Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update: Pratap and Pratibha expose fraudulent Guru ji

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 22nd September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha that it is a blind faith and sasumaa shall not think about auspicious thing or inauspicious thing. Prathana says in hindi. Panjiri says didi is saying good and bad things affects home. Pari says we could have helped her in packing bags, but she packed her bags herself. Prathana says we shall call Baba and ask for solution. Pratibha says he might be dhongi baba. Kunti tells Kanhaiya that she will go to Chaurasiya, then tells that she will go to Ashram and asks him to be happy. Prathana asks him to go after Baba comes. Prema tells in French and says may be baba can tell some solution which can stop her. Kanhaiya asks Pratap to call baba. Guru ji comes home. Kanhaiya says Maa wants to go. Pari tells aloud that mummy ji wants to go. They all ask him to give solution so that she don’t leave the house. Guru ji says there is a solution, and bhavya yagya shall be done and needs 50000 for the same. Kanhaiya says he will bring money and is ready to spend any amount.

Pratibha says I brought someone who can help us in telling solution. Pratap comes wearing sadhu’s clothes with beard. Kunti says pratibha.. Pratibha says she thought to take other’s suggestion also. Pratap tells Kunti to give lemon to him after keeping in her hand. He cuts the lemon and it turns blue. He gives lemon in all bahus’ hand and all lemons turns blue. He gives lemon in Guru ji’s hand and says even it turned blue. He tells that lemon was injected in it. Guru ji gives his scientifically reasoning. Pratap exposes him and shows his face. Kunti says you got role in Dangal 2 because of him. Pratap cries and tells that Guru ji looted him of 50, 000 Rs. Kanhaiya says he asked us to give 50000 Rs. Pratibha made him act. Pari and others takes selfie with him before police come to arrest him.

Later Kanhaiya’s phone rings, Kunti gives call to Prema and they pass phone to another. Kunti then gives call to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya picks the call and comes to know that he got 500 Sarees order. Kunti and others get happy. Kunti says it is not kadam, but karam which is good or bad. Pari asks a silly questions. Kunti says I will not answer for this.

Pratap rehearsals with the fake sword. Kusum gets angry. Kunti comes and falls down as he stabs her. Everyone run to her rescue. Kunti gets up and says who will save us from Pari’s tea. Pari says she didn’t make tea as Panjiri already made it. Prema comes and tells in French. Kanhaiya says good morning. Kanhaiya asks Kunti to drink tea. Prema takes his tea, takes his sip and keeps it back asking him to drink. Kanhaiya looks on. They hear band. Neighbor comes and congratulates her for Kanhaiya’s marriages. She invites them for the navratri pandal and asks Kunti if they are scared to take part. She leaves. Sarla tells Kunti that she taunted her and all neighborhood. Kunti asks Pratap to fill competition form and says we will also take part. Neighbor challenges her. Kunti says if she don’t win then she will leave. She says she will do the arrangements.

Kanhaiya asks Kunti to give pandal responsibility to her bahus. Kunti says it is a big responsibility. .

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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