Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st June 2013 Written Update

Mahadev blesses rishi Vishwanar and his wife of whatever they wished for.. Mahadev takes the form of a small boy, for the couple. The kind lord becomes their son with pleasure and asks them to call him Tripathi.
Rishi Vishwanar and his wife embrace the child overwhelmingly.

At Vikunth Vishnudev, Lakshmiji, Brhmdev, Sarawati devi and Narad rishi observe this leela of Mahadev for his devotees…

NAradji is worried over Durgasur issue…Narayan says that Durgasur is mistaken and is ignorant of the fact that whatever boon Durgasur has asked from Brhmdev has some * conditions applied, which directly means Durgasur can be slayed in the hands of a lady. Naradji understands Vishnudev’s say and leaves for Durgasur’s place.

Naradji adds fuel to the fire and taunts things by telling him not to attack so soon as Mahadev too is unavailable and also the devas are hell bent on attacking and defeating him.
Durgasur thinks that Naradji doesn’t know about his boon so he asks Naradji to inform the devas that he won’t be attacking them.

But Dugasur does just that… and one by one all the devtas get defeated Sury dev, Agnidev etc. Nahush escapes from the war-field (By the by one doubt that guy Surydev in recent epys he played Vandev too right? so in Nahush’s rule, a devta may have more than one portfolio )

Rishi Vishwanar and his wife are extremely grateful to have Mahadev as their son.. the lord who can leave his family for his devotees.
The wife feels that they should join Tripati in a good gurukul. but leaves the idea hearing her husband say that all this is divine plan and they shouldn’t meddle.

Little Shiva meditates.

Paravti devi gets flashes of the future – she sees herself on a lion in her great form. She heras Mahadev telling to be ready for the future issues.. and she says that they are together for the well being of the world.
Then all the devtas come running to Devi Paravti and beg for her help to slay the asura.

Raavan is hurt, on seeing him Srupnakha feels relieved that he is alive and safe.. on hearing this Sumali rants saying that Raavan might be safe on the outside but what about his self respect and honour which has been crushed?
Vibheeshan tries to sort that more than anything his bro got the position and blessing of being called Mahadev’s fav devotee.. Raavan corrects him by saying ‘Greatest devotee?’ with hurtful eye.. he gets frastu of knowing a deity like Mahadev on the first note he makes Raavan the greatest devotee and shouts how Mahadev has betrays him using his son (Ganesh)- and how he has become an object of mockery among all. Now he turns into a person who wouldn’t believe in Mahadev and make a new person of himself- leaving Mahadev’s devotion, rather he’d gather his own powers and become the most powerful one on the earth.

Devi Paravti goes to Vishwanar’s place and watches little Mahadev meditate. Seeing this the rishi n his wife asks er who she was.. she says that she has come from a far place and has stopped by observing at the little boy’s attractive face.

They introduce her to the boy as their child Tripati. Paravati devi asks their permission if she can talk to the boy.. they grant her permission and gets her a drink of water.

Paravti devi asks how he was and also she wanted to see him before the work she was is assigned. She asks if he is gonna come with her or does she has to slay alone.
Little SHiva speaks.. “I already have said that this time would certainly come where you have to work alone.”

She takes Mahadev’s blessings and Mahadev comes to his original form (Thankfully)
The couple sees this and realizes that its non other than Mahadev and his Shakti- Parvati devi.. they bow their head to ParvatiParmeshwara.

Back at Kailash Kartikeya and Gannubhayya are worried as they couldn’t spot their mother- Paravti devi at Kailash, they ask Nandi for the same. Nandi says that the last time he saw Devi Parvati on Kailash was when Devtas asked for her help to slay Durgasur.
At that moment Devi Parvati arrivs but she looked – felt different. Ganesh asks his brother for the reason, Kartikeya says he probably knows the reason.

At Pataal all the asuras sing praise of Durgasur, who isn’t very happy with it as he wishes the world to sing praise of the asuras.
He even speaks a few worlds about Jal, he was a great warrior but cause of his wishes n greed he invited hos own death.

Durgasur says whatever Jal has left unfinished he’d finish it.. starting from attacking the Kailash. Its just time to attack Kailash as there is no one who can defeat him there.

At Kailash Devi Paravti informs her children about Durgasur’s attack on Kailash.. Kartikeya asks her if he can retaliate, only to be stopped by his mother. Paravti ma says that she being the possessor of Kailash has the right to defend it against such attacks.

Ganesh asks if Mahadev is gonna come back to slay Durgasur?
Paravti ma replies no, she has to do this alone.. but before that as a part of laws of war, she has to send him a truce message for the last time for peace.
Then Paravti devi closes her eyes and a light glows from her forehead, and a lady appears of it, who has to be the peace messenger.



Durgasur seeing thinks that Parvati devi has surrendered..Trilok Mohini (correct me if I’m wrong) says that he has invited his own end.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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