Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Kartikeya seeks permission from Mahadev to fight Arunasur who is torturing Yamdev. Mahadev advices him to be very cautious of the repercussions of this war, as its not any other war.. its gonna test his mental strength and courage. And in the war field he is just a warrior- senapati of the devtas and not someone’s son, brother or husband. Its main purpose is to fight.. and nothing is gonna be as important as fulfilling his duties,
Kartiekeya promises that he’d make Arunasur pay for all the pain he has caused to so many people including his poor suffering mother’s soul.. K then takes Mahadev’s leave and proceeds.

BAck here Arunasur fights Yamdev… he continuously attacks the god of death..ultimately defeating him in the combat.. but before he could put his sword across Yamdev’s body, Kartikeya kicks him making him fall on the ground.

Parvati devi tells Mahadev abt Kartikeya’s skill, patience, courage..while he fights a war.. and today is no spl occasion, he knows his duties.. Shiva says this war needs more than the courage, skill, focus n patience.- it is the matter of perceptions and values now..Kartikeya would be tested of his understanding of things.. if he has to succeed in the war, then he has to make his doing with dispassion.

Arunasur says.. he is Mahadev n Parvati devi’s son.. K counters saying that he is nobody’s son, brother or husband… he is Senapati Kartikeya… whose duty is to protect the devtas (reminds me of the final court scene from the flick- A few Good men)

K challenges Arunasur to fight him.. but Arunasur throws his weapon.. K is shocked to see tthis.. he asks him not to back off and fight.. K feels something fishy abt Aruunasur’s behavior..

But a wicked Arunasur doesn’t fight K.. he only defends himself against K’s swords.

At Kailash, Nandi ponders on something looking at the Shiv ling, on asked by Ganesha, he says that he has seen the little Kartikeya come Kailash, have seen him grow up.. have been the care taker and master to him in becoming the best worrier.. and seen him fight each war with valor and get success. But this time he feels there is something terrible which is gonna happen.. as even Mahadev is worried about. Ganesh says if he thinks that something terrible is gonna happen and even after knowing it he has such serene expression, and if he got to know something like that he would have by now freaked out/.. Nandi tells him that he is the lord of budhi… and has to think everything.. but where as he-( Nandi) has no smart brains there.. but yes a heart which surrenders to the lord- Maahdev.

Arunasur moves back on each attack of K .. and ultimately brings K to his raajy.

At Vaykunth , Sri hari Vishnu, Lakshmi devi and Naradji observe this…they r shocked to know the truth.. Lakshmi devi asks why did he do this.. Narayan says the right quest is what is K gonna do after reaching this.. Brhmdev says that the war has come to a crucial state and is gonna decide the future of it.

When K realizes this he says that he can fight his won army along wid him.. then he again attacks Arunasur..who signals his subordinate to bring something..

Indr is pacing in Swarg, Devguru asks the reason.. he says Karyikeya though is Bholenath’s son.. but poor guy is being framed.. (oh who better than u would know that) he knows how the guy’s innocence is taken as advantage and is trapped… what pains him is the guy who has won son many great wars..will in this war be defeated.

The guy brings Arunasr’s mother’s mummy…K now attacks arunasur at once and sees the mummified body of Arunasur’s mom..
He stops his attack and feels emotional abt it.

Pavati devi at Kailash tells Mahadev that she has to help K… Mahadev akss her to recall what he has said.. that she needs to think as Shakti and not K’s mom.. not to get emotional and think what is JUST.. what is right..according to the nature’s law.
Ganesh says he too seconds by dad’s idea.

K stops fighting Arunasur.. that’s his mom’s dead body.. her life has already taken away..


Arunasur tells that if his mom’s soul is returned back, he’ll stay near Mahadev’s feet for ever..
Brhmdev says may be its cause K feels that even he has been done unjust to..
Kartikeya gets into the emotional trap of Arunasur and ends up promising him that he’d get back his mom’s life- her smile back.
Shiva is shocked to see this.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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