Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Mahadev telling Parvati that he has to go to fulfil promise he made to his devotee. This upsets Parvati
a lot. Laxmi comes there to console and say her that she should stop taking exam of Mahadev as in turn it is hurting her. 
Parvati says that she will take one final exam of Mahadev.

At Bheelni’s place, Mahadev agrees to marry her and to accept all the promise she wanted from him. She asks Mahadev whether he’s
ready to give up his relations with Devi Parvati, his sons and Kailash and will stay here. Mahadev say yes that he’ll stay here with her. This upsets Bheelni a lot and she thinks of how much sacrifices she made to Mahadev as her husband, how much tapasya she did to obtain Mahadev and Mahadev is ready to forget it. Bheelni goes from there; Mahadev sees her and thinks of his words he said to Parvati at Amarnath cave.

There Mansa is searching for a strong devotee of Mahadev who will forgive Mahadev, but she sees many devotees who not only worship
Mahadev but also other gods and goddesses. She thinks where she can find such a devotee to prove her mettle. Finally she sees a devotee who identifies himself as Chandradhar, who is worshipping only Mahadev since he was child.

Mansa goes near him and asks why he worships only Mahadev, has Mahadev come in front of him, but Chandradhar says that it is Mahadev’s blessings that he’s able to live and worship him. Mansa says that she has seen Mahadev and identifies herself as Manas putrid of him. Chandradhar first is not able to believe it as he thinks that Mahadev has 3 children namely Kartikeya, Ganesha and Ashoksundari, but after hearing the truth from Mansa he thinks himself as lucky.

Mahadev is watching all this. There at Brahmalok, Narad says to Brahma that this is the test of Chandradhar. Brahm says that the
time has come for Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed but it is up to Mansa to avoid it.

Chandradhar brings Mansa at his home and discusses with him about his belief and his worship. Chandradhar says that even though he’s
a businessman, no business can be done in devotion. It has to be pure and from heart. Hearing Chandradhar’s thought Mansa says to him that she’s happy to hear his thoughts and wants him to become her first devotee. Chandradhar rejects it.

Precap: – Parvati is crying to see mahadev’s decision to marry Bheelni; Vishnu tells her that she will understand why Mahadev took this decision after this leela; Mahadev is marrying Bheelni,..

Update Credit to: Kalyani_Shiva

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