Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd August 2013 Written Update

Mahadev says to Devi Parvati that she has to take the responsibility some time ahead also for the sake of the world Devi Parvati says that She can take the responsibility alone also . They start meditating an Urja( light of supreme energy enlightens) comes and then the energy goes and breaks the upper layer of the cave and breaks it and then goes to the place of yagya and creates a safety layer above the Rock.

Nanashri says to Ravan that this yagyan is happening for those Rishis so better be prepare to attack them. Ravan says he has not forgotten the insult he had taken from those Saints. The sumpower of demons are going to attack on the yagyan soon so be patient for that.

In Mithila Nagari Sita’s parents are saying to Ram that when he saw him

for the first time they had seen a glaze on his face and he didn’t know even that he is meeting his would be son in law.
On the other hand they are showing Raja Dashrath has arrived from ayodhya to bring back his son and he is saying how happy he will be after seeing his sons that his eyes are now tired of waiting them

In Ayodhya , inside the palace Manthara and Kaikeyi are talking to each other. Manthara says that she wants to say something but doesn’t how to start as obviously kaikeyi is gonna say her that manthara is nonsense mentality. Kaikeyi asks her to say her mind. She says every one is praisin Ram only, he is the prince of ayodhya, son of ayodhya, Idle man said by Mahadev , but why only he is being praised so much no one is asking about or praising Dashrath’s other queen’s sons. Kaikeyi says She is right as she could only think nonsense and ill . Manthara has lost her mind and gets angry.

In mithila King Dashrath reaches to Mithila and meets Ram, Hugs him and then Ram starts to saying that he wants to say.. and then only Dashraths makes him quiet and says him that he knows that Ram wants to ask forgiveness and for what, but he need not ask for forgiveness as he diserves to be praised as whatever he has done it was his Master’s Order and while following master’s Order there is no matter of grief. Suddenly Shatrughna and Bharat also comes to meet their brother and they are also very happy.

Vishwamitra says Dashrath that he is welcomed to Mithila . Dashrath steps in to Mithila and Janak says he is not welcoming him as a King but as a father of a daughter and to trust him as he is feeling more proud to welcome him as a father provided before long years ago some one has told him that ( Pita ban ne ka samman mila ( he god the pride and respect of being a father : Flash Backs Of Mahadev as a Rishi and Maa Parvati as a Rishi Patni at the starting of Tretaya yug while Janak has arranged a gyan sabha and asked what did he get of having children ) . All of them welcome Ram & his Family to Mithila.

On the other hand Co fellows of Hanuman as arrived and says to Anjani That his question is disturbing them as he is not talking anymore. Rishis also says the same as they don’t know what how will he benefited from that but they have only made them Maun ( Keeping Scilent without saying anything ). They asks hanuman’s parent to not say all these infront of Hanuman as He the son of Air can come anytime and,suddenly breeze is flowing hard and then they ran away from that place. Hanuman’s parents are seeing that he is flowing in sky very happily.
On the other hand,Brahma dev and other saints are on with the Yagya and Mahadev & Devi Parvati are on with their meditation and they are exaggerating the energy as a light and demons with Ravan’s leadership starts attacking on the Yagyan. Ravan had a big Laugh

Precap: Devi Parvati Says mahadev that he has to go to the spot of yagyan to save the Yagyan himself & Mahadev has gone.

Update Credit to: Celestial

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