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Saraswatichandra 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud talking looking at the stars. He says stars change like our life, I thought when I bring Maa home, I will make her meet you first and see she is completely against you, my every happiness stays incomplete. She says she is here with us, its good, you and Maa were incomplete without each other, let her say anything about me, I don’t feel bad as I know she will accept me one day. Kumud says we have to trust this. Saras holds her hands and says if I was in your place, I would have got broken, but you are the one who give me strength. She says no one feels bad of mum’s words. He hugs her. Danny comes to them and says Kaka wants to talk about school’s inauguration. The power goes.

Kumud says I will keep candles. She takes the candle in Saraswati’s room and sees her sleeping. She keeps candle and leaves. Aarti sees her and burns her toy’s baby’s hand. (I wish to slap this b*t*h) The toy falls and gets burnt. Aarti smiles and leaves. Saraswati wakes up and is shocked to see the baby burning. She shouts Chandra and everyone come. The power comes. Saras hugs her. They see the toy burnt. She says save my son and asks Aarti to save him. Aarti says nothing happened, calm down. Kumud can’t understand how this happened. She says she kept the candle. Saraswati says I know she wants to kill my Chandra. Kumud nods no, cries and runs. Saras cries too.

Aarti hugs Saraswati. Saras cries. Everyone leave. Aarti fills Saraswati’s ears against Kumud and says she will not let Kumud come here, she will protect her Chandra. Its morning, Kumud comes home. Guniyal asks where did you go. Kumud says she went to buy something and shows a new toy. Guniyal says its same like Saraswati’s toy. Kumud says yes, I will talk to her and say I m not her enemy and does not want to hurt her. Aarti hears this and plans. She takes knife and apple for Saraswati. She sees Saraswati resting and fills her ears again. She says Kumud can come again and try to kill you again. Saraswati gets sacred and asks Aarti to be with her. Aarti says she will be back soon, tale care.

Aarti smiles. Saraswati rests again. Kumud knocks the door and says Maa. Can I come in? Saraswati says no. Kumud shows the doll and says I got this for you, see it, don’t be afraid. Saraswati takes the knife to hurt Kumud. Saras comes and gets hurt by the knife. Kumud worries for him. Saraswati gets afraid seeing blood. Everyone worry seeing Saras. Danny brings medicines. Aarti comes and says she will do the dressing, while Kumud was doing it. Kumud moves and sees Aarti with Saras. Saras looks at Kumud and does not see Aarti even for a second. He keeps his eyes on Kumud.

Kumud cries and comes in her room. Saras comes after her and says Kumud please don’t cry. She says how Saras, you saved me and got hurt once again, why do you risk your life for me, how many times more, its always because of me, that you get hurt. He says no, you know it was accident. If I did not come between, you would have got hurt. She says I went to give the toy to Maa, as the old toy got burnt because of her. He says its not your mistake. Badimaa comes and says the same. She asks Saras why is he quiet, as Kumud’s tears are valuable. The door bell rings.

Badimaa hugs Kumud and says I think the doctor came to see Saraswati. Aarti sees Saraswati sleeping and calls Ghuman. She says Saraswati has hurt Saras and I did his dressing. Ghuman says its good news, not hear what you have to do ahead. Aarti says it will happen as you say. Ghuman says good. Everyone ask Saraswati how is she feeling now and doctor checks her. She talks to the family and says she is not well, you have to be careful and not give her any stress. She says she will prescribe medicines and Yash goes with her. Saras says Maa, you take rest. Everyone leave from her room. Kumud gives kheer to Aarti and asks her to give it to Saraswati as she has made it for her. Aarti says sure.

Danny says I told understand, how to explain Maa. Vidyachatur says I feel we should tell her the truth that Kumud is Saras’ wife.Saras says no, we have to wait till she gets fine, then I will tell her. Kabir says how much wait, when will she become fine. Saras says we reached Maa, she will also reach us soon, have some patience. Danny says Saras is right, you stayed without mum for many years. Few days more, we have to show courage. Maa has to get fine Kabir.

Saraswati asks Saras to swear that he will marry Aarti. Kumud walks towards her and says Saras will do what you want. She makes Saras swear by keeping his hand on Saraswati’s head. Everyone is sad.

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