Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karan shocks everyone by telling his mom that he is leaving this home. I am leaving so that I can take you with me afterwards. I want you to be with me now only but I don’t want you to bear any problem. I will find a job and arrange for a house and then I will take you from here. Suresh asks him if he understands the meaning of his words. Karan feels that he should have said this long time back. I cannot stay in that house where my mom has been cheated by someone. I feel suffocated here. Suresh reminds him that he is talking to his dad. Karan replies that when elders don’t think before doing something wrong then why I should think before saying the right thing. sakshi looks proudly at him. Anyways this is your house and you have made that clear a lot many times. I don’t feel that there is any place left for me or my mom here. Suresh points that Sharda is his wife first. Karan laughs at the joke. I am leaving this house. I will come to take Ma when I will find a good job. Suresh asks him who will give him a job. Giving a speech is easy but you will know the pain you will have to go through while looking for a job. You have lots of guts then go and do something without using my name. Karan challenges him that he will break his ego, arrogance this time. Suresh looks angry. He takes his phone and leaves from there.

Latika agrees with dad. People are being kicked out of their jobs. It will be really tough to find a new job right now. I understand that the situation at home is very bad but please don’t rush into making any decision. Karan sticks to his words. I wont change it. Latika nods in understanding finally. Sharda asks him about it. He is quite sure that he will find a job very soon and he will take all of them with him as her blessings are with him. As soon as I get a house I will take you along. She is shocked to know that he is going all alone. He cannot take Sakshi with him as he is already distancing her son from her but cannot distance her daughter like DIL from her. I know Sakshi understands this well. Sakshi nods back proudly while Sharda hugs her son.

Suresh is still worried as Pallavi isn’t picking his phone. Both these ladies have gone mad. Dadi comes there. He doesn’t want to talk about any of this as he is already stressed. She knows he isn’t ashamed of his acts. Can’t you see that your home and family is breaking? Why do you care? Karan will leave today and one by one everyone will leave. You will be left all alone. He is overconfident that no one will go anywhere. It is a different thing to talk big things inside home and an altogether different thing to actually bear the pain of looking for a job. This Karan cannot handle the business set by me so what will he do now? It is only his attempt to make me look low in front of everyone. He cannot do a thing. I have given them a luxurious lifestyle without which no one will be able to live. Don’t worry no one will go anywhere. You don’t have to worry for them. She is worried for her son. You are wrong. I hid your faults as I am a mother but I can see my family, my house breaking slowly. It will all end one day. She leaves sadly.

Sakshi is packing Karan’s bags and is tearful. He apologizes to her for he dint consult her in this decision. I know you are very worried for me. she does his aarti all the while continuing to cry. He asks her if she is with him. Am I doing the right thing? She nods. He is leaving mom on her. I know you care for her more than me yet I am still telling you to do so. Ma is completely broken. She assures him that she will. They hug. Dadi comes to meet them. I wish you could stay till your grandfather’s death anniversary. He agrees.

Pallavi is talking to someone on phone. Only I have the rights on Mahesh and all his properties. I wont let him donate all this to anyone. I am Mahesh’s first wife. I want to explain this to him nicely. She tells that she will find out everything. The tickets for the other person have been booked. Pallavi is looking forward to see them. she next calls a lawyer asking him about her husband’s properties and powers.

Priest comes home for the puja. Everyone is there only. Priest asks them as to who will sit in the puja. Dadi shocks them all by saying that my grandson (Karan) will sit in the puja. Suresh is taken aback / hurt and goes from there.

Karan does the puja. Sharda keeps recalling Suresh’s and Pallavi’s words which has shaken her identity. The words, You are only Sharda, keep echoing in her head. Karan taking a stand for his mom and how Suresh challenged him to make his own identity without using his name. All this keeps flashing in her head. Puja ends.

Karan comes down with his bags. She tells him to wait for a minute and goes to her room. Pallavi is still not picking Suresh’s phone which upsets him all the more. Sharda starts packing her bags. Suresh keeps asking her questions but she continues doing her work silently which irritates him all the more. Where are you going? I am your husband and you cannot avoid me like this. Answer me. She takes her bag and goes out while he keeps calling out for her.

Sharda tells Suresh very bluntly that he has lost all rights to say or ask anything from her or to even stop her. Suresh isn’t happy. she is all set to leave for Karan which doesn’t surprise Suresh. He again taunts them. You think the outside world will welcome you. No one will even talk to you. Don’t forget that your identity is from me, only me! She questions him on the same. What is your identity? Suresh Modi or Mahesh Ajmera? You should worry about yourself now and not us. Life will give us pain at max but they will be nothing in comparison to what you have given us. She tells Sakshi that they are leaving with Karan. Dadi is sad that Sharda is leaving her. You are breaking your ties with me because of Suresh’s mistakes? Sharda declines. You are my strength and this relation can never break. But don’t weaken me today. I have to find myself, my new identity. Title track plays. Dadi blesses her. karan, Sakshi and Sharda take her blessings. Suresh goes back to his room as the three of them start heading towards the main door. Latika too leaves for her room. Dadi holds her chest and collapses on the floor as she shouts for Sharda. Everyone looks at her in shock. Even Suresh comes out of his room. They all try to wake her up.

Doc checks Dadi. Sharda is worried for her. suresh asks Latika to call Karan and check where he is. Latika in turn tells her mom that Karan is home. Karan has brought all the necessary medicines. Suresh begins to talk about shifting his mom to hospital if necessary but Karan cuts him in between. I have called the ambulance as well. Doc assures that that isn’t needed. It was a minor attack due to stress. Suresh again tries to talk but Sakshi cuts him off this time. No one lets Suresh talk. Karan also goes to drop him till outside. Sharda is worried for her MIL. Latika tells her not to worry. Doc has said that Dadi will be fine. She only needs proper care. Who else can do it better than you!

Lawyer tells Pallavi that all the papers are ready. We have got court orders too. I had gone to meet Mahesh ji to give papers but there was some problem at home. His mother had a heart attack. I will give it to him tomorrow. she tells him against it as she has something else in mind.

Precap: Pallavi comes to meet Mahesh’s mother. Sakshi questions her on her act but Pallavi points that she has very old ties with this home. Sakshi tells her off clearly. Pallavi gives court papers to Suresh. You can ask the rest of the things from my lawyer.

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