Sadda Haq 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Randhir slipped ring in Sanyukta’s finger, She tries hard to remove it only to present a much fun site for Randhir, who enjoys watching her struggle. On the other hand Vardhaan gets a call from Rao’s hospital informing him about something, meanwhile parth overhears it.

Vardhan leaves for hospital, where in rao denies to identify Vardhan but after sometime he recognizes him as his son. Parth witnesses all this and gets to learn the truth that Rao is Vardhan’s father

Sanyukta is in canteen still trying to remove the ring from her finger, while randhir comes and gets seated on a separate table besides her and keeps looking at her while she is busy
Parth arrives and asks Sanyukta about the letters being received by him. sanyukta denies sending them for him
Parth asks about the ring and blames Randhir for his antics. Randhir leaves the canteen in digust

Sanyukta plans to bandage her finger in order to get saved from Sameer and his queries. Randhir observes her hand and scolds her for not taking care of herself, and for being careful as he thinks she must have hurt herself while removing the ring. Instead Sanyukta asks him to be like Parth and praises him.

Yoyo arrives and informs as he states that Parth is a millionaire as Arpita was one. Catchin the opportunity randhir mocks Parth as he tells Sanyukta the same. Sanyukta doesn’t believe his words.

Parth is shown banging the walls in as a peon comes to inform him that he has a visitor.
Arpita’s brother comes to meet him as he asks him about the money as well as mocks him for his condition. Parth denies anything about money. Arpita’s brother then asks him to Sign the papers so that they can nullify the will.
But instead Parth refuses and rather donate it to orphanage.


Parth And Randhir fight, Sanyukta stops and Takes Randhir’s side


Update Credit to: Gunseerat

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  1. Detail update plz

  2. aiyoooooooooooooooooooooo…………………………why nooooooooooooo detailllllll??????????????

  3. what the hell is this ?

  4. what is this….where is tina…i want her to update the EPIs not nidhi

  5. —Sanyu does not remove the ring after all…. btw, which hand do the girls wear their engagement ring?

    —Sanyu calls randhir immature n advises him to learn s/thing frm his room-mate parth….. parth ko dekho, yeh, woh….. WTH????

    —V hv nt forgotten wht hppnd wth u during the fresher’s party — after drinking wine, she walks alone twrds her hostel room (no idea abt her THEN new friends jiggy n kaustugi’s whereabts….) Oye sanyu, it was Randhir who saved u frm that pervert senior n helped you preserving ur chastity…….. (sanyu u cld hv bn either molested or even r**** fr that mttr). This was the one scene when Randhir got hooked to my little ♡….. u calling him immature???? not fair… shld hv seen his face then…….

    —arpita is not coming bck??????

  6. Parth is shown again as the too goody-goody MFP…… he refuses to sign the papers gvn to him by arpita’s bro’ n says tht he wl donate the money (fully) to some charity orgn….

    1. i think Parth is extremely fake…!
      no one can be this good…and i think Parth is totally evil!

      1. DD is in real life a multifaceted personality……. may be he sees himself in parth?????

      2. yeah may be…. Parth’s character is a sort of mystery……

  7. As a matter of fact… its really sad that all are thinking that parth loved arpita because she was rich…and all are calling him hypocrite and stuff….. poor parth!
    sanyu…. u comparing randhir with that annoying parth???really???
    and randhir… its clear that u are not doing anything to irritate sanyu… u are clearly in LOVE with her……. so accept the truth!!!

    1. yes that last part – agreed!!!

  8. Please update properly like tina

  9. Please update properly

  10. ohh my god!!! go sanyuu!! u took da rite side!!!!!

  11. go sanyu!!! u took da rite side!! u belong wid randhir!!

  12. I m wondering sanyu ne randhir ki side kaise leli??

  13. today only Tina=best updater should update…………others dnt kno how to update episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ok?????????????????????????????????????????????????

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