Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj and Avni were in garden. They discuss that there married life will be like a shining star to the lovers. Raj sings a song for them in which all their married life is depicted. They both get married, the life afterwards, Avni caring for him, they have a baby, their children grow up, their children’s birthday, their hair growing grey, their children getting married, they both being together in the old age. Avni says how beautiful their married life will be, she is anxiously waiting to get married.
Bauji takes a diary from the wardrobe and calls someone. A lady picks up the call, he introduces himself and tells her that her granddaughter is getting married, and he wants to invite her. The lady says that she has no grand-daughter. Bauji says there is, Sangeeta’s daughter. The lady angrily tells him that Sangeeta is dead, for them.
Sanvri asks Arpita the reason to be late in breakfast. Akshit says she slept late at night, as she was designing jewellery. Sanvri asks what is this new thing. Akshit says this is what I have been saying that how will she help mother in the house?
Arpita tells them that mummy instead boosted my courage by saying that it is a good step, one must never waste her talent; and she will handle the house-hold. Bauji says to Akshit that Arpita is educated and is talented too, she must work. Bhawna says she is sure Arpita will handle all the work. The hear car’s horn, Arpita takes blessings from everyone. Akshit comes to room and says that she had already taken permission from everyone, and didn’t expect his permission. She leaves saying permission is taken from those who have a broad mind and listen to the other person.
Raj comes to Suket’s cabin. Suket stands up, Raj is shocked. He speaks to him respectly. Raj says he came to give him file, Suket asks him not to call him sir and asks did he have something to do here. Raj says I come here to take training from you, sir. Suket forbids him again to call him sir, and says that you are the son-in-law to be, how can you work here. Raj is confused, he asks my jiju talked to you and you gave this permission yourself; and what must I call you. He says you must call me what Abhaas calls. Raj thinks aloud how can I call you “Raigistan ka shair”- the lion of sand. Suket smiles saying he will see Abhaas and asks Raj to call him what Avni calls. Raj says Papa? He smiles, nodding. Raj says he has one request, not to call him respectly. Suket asks why doesn’t he work with his dad, as he has a lot of cement plants. Raj says he is quite different, he doesn’t want him to work so soon. The peon brings two lunch-boxes- one for Raj and one for Suket. He tells him Avni sent this. Raj calls Avni, she asks did he eat and was it cooked alright. Raj says why you sent it, I don’t eat lunch. Avni says that this is why I sent it, so that you make a habit of doing lunch. They argue upon doing lunch or not. Bhawna calls Avni, she hangs on.
Some ladies bring Teej gifts for Bhawna. Avni serves tea. The ladies appreciate the tea, Bhawna says Avni made it. The lady begins telling about a proposal, Bhawna tells them they have found one- it is Raj. The ladies ask is that the same guy who took care of everyone in Akshit’s wedding; he is a hardworking guy. Madhuri comes with the sweets and announces her husband prepared all the sweets. The ladies ask she should have prepared them. Sanvri says that in their house, food is cooked by men. The ladies comment that she didn’t find a match in the family and had to marry a Sardar. They ask Avni to think again, as she will have to do the cookings. Avni stands up and defends Madhuri as she is her sister in law. Pooja comes to carrese Madhuri. The ladies stand up and ask why they don’t say anything to their daughter. Bauji was listening to all, he say he doesn’t want them to stay any further and disrespect their relatives to be. Sanvri says to Madhuri that this all happened because of her, Pooja says you disrespect my mummy and are a bad aunty. Sanvri was hurt, she cries in the room that I love Pooja so much and that Madhuri is making her against me. She calls someone and says what you did till today, I asked you for one thing and you couldn’t do it right; you couldn’t find Pooja’s mother. The person on phone tells her they have found her. Sanvri says you boast of being a mother, now see what I do to you.
Suket comes home with Raj. Bhawna says I will get more tea, but Avni says I will get the tea for him. Raj says I wont take the tea, but Avni says you must be tired. She gets the tea for Raj, he drinks it and asks for sugar. She says no. He says there is less sugar, but Avni says sugar is not good for health. Suket looks at Bhawna, she points him to leave them alone. He leaves.
Avni asks Raj how was his day. He asks why is she being so formal. Raj says our relation got a new name, but we should remain same. Avni says holding hands doesn’t seem right now. Raj was shocked. Pratab and Arpita also come from the office, Pratab says he has got the best sweets of town. Raj says they must give it to Papa, but Suket says they must give it to Raj. Raj takes sweet. Arpita says she has done the complain for fridge, Raj says what happened to it, I will check into it. Bhawna says no you can’t do it, you must be comfortable. Arpita heads for kitchen, he offers her help in dinner but she says she can’t take his help. Raj asks why are you all behaving like this? Suket says you are going to be our son in law now. Raj says that he is a friend, a brother, a trainee before; they can’t snatch those relations from him.
He begins eating the sweet again. Suket scolds him to eat properly, doesn’t he know how to eat. Bhawn orders him to see the fridge before. Arpita asks him to come with some new recipes. Suket scolds him to go now. He stands up. They all laugh, Suket asks this is what you wanted. He looks at the smiling Avni.

PRECAP: They all do the Teej ki Pooja together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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