Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone discussing about Anshu’s marriage. Varsha says we should take Akshara’s suggestion in choosing the invitation card. Shaurya says send pic to her. Rajshri says everything should be best. Shaurya teases Anshu. Rajshri says Anshu has grown up now, don’t tease him now. Ananya gives ideas to them. Varsha says Akshara did not reply yet.Akshara sees her wedding card ad thinks about her marriage and Naitik. Naitik comes to her and she shows him the card. She smiles.

He says I can see only our names on the cards. He smiles and hugs her. Rajshri and Kaki have a talk. Rajshri says she is not getting sleep as she is worried about work. Kaki says you will get ill if you do so, don’t worry, we all will manage the work. We have to talk to Nandini and Rashmi too. We will send invitations to them. Rajshri says yes, I will take Akshara and visit them. Shaurya asks Anshu why is he upset, Jasmeet is coming in one week. Anshu says nothing. Shaurya pulls his leg and asks him to get responsible now.

Omi and Vishwamber talk to Anshu telling him about their times. They become quiet seeing thir wives standing. Rashmi is with Rama at home. Rajshri and Akshara come to meet them. Raman welcomes them warmly. Rajshri tells them about Anshu’s marriage and gives them invitation, even before the card got printed. She says I could not stop myself from coming here to share this good news. Rashmi looks at Akshara and is upset. Rajshri gives invitation to Rama and asks them to come in all functions. Rama smiles and accepts it.

Jasmeet’s parents come to Anshu’s home. Rashmi says she can’t come as she won’t be in city. Rajshri says we would have felt good if you came. Rama says so what, I m here I will come and looks glad. Rajshri thanks her. Akshara looks at Raashmi. Anshu gets tensed seeing them. Jasmeet’s parents talk to them about the problem arising because of food and menu selection, as they have to keep non veg food for their relatives as they are Punjabis.

Everyone is shocked as their Dharm does not allow them to have non veg. Shaurya looks at Anshu. Vishwamber and Omi are confused. Rajshri talks to Akshara and asks about Rashmi. Akshara thinks. Rama says Rashmi what she is doing is not right, she should not be angry on Akshara, she is her daughter and she is giving good advice to her, that she should Anshu’s functions and marriage. Rashmi says its about my feelings which you can’t understand.

Jasmeet’s dad says relatives will taunt us if we don’t keep non veg, they will taunt us whole life. Dhanlaxmi Maasi says we will not touch it. Akshara and Rajshri come and hear this. Maais says we will never agree for this. She scolds them. Kaki says we are sorry, even our relatives will come, they will be annoyed seeing non veg. Pammi apologizes to them. Jasmeet’s dad says fine, we will do as you say and leaves. Maasi says see this is the limit, how did they ask this, this happened when marriage is between two different castes. Anshu supports Jasmeet’s family and she gets angry.

Akshara says he is just saying. Kaki says how can we agree to this. Rajshri says we will find a solution. Anshu calls Jasmeet and says I got angry, maybe your parents got angry. Jasmeet says Maais is an actor. He smiles. She says she is not angry as it won’t solve any problem. Everyone think about the problem. Akshara says if we don’t eat non veg, we can’t stop others from eating it. She says in flights, our co passenger eat non veg, so do we care, we eat veg food only.

Akshara solves the problem as says we should think about their happiness. She explains them well. Jasmeet’s dad Sethi is answering his relatives. They get annoyed and says we will not make food. He says who will explain the relatives, talk to them again, maybe they will agree. Jasmeet feels bad and says sorry to her dad as this is happening because of her. Pammi says no, you are our daughter they always kept our respect, this small thing does not matter.

Sethi get a call from Vishwamber who tells him that he can keep non veg food, but a little far from veg section. Sethi thanks him and says you made us happy. He tells his relatives that they agreed for this. Anshu thanks Vishwamber. Akshara tells Varsha that she should manage everything as its her house. They have a laugh. Akshara says I will leave now. Kaki asks when will you come to stay. Rajshri says come soon. Akshara asks Anshu to be calm and control his tongue. Anshu says yes understood. Akshara leaves.

Muskaan says I m dieting. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani have a laugh. Naksh says Bhabhimaa and Devyaani should do deiting as they are so fat. Akshara comes and Bhabhimaa gives her food. Akshara says I feel I should do dieting. Devyaani gives them some tips. She asks Akshara about Rashmi, is she fine. Akshara says she is annoyed, don’t know will she come in marriage or not, but this is not good of she does not come. I have decided that I will make her happy. Everyone smile.

Bhabhimaa tells Naitik that Akshara was calling him many times as she left for her home. Naitik gtes upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

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