Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th March 2013 Written Update

At Kailash Parvati is wearing her jewellery, Shivji comes there. She says daughter, give that flower, but remembers about her absence. Shivji tells her, for children their parents are everything, but after growing up they start their own Sansar & only parents are left with each other. But you remember only your daughter. He gives her the flower . She tells him she’ll have to be away from him to do his dhyan but they are one.
Lakshmiji comes to meet Samudra, who is sitting alone. He says he doesn’t have Gems left with him, can give only blessings to her. She asks him about his condition. He says after Samudra Manthan all the Gems are given to Devas who are misusing them. Had Shivji given them Halahal too along with Amrut, it would have been better. You are happy, being cared well by Narayan. I am unhappy about your sisters, they are doing tapasya to get Narayan as their husband, what is the need for that? Why do they have such a wish in their heart. Lakshmiji is worried.
At Kailash Kartikeya & Ganesh are in a Ground. Ganesh asks him to start teaching war techniques. Kartikeya says first of all he has to make his body strong with exercise. They stary with running, then other one. Ganesh falls down while doing it. His friend Mushak suggests it’s enough for today, he can continue tomorrow. But Ganesh says he’s started enjoing this so will continue.
At Ksheer sagar Lakshmiji notices smile on Vishnuji’s face, start wondering why is he smiling? Let my sisters do penance to get him, I trust him compeletely.
Naradji comes there, wants to meet Vshnuji, says he will come back later, but it’s unusual seeing him smiling in his dhyan. Lakshmiji asks what do you think whose dhyan is he doing? He answers either Mahadev’s or his bhakta’s. She remembers her sisters. Says he must be remembering me as I am his favourite. He says yes but Destiny has written many women as Narayan’s Vamangi, you are one but he gets pleased to anyone praying to him with devotion. Lakshmiji is worried. Naradji realises he’s uttered something which he is not supposed to, saying he must be doing your dhyan only, takes her leave.
At Kailshs Parvati tells Shivji, she wants to hear his Music today. He says how can I deny when you are asking for it, with a smile.
At Ksheersagar Vishnuji is awake now, asks Lakshmiji is everyone alright at her father Samudra’s house, since she is back so soon. She asks what does he mean by everyone? He says your relatives are mine too. She looks suspicious. He tells her you are with me since many Kalpas, so why are you so curious now, you must be knowing the answer. She wants to hear from him. He says mostly I am doing your dhyan. She asks Mostly but not always.
At Kailsh Shivji is playing Veena, starts the Shiv Sangeet looking at Parvati. She is fully emgrossed, enjoying it with closed eyes & happy expressions on her face.
Those Apsaras can’t wait anymore as Narayn is not getting pleased, they should burn their body instead of living such a life.
Lakshmiji tells Vishnuji her 5 sisters are doing penanace to get him as his husband, are you doing their dhyan? He looks serious now.
At Kailsh, Shivji stops playing Veena & singing suddenly, looks worried.

Precap: those 5 Apsaras are about to jump to end their life, vishnuji appears, tells them to ask for a boon. They ask him to forget everything he remembers. He is with them now. A voiceover says how will shivji handle this situation. Since Narayan has lost his memoy.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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