Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th September 2013 Written Update

we have our dear pyaara Andhakasur surrouned by his beloved brothers, and apologizes to them for ever being bad to them and says that he now has renounced his wish to become the king…just as his brother nears him, he starts attacking them and injures them brutally!!! Two of them are wounded, the third one understand that he is able to attack them hearing their footsteps so he removes his shoes
But Andhak still hears him and he injures him too…
They ask him to kill them rather than let them suffer in this way! Andhak laughs and says that he is not here to kill them but to shoulder the responsibilities of his kindgdom!!

Mahadev is watching all this…

Indru on the other side is getting hyper and blaming Shivansh for this disruption…Brihaspati

reprimands him but Indru is about to do something which has never been done before!!

Mahadev and Brahma meet .. brahma on his talks of the world problems and being concerned about them all the time
Mahadev says that Andhak is not a person, it is a thought
There will be a time in future, when this thought will be in every being’s mind…the way he will be thinking about women, there will be many minds like that and how that thought would end sadly, it will be an example for everyone…If Parvati has decided to stay in the is good because Andhak’s dirty thoughts, a mother will not see…Parvati comes then..and Mahadev says that he will warn Andhak…of the consequences…and disappears…as Parvati and Brahma stare at each other…

On the other side…Andhak takes over his throne as everybody looks on..his parents and brothers are standing below with their arms bound in chains..Guard are aiming swords at them as Andhak laughs…
Narad at Brahma’s place … lamenting that Andhak is taking disadvantage of his boon…Brahma says that Andhak is opposing the light in his life…but in the end he will want that …and that will be pushing him to the end of his life..
Andhak is walking in the jungle and reminiscing the taunts of his brothers and all…and then laughs at his success!!

In Ayodhya…Kaikeyi in all her glory and Dashrath is all astonished on her boons! She taunts him that Raghuvansh is known for keeping boons although he may not keep it..they argue a lot !! Dashrath convincing her that let Bharat be on the throne but there is no need for Ram to go to the jungles!! And finally unable to convince her, Dashrath breaks down and prays to His Lord The Surya that he may not rise tomorrow so that Ram would not have to go to Vanvas

Mahadev reaches where Andhak is wandering in the jungle..Andhak feels his presence! Andhak says that he feels a presence …who is there…Mahadev is saying that what is he feelig…his presence…or the presence that is always there…the light which frightens you is coming from you…till how long you will hide yourself…how long will he stay in this darkness…

Precap: Andhak taunting Mahadev that his entry is early in his story…and why so? because he is growing great or frightening…Mahadev says that whether he will be great or frightening, will be his choice! At Kailash every deity before Parvati and Indru is blaming Mahadev as he is Trikaldarshi…Parvati gets angry at him…

Update Credit to: Srushti

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