Devon ke Dev Mahadev 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens up with Devi Prithvi meeting Lohitang and telling that he’s going on the wrong path and that he has not understands Mahadev correctly. She also tries to tell Lohitang that Andhak has misguided you. But Lohitang does not listen but instead feels sad that his mother has come here not to meet him but to make him understand the false image of Mahadev. Hence Lohitang asks his mother only to meet if she wants to meet him only.

There his Guru kapar comes and tells that there’s one demon named Dhund is doing penance to obtain a boon from Lord Brahma.

There at Andhak’s palace, Lohitang is standing in front of all demons telling that they have to fight together and in so doing that they will against gods and the names of demons will go higher.

Hearing all this, Andhak’s wife decides to give Lohitang the throne and annoinces the same. She also asks his guru Kapar to crown him as the new king, but Lohitang does not accept it.

Andhak’s wife is shocked to hear this and asks him why he did not take the responsibility of a king which is what your brother wanted. But Lohitang says that the first important thing to him is fulfilling the promise he gave to his brother and to make the name of demons rise. He does not wish for the throne.

There Dhund is continuously doing penance to please Lord Brahma. His voices are being heard at Brahmalok. Saraswati tells that the time has come to award Dhund the penance he did.

Finally Lord Brahma arrives there, and asks Dhund to aks for a boon. Dhund asks for immortality. But Lord Brahma denies and hence Dhund asks Brahma that he should not be defeated by any weapons of gods and Tridev’s. Lord Brahma says yes.

Update Credit to: Kalyani _shiva

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