Devon ke Dev Mahadev 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev asks Parvati’s permission, so both can go to Kailash. But feeling guilty of doubting Mahadev Paravti doesn’t want to go.
Mahadev suggests doing penanace. She accepts the suggestion. Till her mind is calm, she wants to do penanace. Mahadev wants to be with her as per his promise. In Amarnath cave she starts her penanace. Mahadev is standing outside the cave.

At Chandradhar’s house his 6 son’s bodies are kept. Their wives are crying. He asks Lakshmichandra, how was he saved? Lakshmidhar tells while searching for water, he met Behula, started talking to her, didn’t realize about how much time Cahandradhar is thinking about a way to save him from Mansa’s revenge.

Mansa comes there, tells Chandradhar to start worshipping her or he’ll loose his life. He is not scared, tells her this body is nashwar. Even his wife refuses to accept worshipping Mansa. This angers Mansa more. She threatens to kill Lakshmichandra, who tells her, she can kill him even now. Mansa tells Chandradhar, why Mahadev has not come to help him till now? He says, there must be a bigger aim in this set of events.

Mahadev is watching this. In a telepathy convo between Mahadev & Brhmaji, he requests Brhmaji to go to Kailash & tell Ganesh
to act now. He can not leave till Parvati’s penanace is over. Brhmaji agrees. At Kailash he tells Ganesh to play his role in his sister Usha’s this birth as Behula.

Ganesh in disguise as an Astrologer goes to meet Chandradhar, who was waiting for some help from Mahadev in this difficult time. Ganesh tells them about Mahadev’s boon to Behula, her husband can not die. He should get Lakshmichandra married to her.

Next, both Lakshmichandra & Behula’s familes meet. Behula agrees for this marriage. They ask Astrologer Ganesh to suggest a good muhurt, who says muhurt is already decided.

At Patal loka, Diti scolds Mansa for using wrong means to convert this Mahadev bhakta. Mansa says, no limit, conditins, restrictions were put by Mahadev, she wants to win at any cost. Diti tells her, she doubts about her success. Vasuki comes there, tells them about Lakshmichandra getting married to Behula. Now he can not die. Adament Mansa refuses to accept.

Kartikeya meets Mahadev, says he’ll stop Mansa now. Last time he couldn’t do much but will not be a silent viewer this time.

Precap: Mansa threatens Chandradhar tos top his son’s wedding or she’ll kill them. Mahadev appears in front of Chandradhar, asks isn’t he disturbed about my not coming to save them?

Update Credit to: mnx12

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