Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th August 2013 Written Update

Parvati devi goes to Mahadev and tries to settle things down as his wife with whom he had taken suggestion from, she says that she lives in the present moment by choice unlike him who is Trikaldarshi. And its cause of this thing in past many things , many great things have happened where there where results n repercussions of the present and she does accept that she was wrong this time; besides they together have solved things too. Mahadev tells that this time things are different.

This time he had to find some answers and hence he was in his vayragi (detached ) mode this time, he says that they both are wrong this time and cause of which there will be terrible consequences which are perilous for the world aand the fautl was unnecessary. But now the manthan, churn (of Vayragya from vyavasth and grihasth jeevan) is finished. Parvati dev tells that she’d do everything she can, now is the time that they be advayt and work together; she also says that may be vayragy is essential but not the absence.

She requests Mahadev to come back to the world and to surrender herself. Shiva says that the detached mode of meditation is over and now the vivahik mode of Karm starts.

Here the three brothers talk about how to wipe off Andhak from their way to the thrown as they are frustrated due to Andhak’s threats..and decide to finish him without discussing anything with their dad.

At Kailash, everyone is waiting for Parvati n Mahadev, then Ganesh tells them that he is sure that his mother Parvati will get Shiva back.
and the next moment they arrive…everyone bows in veneration to Parvati Parmeshwar. Mahadev asks if his antar muki mode mean that he is not there at all!
Its like this, when life is there in a body he is in it and when there is no life the body the soul is in him.
He also appreciates Brhm dev for supporting him even he didn’t like the decision of Mahadev’s manthan.

Shiv n Parvati asks everyone to go back and attend their respective duties as he is back, the future has both light n darkness, they just need to keep the balance with their focus and lead to the light.

Back here at Ayodhya Raam and Dashrath have a talk, where Manthra hears it.. Dashrath has a rrequest for Ram, but Ram says taht his father just needs to order not request and it will be done. Dashrath says that he’d first take the decision of rishi vashisht and then he’ll let Ram know abt things further.

The vanaras is scared to see other and fear that the other is gonna attack them, then one of the vanar calls Hanuman to save him as he fears that Nal n Neil may attack him, but Hanuman is shocked to see that all the Vanars are too stupid and have no purpose in life.

Then again he stops Nal n Neil from fighting an asks for the reason. He gets to know taht when they are hungry they tend to get tempered and fight. Hanuman tells that he’d bring them some food and asks them not to talk to the other vanar as he may attack them.

At Andhak’s place, his three brothers come up with 3 torches of fire and cloes the door shut n locks it…Andhak gets flashes of Rudr avtars of Shiv n Shakti in his dreams and is doesn’t know who they are, but is horrified to see them and wakes up from his sleep only to feel the heat of the burning room.
Andhak sees Mahadev in front of his eyes in a kinda flaming form. He cries his father for help


Hanuman prays to Shiva as he doesn’t find his purpose n devotion worthwhile..Mahadev tells that devotion doesn’t show the path, but soon he’ll find his purpose in life and that will be his goal.


Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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