Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with devi prithvi feels guilty for her work. She says, i have tried alot but she didnt listen me, please stop him. Mahadev says, first of all, i want to know, i am talking to devi prithvi or a mother? Devi says, please dont kill him mahadev. Mahadev says, not only rohitang is your son, but also this world is your son, and i have also get a chance to give a exam and whether i will anticipate in this war, its depend on indra. Here tund defeated so many devta. Dev guru says, now its your turn, so be ready, but dont worry, mahadev is from our side. Indra says, then where is mahadev? For what is he waiting for? All dev tries his power on tund. Tund says, well respond but i will give you another chance, isnt nobody from you who can defeat me or else clear my path i will go towards your raja. TUnd moves towards indra. Rohitang says to kartikaye, you should practise your dev but you didnt. Tund gives challenge to indra. Indra thinks about mahadev and says, i think its only option for me to use that weapons. Rohitang thinks that his planning is great and bhandasur will also reach to kailash. ganesh ji calls to bhandasur and bhandasur goes into flash back. ganesh ji says, how are you, my dear friend. Bhandasur says, stop this nonsense!!!! I came here to battle with you. ganesh ji says, i was in childhood, i really dont know that you have made kamdev’s ash. Bhandasur says, when i came here to take revenge then you think for me, but now i will take my revenge. Ganesh ji says, i am immoral but dont with kailash. nandi and gann tries to stop bhandasur. Bhandasur says, now i am more powerful, dont you know your previous result. Nandi says, if you can remove me from this path, then stay ahead!!! bhandasur tries to remove nandi but mata come in between and challenge him. Here indra tries to use his power on tund but he fails. tund says, you know that your power is waste in front of me. Indra thinks that i will use my weapons, i will not stay on mahadev. Tund make fun of indra then indra says, get ready for war.
Ganesh ji stops to mata and says to bhandasur, tries to understand friend, you can stay here as good person and you will get friend. Bhandasur says, you can think that i will come under our chat, if you really think of me then where were you? when your mother molested me and now i am more powerful? Now nobody can stop me. Mata again challenge him that if you will comes under kailash boundary then i will kill you.
Here karikaye thinks about dev indra and says, why he is not battle with tund. Indra says, now get ready for weapons. dev guru stops him and remember him about his oath. Rohitang says, i will leave you, go and see everything that how will indra harm this world with these weapons.
Mata comes into her actual face and calls bhandasur.Ganesh ji prays in front of mata, he says, he is my friend, please give me one more chance. bhandasur tries to attack on mata and mata throws him with eyes fire. She says, if already warned you but you didnt hear me now its time of your death. Mata killed bhandasur.

Precap:- Tund says, i know i cannot kill you but i can hurt you, indra tries these weapons and mahadev give caution to indra and here all gann celebrates on ganesh ji’s big face.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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