Gustakh Dil 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 30th August 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Nikhil saying that he’s married to Lajjo and can’t deny it.Sampat also says it is valid per Hindu marriage act it is a valid marriage and Lajjo can’t be send back. NN wants a way to get rid of Lajjo . Ravi suggests divorce, and says everything will be made legally. The servants are gossiping about Nikhil and Lajjo marriage and Sheila stops them suggesting to think only about their job.Lajjo hearing their convo from the window.
The other servant asks Sheila what will happen and Sheila says Lajjo will be sent back .
Chaya says whatever Lajjo is this family daughter in law. The servant says where Nikhil stands Lajjo an illiterate can’t match him. Chaya says at least they should have completed the welcoming veneration. Sheila tells Chaya she’ll never

mind her own business.

Nikhil says that no one force him to go with the wedding it was his own choice. if he would not married Lajjo may be she would have commited suicide. Barkha says really, Nikhil never cares for the life of his own but do care the life of a stranger.indur stops Barkha and sampat it is enough for today they will find a way tomorrow. Barkha refuses to eat along with the others. Nikhil tells Sheila he’s hungry and wants to have his dinner both Rishi and Gunjan agree.
Rishi asks Nikhil what he did in Som Barsa. how he enjoyed his days. nikhil begins to tell and has flashback of Lajjo. He tells Gunjan she must be hungry and tells Gunjan to give her food. gunjan says obviously Lajjo must be hungry since this morning she has not eaten anything. Gunjan asks sheila to get the plate for Lajjo.

Lajjo is on the bed trying to sleep but everyone words are troubling her she gets up closing her ears.
Gunjan knocks at the door but she does not open. Gunjan brings back the food and tells what happened to Nikhil, he also stops eating.
Lajjo has flashback of her home…her mom chasing her to beat as they were talking about a girl house after marriage is her in laws place, and she was not ready to agree to it.
Ayesha goes to taunt Nikhil of him not being responsible and not to have thought about Ishana at least.
Lajjo is feeling hungry and she once again have flashback of her sisters pleading her to eat. She goes to the door and thinks with whom she’ll ask something to eat as she does not know anyone in the house. She checks her luggage and finds a little container packed with ladoos by her mom. She feels happy and proud for her mom.

Nikhil is very worried as Ayesha words is ringing in his mind and he has flashback of Ishana and his friends having a good time together. Ishana trying to light off a candle and got burnt. He felt the pain of her burnt finger everyone teases him and he thinks how he could not bear her pain and now he’s going to give her the pain of life…
Lajjo is crying while eating the ladoos…
The next morning Lajjo enters the bathroom and is spellbound seeing the size of it she thinks four person can sleep well in this bathroom if turns into a room. She checks every things over there. Finally she tries her best to know how to open the tap for water… she’s enjoying the water and the scene freezes on her face.

Ishana arrives at Nikhil place greetings everyone they are all shocked. She sees Lajjo while talking with Nikhil and asks who’s this girl.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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