The Buddy Project 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 7th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 7th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from Kd reading news n waiting for Piddi..he stripped phone from ranveer because he is not responding him. he says dont isturb panchi please let her do study.. Now piddi n sheeba comes..Piddi says college time over but you guys doesnt changed. you have same attitude. sheeba goes to return library books..

The Boys are sitting in the college.. KD says Sheeba is right yaar.. college is finished now so why we are waiting for convocation . we have to start work on our business plan.Website is already ready so we have to work… Ranveer says you are right ..left part is done ..And you remember that guy who meet us in festival.. he can help us to search talent..And maya mam is also there.. We will take contacts from her and will search for advertisers. they will promote our company..And we are be sorted..Piddi is listening them silently..They see their company future in dream..”We have an office..And when we got tired tehn we employ more people..And they will do all work of our company..our photo will be in business magazine..Its amazing to work ranveer & kd” …

Piddi says you are set but what will i do..Jt sir comes and says you will see their dream. He says you guys become so punctual after college..Kd says sir why you become late..Piddi jokes actually his girlfriend is also here. Now maya mam comes and says them she want to introduce someone to them.. So see you guys at my place..

Maya and JT are travelling in car.. She asks him you are looking tensed.. He says i am little concerned about buddies..Their college is ended but somehow i am feeling my task is not completed..He asks her about evening guest so tell me about your plan but she doesnt tell him n says its a surprise..She calls him jungli..

In Next scene sheeba talking to piddi’s mother.. KD says its true or just m imaging..So nice relation between mother in law and daughter in law. You told me but i didnt believe but today i saw its not normal..Piddi says to kd its nothing .. when they both meet, i am nothing for them..i introduced both of them but i doesnt have respect..Just wait i will show you demo..He calls sheebu give me water jug.. but she doesnt respond.. so piddi says to kd , look..Ranveer is chatting on laptop..

piddi says anyway why maya mam called us …no one knows..They both have a talk about marriage ..Kd says to piddi please stop ranveer chatting we are getting late..piddi shut down laptop directly.. Ranveer gets angry and turn it on again..

They are in car now.. He stopped car because an auto is there. they asks auto driver to remove auto . Driver says you parked your car whats your problem.. Sheeba says they are saying fo your good only.. Park it in side..whole way is blocked. He says today id very bad for me..A girl comes.. She says dont worry.. it will start now.. there was some parts problem in auto..she asks if they are disturbing you.. Ranveer says he is disturbed because of you..they have an argue with her.. She says this car , have you brought this car own.. Auto driver goes from there and that girl also. Sheeba says we have to go maya mam is waiting

Here maya n Jt are waiting for buddies.. JT says they dont have time sense..Buddies comes and says sorry we got stuck somewhere anyways you are going to introduce someone .. who is this..Maya mam introduce the same girl , Vani..she is her niece..She has shifted two days before.. Piddi says she is repairing auto outside..she introduce buddies.. Jt tells about vani’s dream sir says them to help vani as she is new.. you can help vani in her adventure because you all have contacts in this city.. vani says its my dream my cafe i dnt need any help…maya says everyone needs help you have worked with me..n its gonna be good experience for these guys..These guys are really good. they will help you out..N if you got in any problem then i have only one option to call your mother and asks her to take you at home.

Now vani agrees. Kd and ranveer says we want to start our business and we have plan.. Jt insists them to take experience. have fun with youngster..Jt and maya goes from there to take dinner
vani says to buddies i dont want your help.. keep distance from me it will be better for you..And remember one thing dont try to tell maya about it.

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Update Credit to: Priya

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