Jee Le Zara 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Suparna pushing Saanchi’s chair. Saanchi falls, but Zain DV saves her. She thanks DV. DV says hero will have to come to save heroine. Suparna gets sad. Suparna says she will hang the painting. DV says he will hang it. He hangs the painting and goes from there with Saanchi. Suparna says Saanchi has got a very good fate.

Saanchi gives Neena her medicine, but she does not take it and angrily goes from there. Suparna says she can understand her problem. Saanchi says it okay, but someone has to take mom’s responsibility and ask Suparna to give Neena medicines instead. Suparna says she will take care and not to worry.

Saanchi gets DV’s call. He asks what is she doing. She says nothing, just relaxing. He asks if she talked to mom. She says she spoke to Neena,

but she is still angry on her. DV says not to worry, they will find a light soon. He says if it is dark in one part of world, it will be brighter the other side. Saanchi thanks him for inspiring her and cuts the call.

Suparna brings papaya fr Saanchi and says she must be getting bored as Neena is not talking to her. She says papaya is good for health and it has anti-aging properties. Saanchi says she does not like papaya. Suparna forcefully feeds her a piece. Saanchi gets vomiting after eating a papaya piece.

Neena is having food and remembers Saanchi’s words that she will make her realize that she is perfect for DV in 6 days. Saanchi sees DV having elaichi in food and takes it. DV thanks her and says he has 2 women to take care of him in his life. Suparna says to take elaichi out of food, he needs Saanchi. DV says he needs Saanchi in every part of his life. He tries to tell her something, but Saanchi stops him. He says he will give her a joke website name which she can read and enjoy.

Neena remembers DV’s words that he has 2 women in his life, one Saanchi and two Neena. Alarm bells rings. Neena goes and checks and finds a slip under alarm clock. It is a note by Saanchi asking her to have her medicine. Neena takes her medicine. It is already 11 p.m. Suparna brings medicine for Neena. Neena says she took her medicine already and it is very late. She asks she is doing it as Saanchi told her. Suparna says she was helping Anvay in his project, so she came late. Neena asks her to be the way she is and goes from there. Suparna thinks she gets scolded even if she does work.

DV gets happy that Neena is getting back to normal. Saanchi says Suparna is trying to be more sweet nowadays and says Suparna is behind all the incidents. DV says even he thinks the same. She says how will they catch her. DV says not to worry, he is a lawyer and will catch her red-handed. He informs that he got an appointment from the fertility specialist after 2 weeks. Saanchi praises him and says nothing wrong will happen to her until he is there for her and wishes every girl gets a husband like him. She hugs him. DV asks if she knows the plan and if she can manage. She says she will manage anything if he there with him.

Saanchi and DV come down and see Neena there. Neena sees them and goes into her room. DV gets Sheela aunty’s call who informs that she is coming to his house as she wants her babu to meet Neena. DV says Sheila aunty will eat out mom’s whole time and she is very fussy. Saanchi says it is good she is coming, if she can impress Sheila aunty, mom will get impressed soon.

DV gives money to servants and asks them to go out and enjoy. Servant says Neena will scold them. DV says he will scold them if they don’t go. Servants leave. Neena calls servants, but nobody comes. Suparna asks if she needs anything. Neena says she is having headache and needs tea. Suparna says she will prepare tea. Neena at first resists, but agrees later.

Precap: Neena says Saanchi if she is thinking her decision will change if she serves her like this, she is wrong, she will not change her decision..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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