Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th March 2013 Written Update

At Kailash Shivji is in dhyan, gets FB of AS’s bidai. Ganesh is watching him
At Aayu’s palace, queen shows AS her kaksh, says as per their family’s tradition, tomorrow both of you’ll have to go for Kuldevi’s puja in the forest.
Nahush, AS with some guards are in the forest. Nahush asks the guards to wait they’ll come back after the puja. AS asks him why did he ask them to wait there? He says he wanted to spent some time alone with her. Hund is waiting for them. Nahush tells him, as per his wife’s curse, he’ll kill Hund now. Who laughs, says but first decide which Hund will he kill. Nahush sees multiple Hunds, they are Asuras in Hund’s form, around him, he asks AS to stay back, he’ll kill all today.
Nahush starts fighting with all the Hunds. The one of the Hund trys to catch AS, she runs, calls her parents to protect her.
At Kailsh, Parvati tells Shivji, Nahush is being attacked. Shivji tells her it’s time for Nahush’s death today. Kartikeya says even AS is with him & her bros should go to help her. They reach to help Nahush. Ganesh kills the one following AS. The original Hund is hiding, aims an arrow to hit Nahush to injure him, which is stopped by Kartikeya. The Hunds are getting killed one by one by Kartikeya, Nahush. Hund is finally trapped by Nahush, Kartikeya & Ganesh, who tells him, he will not let him run away. Kartikeya says had his sister not cursed him, he would have been killed by him. Finally Nahush kills Hund, as per AS’s curse. He thanks Kartikeya & Ganesh for their timely help. Ganesh says it’s their duty to protect them. There can be no harm done to them as long as they are there.
Shivji & Parvati appears there. He tells Nahush by killing Hund he’s contributed in welfare of the World, now they can start their marriage life peacefully.
At Kailash, Shivji is in dhyan. Parvati is doing puja of Shivling. Ganesh, Kartikeya are stitting with her. Mushaks ask Ganesh you & mata does Shivji’s dhyan, so whose dhyan is done by Shivji. Ganesh asks Paravti, She Parvati Shivji does Narayan’s dhyan, & Narayan does Shivji’s dhyan. that means Narayan is greater then Shivji. She answers the question of anyone being greater doesn’t arise among Tridevas. Out of respect for each other , they are doing each other’s dhyan. Ganesh says it’s very important to respect each other. Kartikeys tells Parvati, it’s time for his War- art practice. Ganesh too wants to learn the same from his elder bro, asks for Parvati’s permission. She agrees.
At Ksheersagar, Lakshmiji tells Vishnuji, after Hund’s death Devi Parvati is relaxed. Their problems are over. He says the happiness one gets after putting efforts to achieve is always valued more. Lakshmiji wants to meet her father Samudra. Vishnuji agrees. He closes his eyes, has worried look on his face. She leaves.
At Kailash, Shivji looks worried, Parvati asks him since he seems worried, is any of his devotee is is problem? He says not a devotee but this time God himself is in problem. She asks him who is he? He says Narayan, some of his devotees are creating problem for him. At the time of Samudra Manthan some Apasaras too had appeared from the Sea, they are Devi Lakshmi’s sister, are doing penance to get Narayan as their husband since many years. With Bali’s permission they are doing their penanace in Patal loka. But in Narayan’s heart only Devi Lakshmi resides.
5 Apsaras are sitting in front of Vishnuji’s idol are doing his dhyan. They say till he doesn’t accept them as his wives, they’ll continue this penance.
Parvati says she knows her bro, who loves Devi Lakshmi only. Shivji says, this love is going to be tested again this time, Devi Lakshmi will be tested.

Precap: Lakshmiji is with Samudra, asks about those Apsaras, he tells her they are doing penance to get Narayan as their husband.
At Ksheersagar, Lakshmiji asks Vishnuji, whom does he see in his dhyan? Is the smile on his face due to seeing those Apsaras?
A voice over says, see tomorrow, how will Shivji solve this problem.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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