Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th April 2014 Written Update

Mahadev & Parvati with Asura & Deva’s army, are in the battle field.
Naradji meets Vani & Shachi. He explains Vani, about Usah being Mahadev & Paravti’s daughter, can not be harmed by even 1000 handed Banasur. In her presence Banasur remains happy. So she should go back to stop the war & avoid Pralay in case both Mahadev & Parvati may fight. She ageres.
Banasur declares starting of 2nd stage of war. Vani comes there, stops him. Asks Mahadev to forgive her. Seeing Usha back, Banasur asks Parvati to forgive him. She tells him, as a father he is concerned about Usha but Vani being a mother will always give priority to her child’s protection & welfare. It always happens that way & will continue being so. Mahadev tells them,

in future Usha will come to Kailash, Parvati will train her. Vani considers this as the blessing of Aadi Shakti.Mahadev praises Indra for his rightful act of fighting for Dharma. Banasur asks Indra to forgive him.
Mahadev is standing thinking about what is happening during Narayan’s current avatar. Parvati comes there. He tells her Narayan has taken many avatars to reduce burden of Prithvi. Pradyuman & Anirudhh has arrived. Paravti is waiting for the moment when Usha will come to Kailash as her Shishya.
In Shonitpur Banasur spends his time in seeing his daughter growing up from a baby girl to a toddler. Usha grows up, she is a Mahahdev bhakta too. It’s time to send her to Kailash for the training. Her friend Chitralekha too goes with her to Kailash. A minister drops both at Kailash. They touch Parvati’s feet, she blesses them.
Nandi with Ganas are shown trying to catch someone. He sends 3 ganas to left, 2 towards right & asks one to be with him in search of someone. But suddenly 2 Ganas are trapped, are found hanging with their head down on a tree. Nandi is caught too, finds a tip of a Sward touching his neck. Mahadev, Parvati, Ganesh, Kartikeya appears there. Grown up Usha shows her face. Parvati praises her progress in War arts.
In Shonitpur. Banasur’s minister informs him about many well being made in different vilalges, due to that crop has multipled that year. He feels happy seeing his people getting prospered. He is informed about Yaduvanshis attacking Asuras. Banasur wants peace, he asks the minister to avoid csituations leading to war.
At Brhmalok, Naradji tells Brhmaji, now Asuras want peace but Yaduvanshis are fighting with them. They are confident because of Narayan’s presence with them. Brhmaji says not only Narayan but Shesh Nag’s Balaram avavtar too makes them more confident. Balaram is showing fighting & killing Asuras with his Plough.

Precap: Kartikeya is training Usha in Sward fight.
Banasur is preparing to welcome Usha.
Mahadev tells Usha, she has to paly an important role in future.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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