Pavitra Rishta 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd August 2013 Written Update

In night, Archu is crying in the hospital. She suddenly hears Manav’s voice and runs towards the operation room. Sachu, Ovi, Arjun come there. Sachu and Ovi calm Archu down. Sachu says, his operation is going on. Soham brings tea for Archu. Ovi tries to give her, but she doesn’t take it. Soham then tells Archu that her love, everyone’s wishes are with him and says, baba will get well soon. Archu finally drinks it. Soham gets emotional and walks away.

Gauri sees him crying. She comes to him and he wipes his tears. Gauri says, you don’t need to hide your tears from me. You can cry as much as you want in front of me, but in front of your family, you have to be strong.

At Manav’s house, Purvi is with Pari and says, everything was good till yesterday and suddenly it

got so quiet. She hears someone crying and goes outside to see. Savita is crying. She says, God took away my one son.. why he did same thing with my another son. He shouldn’t do anything with Manav. He’s my only son now. Purvi tells her nothing will happen to Baba.

In morning, as soon as doctor comes out, Archu asks how’s Manav. Doctor takes her and Dk to his cabin. In the cabin, doctor says, operation was successful. Archu smiles. Doctor continues, but we couldn’t take out the bullet. Archu says, what do you mean? Doctor explains that the bullet is stuck in his one of the skull’s cavities and it could be risk to do the operation and take out the bullet. Archu says, please tell us clearly. Doctor says, he can stay alive, but we have to wait until he regains his consciousness. Dk says, you didn’t say what could be effects of it? Doctor says, we have to wait so let’s hope for the best.

Gauri is giving the guidelines to a nurse. Right then Sandeep regains his consciousness. Gauri asks him how he’s feeling now. Sandeep I just got conscious. Can I tell you one thing? Bullet hit me much later. I got unconscious when I saw you first time. You’re amazing. First you kill, then you save. Gauri doesn’t know what to say. She tells him he shouldn’t say much. He’s trying to get up now. Gauri says you can’t get up. She then tells him if you need anything, then tell nurse. Sandeep says, if I want anything from someone else than the nurse, then? Gauri ignores him and is leaving. He stops her again and asks, how is other person whom bullet got hit. Gauri says, he’s still unconscious. Sandeep says, poor him. He got hit for no reason. Gauri says, usually general public has to suffer because of politicians. She finally leaves. Sandeep says in his mind, she’s ‘spicy’, but she’s good. Task is difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Manav’s sister, Vandu, comes to his home for Raksha Bandhan. Manav’s dad comes out. She’s going on and on. She says, you usually complain that I come as guest and leave. But this time I will stay whole week. Manav’s dad doesn’t say anything. He starts crying. She asks him if everything is fine.

She now comes to the hospital to see Manav. Archu is sitting with Manav. She hugs Archu. She then takes out Rakhi and asks Manav to get up. She says, I won’t tie Rakhi if you don’t get up and I will take double gifts. There is no effect on Manav. Vandu starts crying. Archu calms her down. Vandu goes to him and ties the Rakhi. She says, I want my brother to always protect me so I want you to stay with me. You have to do kanyadaan of my daughter too. You have to do Teju, Soham, Sachu’s wedding as well. Please get up. Still no effect on manav.

Later, manav moves his hand and makes noise. Archu rushes out and calls doctor and everyone saying Manav regained consciousness. They enter and Manav is throwing stuff around. He angrily asks everyone to go out. Doctor comes. Manav asks, why there is crowd here? Tell them to leave. He’s having pain in his head. Doctor goes to him. He’s still shouting at everyone to leave.
Doctor comes outside and tells everyone that Manav is out of danger. Archu says, why he was reacting like that? He never behaved such way. Why he did that? Doctor says, I can’t tell you much right now. I will have to do some tests and then I will be able to tell what exactly happened to him. Doctor leaves. Purvi calms Archu down and tells her not to worry. Ovi joins in and tells Archu not take tension.

Doctor tells Gauri that Manav’s condition is critical and gives her a file for which tests they need to do. Doctor leaves. Soham comes and asks Gauri what he said. Gauri says, we will have to do few tests and then we will be able to tell anything. Soham says, he said same thing to us. But you are hiding something from us. He never behaved like this with aai and he will never do it. Soham starts crying saying he just accepted me as a son and I started calling him baba. Gauri consoles him and says everything will be fine.

Archu and Dk are in doctor’s cabin. Onir is also present there. Doctor tells Archu not to be panic after what he’s going to say. Doctor starts telling her indirectly. Archu tells him to say it directly. Doctor says, he has a brain injury. Brain is very sensitive part of our body and if there’s any injury with it, then people behave strangely.. like how they never did before. They get irritated, angry. Archu asks, how long it will be like this? Doctor says, chances are 50-50. We will have to handle it with patience. He says, you all will have to behave normally with him and don’t question him about anything. Archu is tensed.

Precap: Gauri is leaving from Sandeep’s room, but he grabs her hand and stops her. Gauri says, what nonsense is this? Leave my hand.
Outside, Gauri is furious at him. She tell a nurse, what does he think of himself? He’s MLA’s son so he can do anything? The nurse tells her to complain to higher authority. Gauri says, being doctor, we can’t do that. Situation might get worse. Soham sees her angry and goes to her and asks what happened? Why you seem so angry?

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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