Dhhai Kilo Prem 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini calling Deepu’s mobile and it comes as switched off. Ragini gets worried. Deepu is with her friend. He says he will get samosa and kachori. Deepu says her mum will weight her tomorrow and she will fast today. Her friend tells that she will break the fast seeing triple cheese pizza. Piyush hears her and orders pizza. Pizza delivery man brings triple cheese pizza and says it is ordered for you. Deepu takes it and eats it. Piyush thinks you will not get it again. Ragini comes there, sees Deepu eating triple cheese pizza and shouts Deepika…before fainting. Piyush holds her and says blood…Deepu runs to Ragini and asks Jugal to take out car. Piyush tries to lift her, Deepu stops him. Her friends lift her. Deepu calls Mishra ji and asks him to reach hospital. Piyush feels guilty and talks to Amit. He tells that Ragini fainted and asks him to go to hospital. Amit couldn’t hear him. Piyush calls someone and tries to start his bike.

Mishra ji and his son come to the hospital. Mishra ji asks Doctor about Ragini. Doctor says she has a high BP and will be fine. Deepu asks her brother to have food. Mishra ji tells Deepu that she is fine. Deepu says I got worried seeing blood coming out from her nose. Mishra ji says what she was doing in the gym. Deepu says I am thinking same. Mishra ji asks her to smile.

Piyush comes to meet Osman Bhai and asks him to repair his scooter. Bareily goon comes there and asks how is my bike. Piyush says it is a monster infront of my scooter. Bareily goon offers to drop him. Piyush sits. Goon thinks Deepika Mishra get ready to be ruined.

Deepu asks how can be calm down. Mishra ji says Ragini will be fine and shows love letter kept in his wallet. Deepu gets emotional. Mishra ji says he is happy and lively and his mishrayan will have to be fine for him. He gets emotional. Deepu cheers him up. Piyush gets a call and tells that he is going to shop and asks Amit to go to hospital and check if Deepu’s mum got well. He asks Goon to stop the bike. Goon asks who is Deepika. Piyush says she is moti, who is following him. Goon thinks you made me cry, and now Piyush will do my work. Piyush gets a call from Amit and says it is good that she is fine. He gets Osman Bhai’s call and asks him to sell the scooter. Bau ji comes and scolds him. He asks Osman Bhai to send Scooter back. The neighbors guys tease Piyush.

Madhuri asks Bau ji not to do drama daily. Bau ji asks her to say it again. Madhuri says Piyush is not a kid and we are thinking of his marriage, if you scold him badly then others will get a chance to tease it. Bau ji gets angry on her and says your son is useless and will soon beg. Madhuri says he is not that bad, tried to fulfill your dream, but couldn’t. Bau ji scolds her. Madhuri says whatever he earns is spent on us. She asks him to keep hand on his heart and feel what wrong he has done. She says I am his mum and can feel his pain. She says I will say in Piyush’s matter. Bau ji’s sister comes and scolds Madhuri.

Deepu dials on the number and comes to know that Piyush called Ragini. She goes to his shop and scolds him for involving her mum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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