Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Banasura tells Indra that he will duel any one person and if he loses everyone loses. Just then, Muruga comes and challenges Banasur.

In Swargaloka, vani is worried, but Shachi reassures her. But Vani remembers that Mahadev is protecting Banasura. Shachi says, only Mata Parvati can help is. She goes to Kailasa.
At Kailasa, Shachi prays to Parvati for help and says, this time Indra is protecting a baby girl, therefore she must help them. Parvati reassures her. Indrani disappears, and Parvati turns to Mahadev.Mahadev says that she should rethink about taking part in the battle. Parvati asks why, because Shachi herself came for protection and she cannot deny her devotees pleas. She says she will surely protect her daughter, and understanding Mahadev’s dilemma, she shall crush Bana’s ego also.

Banasura tells Muruga that he is Mahadev’s son therefore he doesn’t wish to fight him. But Muruga says that in a battle there is no relationship or family. Bana is currently the enemy of the devas, and as Deva’s Senapati, it is his duty to protect them. Bana says if Muruga doesn’t want to make peace, then he shall surely fight with him.

But Indra comes and stops Muruga and says the battle is due to Indradev protecting Vani, so only Indra can fight Bana, no one else. He tells Bana that if he defeats him, then all the devas will accept defeat. He tells Muruga that even though he is the senapati, Bana has challenged him and only Indra can fight Bana. Indra also says that he doesn’t want a conflict between Muruga and his father. When Kartikeya protests, Indra says it is his order. Kartikeya leaves.

Mahadev tells Parvati, “If you want to support Indra, please carry on. I will protect Bana.
Parvati says that she has to stop Banasura. Mahadev protests that it is also Vani’s fault, she kept Bana away from Usha, so Bana became angry. Parvati retorts that Vani became worried for her daughter, like any mother would She says Vani is fufilling her duties as a mother, therefore I shall surely protect her.
Mahadev says, “If you go to the field, Bana will surely call me, and then-”
“And then you will support him.” Parvati interrupts. “What is new? You have always supported your bhakta more than your family!” Mahadev gets angry!

Narada sees all this in his HD TV and says, “ON one side Jagajjanani Mata Parvati is protecting Indra, and on the other side Mahadev. Even Narayana is not here to help us!”
Brahma tells Narada to do something. (Jaao Narada, mujhe akela hi live TV dekhna hai)

Bana says that Indra is famous for his skills in cheating, and Indra says, if Banasura wants to wrestle, so be it. I shall not cheat and use Vajra. Bana gets surprised and says, “How come you changed Indra? Anyway, I shall enjoy fighting with you!”

Bana then beats Indra black and blue. (Agnidev is smiling.)

Parvati says she is going to help Indra, and give a mother her rights. Muruga comes and says that Indra is fighting alone with Banasura, and he is using it as a chance for revenge for his grandfather! He is using his boon of Mahadev’s protection!
Parvati says that her decision was right. She tells Mahadev that if he wants to support Banasura, then she shall support Indra. Bye.
She disappears and Mahadev gets annoyed.

Banasura throws Indra down, and Agnidev gets angry. But Indra stops him and says no one can interfere in my fight! Bana praises his bravery and tells him to finish it fast so that he can see his daughter. Just then Parvati appears very angrily and says that Ego should not be there in a Mahadev bhakt, whereas Bana has so much ego.
Bana retorts that he is not committing a mistake, he just wants his daughter, who gives him happiness and stability. If the devas were not fighting him, then he doesn’t wish to fight. Usha has brought peace to his mind. He prays to Parvati to not stop him.

But Parvati tells Banasur to return and Vani will come when she wishes! Respect a mother!
Banasura asks what about a father? No one respects a father’s feelings?
Parvati says, if Bana thinks he can forcefully take Usha it is his mistake.
Banasura calls Mahadev, and he comes. Parvati is furious.
Banasura says that he has Mahadev’s support. Now no one can stop him.
Indra asks what sort of a devotee he is to cause a fight between Mahadev and Parvati. Banasura says it was Vani’s mistake to come here and your mistake to protect her! Now we shall see who wins! He commands his soldiers to CHARGE!!

Precap: Parvati and Mahadev are on a cliff, and Parvati is smiling and saying when will Usha come to Kailasa as her disciple? At Kailasa, grown up Usha is playing hide and seek with the Ganas.

Update Credit to: Surya_krsnbhakt

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