Rang Rasiya 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Rudra’s Bike blasts and Paro gets scared off the fire, remembering her frequent nightmares. Rudra runs towards her and saves her from the flames. Paro faints in his arms. He lifts her up and starts walking on the sand. Rang Rasiya tune plays in the BG. The BSD officers spot Rudra in casual uniform and suspect him as the goon. Rudra shows his I-Card and the officers salute him. Paro is lying on the floor while Bindi splashes water on her face. Rudra asks who these goons were, the officers says these girls would know, since they were suspecting them since the beginning. Bindi says that they were just going to pick-up the bridal lehenga. Rudra asks for whose marriage, Bindi says Paro’s. Paro and Rudra share an intense eye-lock. The officers suggest to take them in custody

for interrogation but Rudra asks them to drop them back to village. Paro and Bindi are sitting in the jeep and the blue-butterfly come near her. Bindi says that this thing always comes to meet her. Paro sees it is an old friend, ever since childhood- Rukmini. Rudra sees Paro from the rear-view.

Thakurain Maa Sa is caressing Paro and says that those BSD Uniform-bearers are killers. She sees a wound on Paro’s shoulder and says she is hurt. Paro remembers Rudra saving her and thinks he must be hurt too. Bindi tells Thakurain that the BSD officer weren’t bad, in fact they helped her and Paro and saved them from the goons. Thakurain is worried about the news of the new officer.

Rudra is drinking. He takes one draught and then drops one on his wound. Takes one again and drops one again.

Thakur Sa asks where is the packet. Bindi says that it is left in the Auto. She says that the BSD Officers weren’t bad at all, and there was some new officer because he didn’t wear uniform. Also, he was brave enough. Thakur Sa says that BSD Officers are killers. It is great that Paro isn’t hurt. Hadn’t she been a part of THIS village, she wouldn’t have been allowed to speak so much about BSD and their officers. They are demons and killers and they cannot be justified. He orders to drop Paro and Bindi and plant a security around their home.

Rudra is examining a body and the other officer say that this man comes from the other side of the Border. They should go and arrest those two girls because they must surely know something. Rudra says that yes you may go home. You must be tired after saving the girls. They should go home.

Paro is lighting candles when Mamisa says that now only her doli will leave this house, she will not leave the house before that. She is sensing some bad-omen and therefore she will not leave the place. She takes out a dress and tells Paro that this is her mom’s bridal dress. She wished to see her in this. She says that this dress still has her smell. Paro smells and cries. Her Mamisaa asks about the doll which Paro once used to have. Paro says that she cannot remember clearly but she must have given it to someone.

Rudra is drinking and his servant brings dinner and says that the breeze of Beerpur has a different effect all over. Since he is from Beerpur, he knows about this. He tells what is there for dinner. Rudra is thinking something.

Rudra recalls his dinner with his father. He forces him to not go to Beerpur. Rudra says 18 years have gone by Ranawat. Ranawat says that how dare he say my name. Rudra asks him to forget her. Ranawat says that you have her eyes, burst them and I shall forget her.

His servant asks if he likes potatoes. Rudra asks him to leave. He calls his dad. He sees Rudra’s call and decides not to take it. Rudra recalls his dad’s words. “Beautiful girls don’t belong to anyone…not even husbands…and definitely not sons.”

Part 2

Paro is sleeping…and starts dreaming of Rudra in the Uniform and moving towards her. She gets up in a panicked state and starts chanting “Maa Trishula”‘s name. She clutches her Rudraksha tightly and is scared at something. All the time, the BSD uniform haunts her.

Voice-over: Beerpur which lies 10 kms away from the Border, every year a baraat comes to the village loaded with smuggled stuff.
Thakur sa sees Bindi over-hearing and drowns her in water saying that you’ve come to know of too much. You don’t deserve to live.
Rudra is shooting in a Baraat where everyone is running helter-skelter. Suddenly, he sees Paro at his gun-point. She is startled with the turn of events.

Update Credit to: BadtameezDil

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