Amrit Manthan 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 6th March 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with everyone doing work in kitchen including tej , nimrit , bani , jojo , sunita , mahi , bubbly and other servants … the food was cooked and then Nimrit told the servants to take the food out . then she said theat tej and i are going , so bani said that mama i an jojo will go along with you , so nimrit said now as you both have did lots of work , so you must be tired so do some rest , bani said that mama pleae , jojo too … so tej said that the girls are right they must go with us .. nimrit agrees .
Agam calls yug & said that i have done the catering order & just going to deliver it … so yug said which order ? so agam told him every thing why did he does this … mahi goes to kitchen , take a spoon & get some rice , when he was eating , Bani comes & told him not to eat …
yug calls amrit & she was sleeping he called vishal & they had a conversation
agam goes to the person to delver catering order and told him that nimrit dhaba is close & so he brought the food , so he said ok & gave agam the payment for all those food , nimrit , tej & bani comes , nimrit see the food and calls choudhry . and he said that that person did the catering .. and agam was leaving then bani said stop ..Agam turns back & look at her . she said sorry uncle but you can’t do this , agam said to stay away from this , so she said but my mama had said if some one do some thing wrong so don’t be quiet . agam lokoed at nimrit , and she said infront of me wrong is happening with my mama and so i will not stop , agam was staring at nimrit , bani go to choudry and ssaid that our dhaba was closed but still mama cooked the food at home & we all helped her .
agam feels guilty , she said my mama tells me that honesty is best ut why are you punishing her , nimrit said that its ok bani . agam stops him and said that i will take my order back & he lefted ..
everyone was happy . vishal and amrit had a conversation …
mahi said to bani to eat the sweet & they all continued , bani & jojo went to nimrit , they clear her tears & then aga remembers what had yug & amrit tolden him and he said that even if she is bad but she taught her children good , agam said is she really bad ? lots of questions in his mind .

Precap :
agam and yug looking into a file & every where was no light , mahi was coughing & so then both of them runs , then the file felled down & mahi said who is there , agam was looking

Update Credit to: mehak

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