Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th September 2013 Written Update

Manpreet gets a call from Police Officer who informs her that Sohum has been released on bail. Manpreet is surprised and asks who filed a report against him. The Officer says Gagan had filed a case against Sohum. Manpreet is stunned.
Angad tells Bua that he and Simran wont support her decision this time. Rajji has already proved that she is a good daughter-in-law. Bua says so what if she is a good daughter-in-law, she hasn’t proved herself as a good wife. Angad tells Bua how Rajji takes care of Sohum’s needs. Not only that, even Sohum is dependent on Rajji for everything. Bua says that even a servant can do that. A wife must love her husband and be with him in good as well as bad times. Rajji is silently witnessing all this. Bua tells Angad that being a married man,

he should know what she is trying to say. Bua says, she cannot ruin Sohum’s life by giving Rajji additional time. Angad asks why cant she see the sacrifices she made. Bua tells him selling her jewelleries cannot be termed as a sacrifice as he did it to save Bani’s reputation and not for Sohum. Suddenly Bua sees Rajji. Rajji tries to explain but Bua refuses to listen to her. Bua says she has only 10 days left to secure a place in Sohum’s heart because only Sohum will decide whether she has to stay in this house or not. Only 10 days more to go. Rajji walks away in a daze while Angad and Simran watch silently.

A furious Manpreet calls out to Gagan, Chachi asks whats the matter. Gagan arrives and Manpreet questions her why she filed a case against Sohum without even informing her elders. Gagan says he fought with Randeep. Manpreet tells her that the fight took place between Sohum and Randeep but Sohum didn’t file a case then why did she go ahead and act. Gagan says she did what was right and Manpreet tells her to what she says. Manpreet tells her to take the case back. Gagan protests aand says how can she just take the case back like that. Sohum attacked her husband. Manpreet tells her not to argue anymore. Right then Randeep comes down and supports Gagan’s act. Manpreet gets all the more furious. Randeep says Gagan did all this for her husband. Manpreet says she knew he would support Gagan but he cannot hide his acts but selling Sohum to jail. She tells him to tell Gagan to take back the case. Randeep says he wont take the case back and even DaarJi would support Gagan’s decision. Manpreet says that if DaarJi comes to know about this then he will come to know each and everything. Randeep looks stunned. Gagan looks confused. Randeep tells her to withdraw the case. Gagan is perplexed but immediately calls up the Police Officer and withdraws the case. Manpreet tells Gagan to consider this as her last mistake as she will not forgive her next time. Gagan fumes.

Sohum is sleeping. Bani calls up Rajji and reveals the good news. Rajji is elated and apologizes to Bani for Bua’s behavior. Bani senses something is amiss and asks Rajji the reason. Rajji thinks how to tell Bani about Bua searching a girl for Sohum and that she has only 10 days more. Rajji decides to stay quiet & tells Bani that Sohum is asleep that’s why she is talking so softly. Bani tells her to take care and disconnects the call. Bani thinks now that everything is alright in Rajji’s life, she doesn’t want any any sadness coming her way and hence decides not to tell Rajji her problems.
Bani, Desho, Sarab and BeeJi are discussing about Jas’s wedding. BeeJi says that Nirmal always brings them good proposals. Desho says now that happiness is coming their way she is scared as nothing bad should happen. Desho asks Bani whether her In-Laws are back in town. Bani asks why and Desho tells her that since Nirveil and Sarab are going to Rajji’s house to invite them for Jas’s wedding, she thought of sending them to Bani’s Sasuraal also along with the invitation. Bani is worried if her family comes to know that her In-Laws are in town itself. BeeJi asks Bani whether they have returned. Bani denies and BeeJi asks Bani to call them up and find out. Sarab says there is no hurry, also, its already late now and they can try tmrw morning. Bani leaves and BeeJi says that Bani si hiding something. Desho says may be she is missing Parmeet. BeeJi is afraid as Bani is here for quite sometime, the society may start talking bad about her. Desho and Sarab tell her not to worry.

Rajji is doing her work whereas Sohum starts feeling drowsy and Rajji helps him lie down. Simran brings a bowl of Soup for Sohum and tells Rajji to feed him. Rajji starts feeding Sohum (BG- Benaam rishta woh.. Darmiyaan). Later at night, Sohum recalls Bani telling Rajji how Randeep misbehaved with her. He is restless and Rajji who is sitting beside him, asks whether he needs anything and Sohum immediately says Bani. Rajji looks perturbed.

Precap- Gagan’s relatives have visited her and she introduces them to Manpreet.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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