Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th January 2014 Written Update

The ppl go inside the cave observe the SHiv bhakt wake from his penance…breaking the anthill which entraps the man for centuries…and there appears a muddy structured man meditating… filled with mud from head till toe…the saint tries to get up on his feet but is unable to balance himself.. then the people standing there help him stand and walk..the first thing the pious man says is he wishes to see a Shiv linga..
Again the BG was soulful but didn’t suit the situation

At Ksheer sgara, Vishnu dev shares this info with Brhmdev Sarswati devi and NAradji along with Lakshmi devi… One of the greatest Shiv bhakt has woken up this day after so many yugass..

The man is made to sit on the near by rocks…but he is so much into Mahadev that when he opens his eyes he sees a blurred vision of Shiva and walks towards it..he walks far away..

Kartikeya back here is in guilt mode..he sheds tears of his doing remembering his mother’s plight..
Daddy- Shiva comes to him, but K is taken by his unfathomed misery that he didn’t see him dad coming..
Shiva calls K..he sees his father and is surprised..he says that he is too ashamed of his acts that he can’t even face his mother. He has let everyone at Kaialsh and the world down..
Shiva gives an offer to K that he’d make him forget all those bitter memories… but K refuses saying that he’d keep them to remind himself of what wrong he has done n not to repeat them again ever.. and most importantly the reason due to which it happened.

Parvati devi comes there and assuages K to come back to Kailash..saying that they are proud of him… K apologizes to his mother and asks for punishment..Parvati ma says that he has accepted his mistake that’s enough..the mother-son share a hug… he takes his parent’s blessings
Mahadev tells K that in arrogance, anger a person cease understanding his near ones… he thinks that he is right and everyone is against.. never accepts his mistake n blames others…he victimizes himself- this becomes the reason for fights..this cause he takes his relationships and ppl around him for granted..
Two things a person should keep in mind not only in family but also world if being GRATEFUL for the people in his life..and other is FORGIVENESS..if someone crosses their limits… a person should never take a minute more to show these two things in life.
Naradji back here shares that K is going back to Kailash..all is well and dev raj Indr would be the happiest one as the problem is diverted and he gets back his dev senapati
Vishnu ji says that the vibes of happiness which spread in Kailash will be felt bbyt the whole universe..

At Swarg things get back to normal..yahn Indr n other devtas enjoy the art…music n dance..
Mahadev at Kailash observes the potential storm coming… the nature truns kinda destructive..

The bhakt gets attracted to a place where he hears chants of ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’
At the place a king gives ahuti and yaga to SHiva…the man goes in and nears the idols…

Mahadev is upset over something…When asked by Parvati devi his tempo is effecting the nature… but he was happy that Lakulesh free of sadhna (penance) why does he feel uneasy?
Maadev informs her that the man has done penance for such long time and the world changed drastically..which will be shocker and unacceptable thing for him. There is nothing beyond time…
Smething which is today..might not be tomorrow and vice verse.. Parvati devi tells that its the cycle of nature, why is he feeling discomfort with it..
Shiva replies that this time things will be changed back…whatever is visible and whatever is not.. including them. The srishti will bring back the old… and there will be many situations arising of the unattended past issues..

AT the palace the ahuti is done… the man moves ahead …but one of the pandit seeing Lakuslesh says he seems hungry and he needs to wait a sthey are gonna distribute Prasad.. but Lakuslesh never listens to the man and moves ahead towards Shiva’s idol.

Parvati devi asks what does it refer to… Mahadev tells that its her previous birth- as Sati and other many secrets related to him.

‘Sati rahasya’

When Parvatidevi says discussing Sati rahasya is untimely..Mahadev questions her to a they both are beyound time ..but a part of time itself..its inevitable.

Parvati devi inquires who could it be this time for whom Kalopari (the one beyond time) has to turn into Kaalansh (part of time)
Mahadev tells her that a Devote can bring its deity to any state with his dveotion… and Lakuslesh has compelled everyone to dig back Sati rahasya for the balance of the world…

On asked by Parvati ma why is it so important for Lakuslesh to know it,..Shiva says when he went to penance he was Shiva’s bhakt and even today after his penance his devotion is for him.
He is sucha Sidh (great) devote that he never asked for liberation (mukti) from him but seeked only devotion (bhakti)

He asked for increment to his life so that he could chant Shiva’s name for a few more time..and such devotion can’t be easily understood by all..and he can accept all the changes only if he is got into terms with Sati rahasya and he has to do this for his bhakt.


When Parvati devi tells SHiva that Lakuslesh offers food to them bith before eating it himself… Shiva corrects her telling that he has only offered the food to him (Shiva)
They Show Lakuskesh feed food to Mahadev’s idol..He is the kind of devote who can order even the DIVINE and even the deity accepts such devotee’s orders.
ANd in his Profound devotion and Love for the divine Lakuslesh shows authority on Mahadev by threatening to beat him if he doesn’t eat the food.. Seeing this the palace ppl get angered and forcibly takes Lakulsesh away from Shiva’s idol and the king starts to whip him.. and no sooner he does that Shiva appears in the from of a rishi.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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