Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th April 2014 Written Update

Banasur’s penance is in its last stage..Shiva and Parvati ma observe this..
Naradji at Ksheer sagar along wid Brhmdev- devi Sarswati and VishnuLakshmi discuss abt the devotee’s condition as his sould would leave his body anytime…

Sarswati ma questions of its right to stay mum keeping a devotee’s life sta stake..Nardji says that the tridev’s inaction indicates the same..

Parvati ma wonders who the guy is and sees him with her divya drishti…she reminds SHiva of the devotee’s call..
She asks who he is..he replies ‘Baanasur’

Vishnuji shares that Banasur has been doing penance for a long time at its pinnacle now..he’ll finish his penance and Mahadev will appear forth him to

give him boon.
Naradji asks what is new n worrisome here…Brhmdev tells him that this time the boon will have perilous results and the most effected thing will be Mahadev n Narayan’s relationship They never had differences escply for any devotee.. previously whatever war like situations arose btw them where just leelas and the motive behind them was to help one another.
But this time…!

Naradji tells if that is the case this should be stopped in away…Narad seeks Narayan’s permission to meet Parvati ma

WHile Banasur does his penance, his enemies find him and prepare to attack him…
At Kailash, kids meet their parents to take permission to meet Nana Nani darshan along wid nanui’s modaks too.

Naradji arrives at Kailash…he asks if he really is gonna give Banasaur his boon…Naradji tells Narayan said him everything.. Shiva asks if Narayan has sent him there.. Naradhi tells that he himself has everyone were worried of the consequences of the penance Banasur is doing..
Parvati ma changes the topic asking K n Gannubhyya of them going to Himvan n Menavtai..she’d prepare them for their journey to their grand parents house while Devrishi Narad n Mahadev converse.

Back here Banasur is deep in his penance and his enemies find him…
Naradji asks Mahadev if its essential to give him that boon .
Shiva tells that he should know that the inevitability of giving a boon after completion of penance..Naradji tells with due respect n if permitted..that Parvati devi has just come back from her penance and she would wish to spend some lone time wid Mahadev…is it the right time for him to give Banasur the it may have its own consequences.
Mahadev sternly tells Nardaji that its not correct to interfere in the works of Tridev and vanishes
Naardji comes back to the Sheer sagar and…Brhmdev suggests Narayan to use one last option of stopping Mahadev.

Narayan goes to Shiva…Narayan says he knows why he come there, Shiva says he can’t do anything as Banasur is his devote and he can’t turn his back to the guy.. Narayan tells there is one thing in protecting te devote and a completely different one in making him believe that he’d be there forever to protect him.
Mahadev tells he has no option left..Narayan says the moment he does that, the world will see the bad effects of the boon..Mahadev counters saying that if he doesn’t then that too will reap ill results..the devotee’s faith will be at stake.

K asks Parvati ma what worries her…she replies that she feels a weird thing- that something very terrific is gonna happen…which will effect the world. On asked what is it exactly.she says she has no idea…
K says that dad n u are here, and he’s sure that they will sort things out.
Ganesha says that it might just be a doubt and may stay the same…

As she stays in the present moment…she says probably this time no one would have an answer for the pb. As its something to dow ith Narayan n Mahadev.

BAck here Narayan says that they never interfered with fate..but this time situation is different..may be relationships may change.
Shiva says a relationship’s change doesn’t depend on situations but the weak / strength of the bond.
Narayn says its just not their relationship…but the pb can become the reason to malign the bonds between two families. And the future is not unknown from him.
Shiva reasons does that mean that a devotee’s prayers get unanswered
As they very much know abt the future happenings, they also know the rules to attend to a devotee’s wishes…
Narayan says they have options..Mahadev says even he wishes to give Banasur the same option.

Banasur’s enemy attack him…
Narayan says he too will honour the fate…

Mahadev arrives there and saves Banasur..the enemy runs away…
Banasur opens his eyes and see Mahadev..

Narayn informs that Mahadev is gonna give Banasur a boon..the pb that could have been averted now taking place…and cause oof this boon the future will see the emergence of the most powerful asura.

Naradji inquires what spl in this the devtas have slayed such innumerable asuras…
Brhmdev says that Banasur is Prahlad’s vanshaj and Vishnujii cannot slay 22 vanshaj of his blood line, cause Prahlad has that boon.
Banasur says he believed that Mahadve would come..he is gald ans asks if he is happy wid his penance.
Shiva replies yes…
Banasur says his ancestors have done such great things..his grand father- Bhakt Prahalad who was protected by Narayan himself and his dady Bali who was a great Vishnu bhakt…they have brought great honor to the family and now he wishes to do the same. Banasur says he has great devotion for Mahadev and this chosen this path of devotion.

Mahadev tells devotion is a greta word..and if he knows the meaning of the word then he is blessed and if not then the results will be terrible

Now he wishes for a boon that he become great and do great things as n equally as they did…he wishes to have same power has do as much good as he can handle..and give such great strength to his arms to do great deeds…Mahadev gives him the boon of 100 hands, which will be equal to strength of the elephants..and whenever he needs them he’ can make us of it… and then starts thinking something.
On asked he says if he is unsafe all the power is a waste..he asks if its possible for Mahadev to protect him and save him every time..Mahadev agrees…but warns him that with great power comes great responsibilities and not to get controlled by the power instead of controlling them.
ANd use his powers with wisdom …

Narayan and all are worried abt this.
Naradji and all speculate on if Baansur’s use of his powers…

The enemy ppl are ready to fight Banasur even after knowing he as been given a boon by Mahadev, the king motives his army.
Banasur comes and says he is alone enough to fight them.

They in 300 movie level shower arrows at him and the rocks beside fall on him (infact shower on him like petals..ek bhi uskey sar par nai laga)

The rocks cover Banasur completely…
the enemy kings thinks that he has won in the first level itself..but the rocks move and so does the ground..Banasur shakes away those rocks off him
Banasur attacks the enemy guy and holds his throat…the guy asks for forgiveness…a part of Banasur says he is considering forgiveness but the next moment he knws is one of his hand pierces a sword in the guy…his powers speak that he has done the right thing…the evil powers mislead him…his conscious says he has doe wrong.

Precap: EVeryone at Kailash feel blessed to have taken prasad from Mata Parvati’s own hands but ..Banasur takes back his hands while she gives him the prasad.. Kartikeya feels hurt and says to BS he better go away from there as he has insulted his mom Paravti devi.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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