Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Mansa opens her snake hood all the kids run away but one of them falls down and is terrified, Mansa says that he’ll be punished. The kids says that he is sory and that they are poisoned and not her..Mahadev is in his meditation..Mansa is raged, but she could hear her father’s words saying her to calm down.
Indr dev goes to the cremation ground where Maahdev meditates and folds his hands..Mahadev speaks that he has come to samshan for the first time so there must be something v important.
Indr agrees to that and informs that its regarding Aade and Kartikeya. He says abt Aadey’s wish..Indr request if Kartikeya can be exclused from this..Mahadev says that he can’t meddle in the happening and K takes his own decision. Indr justifies saying that K doesn’t know Adey’s daddy Andhak was so bad to Parvati devi…Mahadev gets reminded of that horrific epy.
Indr says if Kartikeya gets to know Adey’s n ANdhak’s bad motives he’d go against…and he also adds that Kartikeya is super emotional abt family and might get hurt..
Mahadev says that Karteikeya needs to understand that whatever Andhak did was his karma..and got his punishment accordingly but they should not judge Aadey by his father’s deeds.

Mansa goes to her dad…she says her plight that the world always mocks at her..who is she!
Halahal asks her to clam down..

Daytymata..informs all asuras that Ade has been chosen to look after the of the dayta say that he was more deserving than Aadee ..was he elected just on the qualification of getting a vardaan from Brhmdev..

Another guy challenges this guy if anyone else is powerful than Aade..they start a verbal fight..Daytmata stops them and rants that this very attitude of them has become the reason of their downfall everytime..and they still never learn- there is no unity, they need a person who can bring them together…as she talks..there a voice stops her..’shame on you!’

They see another form of daytymata and there all get confused as to how such a thing is possible.
She says its the misuse of Brhmdev’s boon..then the one standing forth teh datas earlier turns to Aadey..he apologizes for his acts and justifies that he was just testing the boon…she warns him never to do that. Aadey seeks her blessings.

Back here Manasa’s father..takes her hands into his and tries to calm her down…
He tells that in order to know your truth, you need to put some effort..he can just tell her which path can lead her there and of course her efforts to move forth,,,,courage is what she has to be and firstly she need sto be patient n calm..she says she can do anything for her answers..
He asks her to sit in meditative posture and her eyes closed and focus on her mind…the Saptrishi observe this.
They take a leave from him ..but rishi Brighu is particularly concerned abt Manasa and carry on.
Halahal asks her to open her eyes , she inquires abt the rishis…he answers her that they are satptrishi the pillars of running the world in a balanced state. They helped since the time of Prajapai Daksh and are still doing it.
Manasa asks why where they there..he replies that they were concerned abt her and if they have concern abt anything then there definitely has to be some pb.
She says that there was something weird today…when she was angry, many snakes came out to protect her..
Aadey does avahan of Mahadev for fulfilling the boon eh was given by Brhmdev…Mahadev arrives as requested

Aadey is enamored n spell bound by Mahadev’s darshan and realizes the same. That he feels the presence of divinity in his presence.

Naradji tells Brhm dev that Addey’s first meet with Mahadev reminds of the same epy when his dad Andhak met Mahadev for the first time..and also that Mahadev’s family again is in tight spot cause of his boon.
Brhmdev replies that as Mahadev always gives a choice of good n bad to his devotees..this time too he’ll do the same..
Aadey says that he kknows how Mahadev loves to be at Kailash and thus he doesn’t want him to leave so he wishes to stay at Kailasha n continue with the training.

Mahadev rejects that idea as he is not yet deserving to reside in Kailash, Aadey questions if the one can be deserving to get of his darshan, why aren’t they qualified to stay at Kailash. Maahdev says that before anything he wishes to test his capability..Aadety agrees..and is determined to do anything it takes to become his able n best student and when he can gain a boon from Brhmdev he can do anything.
Mahadev tells that he wants to test him before the training.
Mahadev asks Adey to lift up the sword lying there…aadey with full confidence tries to lift it but fails.
Mahadev tells ‘In order to gain knowledge, one has to realizes the emptiness of the self..surrender is important and not arrogance.’

Aadey is humbled and agrees the fact that he was over confident and arrogant…that he can’t lift it up and knows who he is standing in front of.
Mahadev himself lifts the sword up and hands it to one can fulfill a duty just by gaining the boon..a duty starts after getting the sustaining and carryong fwd the honour n purpose of the boon.

Aadey takes teh wand acknowledges that every moment is divine with him..but before the training stats he wishes to have Parvati ma’s darshan.
Mahadev agrees..Aadey wears an evil smile. Aadey meets Parvati ma, who is disgusted with him…
Aadey gives his respect to her..

At Kailash aadey’s taring starts with a wrestling with Nandi
Mahadev feels n says that Aadey’s acts show revenge.

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