Dhhai Kilo Prem 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update: Deepu motivates Piyush to participate in Dance Competition

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The Episode starts with Piyush looking at Deepu who is getting ready. She sees him awake and wishes good morning. She says she will make vegetable juice for him to keep him energetic. Piyush looks at her. Piyush thanks her for giving him so much love and says he thinks many times, how can a woman think of someone so much. Deepu says when a woman loves someone, she dedicates her life for him. Piyush asks did you have something. Deepu nods no. Piyush asks her to have food and gives her promise. Deepu thinks God keeps blessings on us.

Guru thinks why did his mum acted to love him. He says I thought him Maati, but she…His friend says we are orphans. Guru says I thought she misses me, I used to cry and asked her to take me home, but I never get any answer from her. People used to call me and call me illegitimate. He says I was a kid and never know about it. He says she must had gotten happy when that accident happened in orphanage, asks if she didn’t miss me when she used to feed food to her child and gets upset.

Piyush asks Deepu about the test result. She says it didn’t come till now. He acts as if he got the message to win 1 lakh. He asks her to eat food and take care. Deepu says you too. He goes. Deepu thinks I can give even life for you, fast is a small thing. She gets her phone and checks it for the message. She gets happy to know that Piyush is selected and gets happy. She thinks his dream will be fulfilled now.

Rukmini asks Rahul what did doctor say? Rahul says we went to write exam on both days. Rukmini asks how? Rahul says we got hall ticket from your old purse. Rukmini asks how dare you to check my purse. Rahul says I am sure that you hurt her intentionally and made her slipped that day. I won’t back off from sending you out from here.

Deepu comes to Dhaba and talks to Piyush. Piyush asks her about the result. Deepu asks him not to get ready. He says why I will get angry. Deepu says I had sent you dance video for audition and you got selected. Piyush gets angry. Deepu says only 15 people were selected from Agra and you are one among them. She says if you get selected in further rounds then will get to do trained by specialized dancers. Piyush says he can’t dance infront of people and says Pankaj will never agree to let him dance. Deepu says she will see dreams as she knows that he gets happy to dance. She asks him to pursue his dreams and dance fully. She says there is no bad thing to pursue our dreams. She says this is ours dream, I am your wife and we both will pursue it together. She holds his hand and says next week is all india auditions, you have to work hard. Piyush nods and says I have a condition. He asks her not to tell anyone. Deepu agrees and shakes her hand.

Piyush comes home with Deepu and asks what happened, if everything is fine. Pankaj says nothing is fine and throws the papers on his face. Piyush is shocked. Pankaj taunts on his weight and says if you dance then people will laugh at me. He says until my name is with you, this all can’t happen. He says don’t know from where he got the strength. Deepu says she asked him to take part. Pankaj says he can’t dance and taunts again on his weight. Deepu says why can’t he dance. Pankaj asks Piyush to speak. Deepu asks him to speak up. Piyush tells him that he can dance and asks what is wrong in it, says he gets happy dancing and says he is one among 15 people to be selected. Pankaj says they have chosen you so that they can make your fun. Madhuri asks him to listen to him. Pankaj blames Madhuri for hiding about it. Piyush asks him to stop it and says because of you, I couldn’t become what you wanted, as I didn’t want to do IAS. He says he gets happy with dancing and if he fails then also he will think that atleast he tried. He says if he can’t dance as Piyush Pankaj Sharma, then he will dance as Piyush Sharma. He folds his hand and looks on.

Rahul tells Rukmini that tomorrow morning she will be going to old age home. Rukmini is shocked. Pankaj announces his retirement and gives shop keys to Piyush. Deepu tells him that she will take care of shop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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