Maharana Pratap 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 24th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Hansa mosi moving in corridor and saying that i know there is someone here. Rao surtan singh moves towards hansa mosi to kill her. Hansa mosi calls soldier. Surtan singh says, this is not my sugandh wali rani. Here gohar performs her dance performance. Phool shouts on gohar and says to ajab. gohar is saying to come with me on dance and how will i come without you. Then Gohar see jhumar and perform. Chakrapani and benidas says to perform on dance. Hansa mosi comes towards mamrat ji and says everything to him. Gohar says to phool to bring him in dance area. Phool come and says to pratap, come with me and dance. This is your friend marriage. Gohar waits for surtan singh.
Mamrat ji dont believe on hansa mosi and says, we have provide security for fort. surtan singh come and cuts the rope of jhumar. Pratap sees that jhumar is falling and protect everyone. Pratap sees surtan singh. Everybody run towards surtan singh and surtan singh put his knife towards onto his neck. Pratap says, if you are brave then kill me. Mamrat ji capture surtan singh. Mamrat ji tries to kill surtan singh and pratap stops him and says, put him in jail.
Uday singh says to JB that he require another room now. JB says, i dont think that pratap require another room. Uday singh says, i know pratap can sleep on grass. Uday singh says, now i think i will retire myself. Soldier give key and says, can i clean it. Uday singh says, first of all, i will see it. DOctor medicated surtan singh and gohar. Jalim singh come and says, dassi doesnt know your bravery. hansa mosi says, rana ji and pratap want to ask you something. Hansa mosi says, how do you know surtan singh? Gohar says, its all due to maldev order and i think that surtan singh kills ambassador and became ambassador. Gohar show letter and jalim singh says, this letter is real. Hansa mosi says, you will be honoured by pratap and mamrat ji very soon.
Pratap and his friend moves at incident arena and pratap says, surtan singh got help from fort members and i want to know who help him. Soldier came and says, rao surtan singh ran away. pratap says, so everything is planned that whenever surtan gets jailed then he ran away. Pratap follows surtan singh. Surtan singh thinks about gohar wordings. surtan singh moves out from tunnel and gohar jaan’s members welcomes surtan singh and informed him that pratap is following him. Pratap sees gohar jaan’s members. He beat all members. Pratap ask one soldier, for whom you will working? SOldier killed himself. Pratap also moves out from tunnel. Pratap sees horse footprints and follows it.
Uday singh kills snake and JB says, it is good scenario. Gohar throw snake towards pratap and snake bites pratap then she throws knife onto him and pratap gets injured then he moves outside from from tunnel and then again fell down. Mamrat ji came and see horse then he moves towards tunnel. Pratap suffers from pain. Mamrat ji sees that rao surtan singh gets killed then he see revenue. Mamrat goes at another location and pratap tries to show some signal but he is unable.

Precap:- Uday singh says, pratap is alright, Jb says, i dont think so thats why i called to pandit ji for it. Pandit ji came and says, we have to do something for it.

Update Credit to: tushar

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