did you not take prasad till now. He says actually I take food by both hands. He takes the idol from her. She says any new relation should start by Ganpati blessings. He says its good, we don’t have sweets, so think of this coffee as prasad. Dadi smiles seeing Naina.

Veer is worried. He asks Balraj whats happening, Chanchal is acting, I m tired, I want to sleep. Balraj says its not a small thing, you can go jail, I m managing it. He asks why is Dadi not doing anything. He says I m thinking the same. Veer says you go and tell Dadi to throw money, whats imp, me or money, she is acting as if she will take money along with her. Balraj sees Dadi and asks Veer to relax, Dadi is managing. Veer asks what is she managing. Balraj goes to Dadi and says leave it, Veer is just angry. Naina comes and scolds Veer for talking bad about his Dadi. She calls him spoilt brat. He asks do you know who I m. Naina says you are nothing without Mehra name, your Dadi has helped many people, its her goodwill that I took case back.

Dadi smiles. Balraj takes Dadi and goes. Veer scolds Naina and calls her a waitress. She says yes, I collect tips to earn living, not like you to spend money on wine. He asks her to shut up. She says you should be ashamed of yourself, I have let you go. Raghav comes and asks them to stop it. Naina goes. Raghav asks Veer to relax. Veer refuses and says Dadi is punishing me, she did not pay fine. Raghav says it will take time to shut case, what’s Dadi’s mistake. Veer says no one died, its just an accident, that waitress is scolding me. Raghav says she is not waitress, she is working being helpless. He asks her to ask Dadi if he can go home.

Dadi sees Naina reading spiritual book and smiles. She goes to Naina and offers money. She says I m elder and giving you shagun money, you have taught my children a good lesson, where do we get such good valued girls like you. Naina smiles.

Veer tells Naina that I understood you were right, our relation started wrong, I decided I will marry you, yes. Raghav looks on and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. O-M-G veer proposed I can’t believe this I am speechless

  2. Great episode I love it..keep on rocking guyzzzzz..

  3. Angelk1

    No… I think his planning something. Say no naina and raghav why are u letting veer do this

  4. Wat the
    OMG OMG this proposal is something fishy
    Hai arshi Sabrina chinthu tia angel and all my friends how u all I remember few names I am sorry missing some more name really sorry

  5. Awwwww…epi was OSUM ….frm todayitself the LoVe traingle was started by veeruuuu…

  6. Chithu

    Scenes of Raina were so nice. Veer wants to marry Naina and Raghav is happy. When will they b together. I am sure dadi might have convinced Veer to marry Naina

  7. Ye. Kya yaar itni jaldi propose I think something is fishy.shayad veer naina se badla lena Chahta hai

  8. It’s just how I thought veer is proposing mains but, what about raghav? He’s so happy

  9. Chithu

    Hai vavachi I am good how r u. R u from Kerala. Naina say no to the proposal.

    1. I am fine. Yes I am from Kerala, Can I join ur frnds circle

      1. Chithu

        Sure vavachi?. I am also from Kerala.

      2. Thank you., where u live

      3. Chithu

        In Ernakulam. Were do u stay

      4. Me to Ernakulum

  10. Today episode was super cute scene of Naina and Raghav

  11. Raghav have sad smile in precap

  12. OMG…ee ka ho laha hai….?????Why Veer is proposing her…..I want raina…..eagerly waiting 4 their love scenes…

  13. Guys see the spoiler of pardes naina agree for veer proposal . OMG….?

  14. Chithu

    Oh no y Naina is agreeying to marry veer when she knows he is a spoil brat. He even insulted her calling waitress


    I knew it… that Naina and veer marriage will arrange and afterwards show will move like film Pardes…

    Show will have love Reactangle-
    Sanjna loves Veer
    Veer loves someone else & due to taking revenge will be marring naina
    Raghav loves Sanjna
    Naina is ready to marry veer but afterwards will love Raghav…

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